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Let’s Talk About Them Ratings

WWE 2K22 is the first WWE simulation game in two years, after the disappointing WWE 2K Battlegrounds. This made the wrestlers cartoonish and 2K20 the worst wrestling game ever. 2K22 has published ratings for numerous ladies, which I’ve broken down below.

Some of the women do not have graphics from 2K22, they are rated as followed:

Bayley 88

Billie Kay 77

Ember Moon 81

Lana 71

Mia Yim 79

Mickie James 81

Nia Jax 82

Nikki A.S.H. 82


Tegan Nox 79

Toni Storm 80

Alexa Bliss – 84

Despite not being playable because of her recent supernatural abilities, Alexa Bliss still rates an excellent 84, which should have been an 87-88. She was the only woman who could keep a plot with a top star going heading into WrestleMania.

Asuka – 90

Asuka’s rating isn’t awful considering she carried WWE halfway through the Thunderdome period and made 2020-2021 her year. Fans will be waiting and seeing if Asuka makes a return soon to WWE.

Becky Lynch – 92

Becky Lynch came back with a vengeance last year at SummerSlam, quickly becoming the SmackDown Women’s Champion in 16 seconds. She’s now gone to Raw and matured into Big Time Becks, and her reign seems to be ongoing. Big Time Becks is the highest-rated woman in 2K22 with a 92 rating.

Beth Phoenix – 87

The legendary Beth Phoenix recently returned to the ring with her husband Edge, taking on The Miz and Maryse. Her rating was 87, which although it could’ve been better, isn’t bad given she recently returned.

Bianca Belair – 86

The EST was thrilled to share Bianca Belair’s rating at the reveal. After all, Belair enjoyed one of the most remarkable breakthrough years from 2020 to 2021. Belair should have probably been at least 89 if not in the high 90s.

Carmella – 79

While we’ve seen her in the game, we didn’t know her rating until lately. It’s not her best rating, but she’s part of the WWE women’s tag team championship. However, she would’ve made 2k rate the most gorgeous lady in WWE higher.

Charlotte Flair – 90

At WrestleMania, Charlotte Flair will fight Ronda Rousey, who won the Royal Rumble. Flair enters 2K22 with a good 90 rating, which puts her between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

Chyna – 87

We got a better look at Chyna’s entrance with her pyro bazooka in the new video. In the video, she fires the Pyro Bazooka before slamming some poor unknowing idiot in the ring. With an 87 rating, Chyna is destined to conquer the ladies in 2k22.

Dakota Kai – 79

Dakota Kai’s career has grown recently and she dominated the NXT roster in 2020 and 2021. WWE 2K22 gave her six points for winning the NXT women’s tag team championship.

Io Shirai – 82

Io Shirai has been stellar in NXT during her run with the brand for so long that I’m very surprised that she was ranked so low back in WWE 2K20. We think Io should have a higher score, but we’re just happy that she’s gained a score that’s at least higher than 80 now and 2k didn’t rank her lower than that.

Kay Lee Ray – 81

Kay Lee Ray has been tearing up NXT UK by dominating the NXT UK women’s division by becoming the longest-reigning NXT UK women’s champion at 650 days which is the longest reign by any woman superstar in WWE. KLR is now making Mandy Rose’s life a living nightmare on NXT, and fans will be able to recreate all of that in 2K22 as she makes her series debut. While we don’t see her favorite baseball bat by her side, she’ll be more than lethal with a rating of 81.

Lacey Evans – 81

Ya nasties the sassy southern belle is here to deliver her woman’s right to all of these nasties in 2K22. Lacey was featured on WWE TV throughout 2020 and 2021 and was even in a feud with Charlotte Flair which was to cumulate at Wrestlemania 37 however her pregnancy stopped that storyline and we are patiently waiting for Lacey to deliver a woman’s right in the ring again when she returns. I do agree with the 81 however I feel like she could’ve easily been an 80.

Liv Morgan – 77

Liv Morgan has been stepping up her game recently on Monday Night Raw which I’m starting to call Monday Night Liv, and she’s been showing everyone that she’s hungry for a championship run and has had good showings in her championship match. While she still hasn’t won her belt, her tenacity and her performance helped increase her rating by this much. We can only imagine what else she could achieve when she finally captures the gold. She had previously said her last rating was 69, and she was hoping for an 80. At 77, it’s not too far off and is a big change from last time. However, 77 in 2K22 was a little low and I expected her at least an 80.

