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Liv Morgan on Ronda Rousey ‘Stealing Spots’: Be Undeniably Good

Rousey made her WWE comeback at the Royal Rumble, where she won the women’s Royal Rumble. When her song started playing, speculation about Rousey’s comeback to the ring was at an all-time high. Liv Morgan was Rousey’s partner in the ring during her initial stint with WWE, and the two often worked in six-woman tag team bouts against the Riott Squad. Liv discussed the prospect of Ronda Rousey’s comeback with GiveMeSport’s Louis Dangoor before of the Royal Rumble.

As you can see in the video interview below, Morgan addresses the concern expressed by some fans that Rousey’s comeback may result in positions being taken away from full-time performers. After acknowledging some fans’ concerns about Ronda taking a position on the roster, Liv said she embraced the challenge.

I totally understand that, but the competitor in me is like ‘be so good that you’re undeniable,'” Liv reacted to the argument that Rousey is taking a place in the WWE roster that would otherwise be occupied by a regular performer. “She’s a huge name and a great performer, she’s great at everything she does. I understand that it might take away a spot from someone else, but also part of me is like ‘well, if you were that good and the spot is yours, it’d be yours’, you know? I welcome Ronda. I love Ronda, so I’d love for her to come back and I’d love to meet her baby girl.”

On Friday night’s broadcast of WWE SmackDown, Rousey will reveal her WrestleMania choice. Morgan entered the Royal Rumble at number six and lasted 37 minutes.

Liv Morgan also said that she would want to see Mickie James and Chyna honored into the WWE Hall of Fame in the future during her interview. She also spoke about how Becky Lynch’s feud with her from the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022 taught her a lot.

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