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Lita Wants To Continue Her Feud With Charlotte Flair

Lita is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of women’s wrestling in the professional wrestling industry, and many fans would agree. She has opened the road for the next generation of female professional wrestlers to follow in her footsteps. It seems she would want to engage in a serious rivalry with Charlotte Flair as well.

The WWE Hall of Famer made a triumphant comeback to WWE television last month, as she slammed Charlotte Flair to the ground. She also participated in the Women’s Royal Rumble match, where she put on a fantastic performance that the audience was enchanted with.

Lita challenged Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship at the WWE Elimination Chamber event after they had been involved in a rivalry with each other for some time. Lita put up an outstanding performance in her return to the ring after an absence of more than 16 years. Lita’s response throughout the bout was so overwhelming that WWE was taken aback.

Lita said in an interview with Alistair McGeorge of Metro that she would be more than happy to start up where she left off with Charlotte Flair if the opportunity presented itself.

“I had fun being in there with Shotzi, I think that would be cool to do something again. I was really impressed with Rhea Ripley, I’d love to do something with her. Of course, pick up where I left off with Charlotte Flair. I think I would be lucky to step in with any of those women on the roster. There are some standouts. Bianca [Belair] is an incredible athlete. And, you know what, Nattie! Nattie’s been there, tried and true. I’d love to be in the ring with her as well.”

It is still unclear if Lita would be involved in a rivalry with Charlotte Flair, although fans would welcome the opportunity to see her fight again after her performance at WWE Elimination Chamber.


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