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Lita Shares Her Thoughts About Saudi, Becky Lynch &More

Lita will face Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship in Saudi Arabia on Saturday Feburary 19th. During an interview with Ring The Belle as they coundown her top five moments ahead of her match with Lynch. She remarked on how much this match with Becky means to her as well as their relationship.

“I think this match is like a true generational clashing match because we are very kindred spirits. She’s lives like a pirate, kind of took a very meandering journey to get to her spot in the WWE. Same time, so we’re cut from the same cloth. I saw alot of her in me as she was starting. I had first just met her and then to be at home and watch her catch fire. Not only did I know she had it, but also I was like let me in there.”

She continued to compare her and Becky’s journey as two people who weren’t supposed to make it.

“Becky was bartending in New York and had a wild journey to get to where she was, stars just alined she sees the opportunity and that’s more how I see my journey. I’m some kid that wasn’t supposed to be me. Well I was always going to be me, but nobody else was supposed to know that.”

Women’s wrestling fans and wrestlers today may thank the late 1990s and early 2000s for the ring attire worn by the four-time Women’s Champion. While discussing the origins of her thongs, Lita explained how she paired her performances at the Royal Rumble with the messages she wore.

“When you’re full time you have the next week , if your outfit didn’t look quite right. You can take a risk alot like Becky at Raw last week. You can take a risk and it doesn’t matter because you’re like ‘I’ll wear something the next week, but when I’m only coming out for a short time I want to make it count. So, it was really important for me on the first rumble to honor the women that weren’t there to see how far the women had progressed. Then, this time I just wanted to highlight some issues that were important to me. I had a patch on my gear that said ‘end gun violence’, I had a patch that said ‘no human is illegal’, and then I had a trans rights patch on there with the rainbow flag around it”

It was the same night Lita returned to Monday Night Raw that she learned she’d be facing Becky.

“So Renee Young lives in Cincinnati and those were her clothes because that is how little time I had to prepare. They’re like ‘Can you come?’ After St. Louis, I was supposed to go home and on Sunday I drove to Cincinnati and swung by Renee’s house. Johnny had asked me if I wanted to fight Becky. I was like ‘wait what? like you know that. You know that I do. You know that she does.’ So he was like ‘how about in two weeks?’ I was like ‘uh no, but yes.’ Not only because I want to train and have it go, but yeah it’s like seize the moment, take the opportunity when it’s there and sort it all out in the wash.”

It’s been controversial in regards to women being featured as a talent in Saudi and Lita has been outspoken in the past about women have the opportunity to wrestle in their country. The Hall of Famer shared her thoughts on having her chance to performing there and her mindset going into this match in Saudi Arabia.

“So I will say I was outspoken on the early relationship between WWE and Saudi. Oh they say they want women to wrestle over there, but I don’t know if I believe it there’s no women on this card. There’s women on the card and I’ve talked to the women personally that have been over there and they’re like ‘It’s unbelievable. There are women crying never thinking they would get to see two women be so strong in the ring, it’s really powerful. You’re going to enjoy that.’ Sure they have a long way to go. Do we has a society have a long way to go? Absolutely, but you’ve got to take the opportunities when they’re there.”

Will we see Lita become a 5x Women’s Champion or will Becky Lynch retain?


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