Mandy Rose – 80

Mandy Rose comes into the roster this year with an 80 which I expected her to be maybe an 83 considering she reinvented her career this year by going back to NXT and taking over the brand with Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin & Jayce Jayne). It’ll be interesting when the full roster is revealed to see if Rose’s counterparts join her this year.

Maryse – 79

Pourquoi??? Maryse comes into this year’s game with a 79 which is kind of low considering she’s had her reality show Miz and Mrs and the fact that she returned to the ring this year I expected at least an 81 or 80.

Naomi – 79

Fans got to see some of Naomi’s entrance in WWE 2K22, which looks fantastic, and the Feel the Glow Superstar will be hitting the game with a score of 79 which to WWE Universe was disrespectful considering Naomi is one of the most popular women superstars in WWE so 2K rating Naomi is a 79 is disrespectful. Naomi’s athleticism is rarely matched, so she seems bound to hit the 80 tier sooner rather than later.

Natalya – 84

It doesn’t get much more royal than the Hart family, and Natalya continues to represent the family well in the ring and adding some gold to their lengthy resume with her reign alongside Tamina as the former Women’s Tag Team Champions. She was excited to hear her rating, and when it was revealed to be an 84, she was still quite happy, which worked out for Ronnie 2K. Natalya also said that she was going to break another Guinness world record by becoming the highest-rated female.

Raquel Gonzalez – 81

Raquel Gonzalez makes her in-game debut this year and ranks in at an 81 overall which is considered a good rating since Raquel’s debut from the company in 2020 she has been dominating NXT as a former women’s champion she has made her name known and is sure to put on classics with anyone she gets in the ring with. Now in 2K22 Raquel is here to dominate the virtual squared circle

Rhea Ripley – 86

Speaking of powerhouses on the roster this year, Rhea Ripley will without a doubt be a fan favorite in 2K22 and looks to be a force to be reckoned with amongst the announced stars this year. The Monday Night Raw star is currently wrapped up in a feud with her former tag partner Nikki A.S.H., who is also playable in 2K22, and Ripley packs a punch with. rating of 86.

Sasha Banks – 88

The Legit Boss has had a stellar year so far and 2021 was big as well she made history on the grandest stage of them all by becoming the first black woman along with Bianca Belair to main event Wrestlemania that year, so you knew Sasha Banks was going to be high in the ratings. During the reveal of 3 of the 4 Horsewomen, Banks came in with a 88 Rating, which was kind of low, to be honest. Then again, Banks can own opponents no matter what rating she has inside and outside of the squared circle.

Shayna Baszler – 84

Shayna Baszler is used to wreaking havoc in the ring whether it be WWE OR UFC, and now players will be able to punish their opponents with her vicious moveset in 2K22 as well. Baszler is regarded as one of the deadliest superstars thanks to her MMA background, which is probably why she was a little bummed that her rating wasn’t higher considering she is a 2-time NXT women’s champion 2 times WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. That said, an 84 is still great, and she will be a difficult foe to take down when the game launches as a result.

Shotzi – 77

Welcome to the ball pit! Shotzi makes her in WWE 2K series debut with a 77 overall. Shotzi has enjoyed immense success in NXT over the past two years even becoming an NXT Women’s Tag Team champion before she debuted on WWE SmackDown, and now she hopes to enter the title scene once again to claim her time in the SmackDown spotlight and the SmackDown Women’s Championship as well. We also know that Shotzi will have her full tank entrance, and she hits the game with a 77 rating.

Tamina – 75

Tamina has been ranked very low this year considering she won her first title in her career the WWE Women’s tag team championships with Natalya. That should’ve made her at least a 79 or 80. However, fans can certainly deliver a superfly splash to any woman this year hopefully next year 2K considers letting fans decide these overalls.

Trish Stratus – 88

Trish Stratus comes into this year’s game as a 88 overall which isn’t bad for a legend of her caliber. She is rated the same as the future Hall of Famer Sasha Banks. Fans will be very stratusfied by delivering a stratusfaction and chick kick to anyone on the roster this year and that’s 100% stratusfaction guaranteed.


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