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Liv Morgan Stands Tall After No DQ Match, Emma vs Xia Li Soon?

Liv Morgan and Sonya Deville’s No Disqualification Match opened the Nov. 4 episode of SmackDown. Deville delivered a powerful opening right hand to start the fight, but Morgan quickly countered with his new, extreme side.

Morgan used a sneak attack from off the ring steps to take control of the match after Deville started it with a kendo stick. The crowd was delighted when Morgan eventually added a table to the match. One of the biggest moments of the match occurred when both women were on the ring apron hovering over the table. Morgan managed to hold on to the ropes despite Deville’s attempts to suplex her into the table.

Morgan would respond, but eventually would just give up, and the two of them fell to the table together. A group of steel chairs were placed in the ring during the match’s closing seconds. Deville would lose the match to Morgan by pinfall after Morgan hit ObLIVion with a chair strike. fantastic match.

In a digital-only interview, Kayla Braxton questioned Morgan about her feelings following her brutal match. Liv Morgan smiled and laughed, claiming she had never felt better.

Last week, Emma made a shocking comeback to WWE. She engaged in combat with the SmackDown Women’s Champion after accepting Ronda Rousey’s open challenge. Emma’s first appearance in a WWE ring since her release five years prior.

This week, Emma spoke with Megan Morant in a backstage interview. Morant enquired about her feelings about returning. Emma remarked that she wasn’t sure when she would be able to enter a WWE ring once more. She gave a description of her reaction to Rousey’s challenge. Xia Li entered the room clapping before she could fully express her emotions.

Li claims that while watching Emma lose, the only way she demonstrated was her weakness. Ronda Rousey, according to Emma, was number one, and Emma, who forearm-kicked Li to the ground, was number two.

Natalya faced Shayna Baszler in the second female match of the evening. Natalya is no longer Baszler’s apparent choice with whom to align herself. Rousey is in it. Rousey went to the ring with Baszler to watch her match.

As Natalya collapsed in the Kirifuda Clutch, the two wrestlers put on a strong contest. Rousey desired Baszler to inflict additional suffering on Nattie after the match. Nattie suffered a bloody nose as a result of Baszler’s exposed knee being driven into her face.

Shinsuke Nakamura received a warning from Zelina Vega and Legado del Fantasma in a promotional video.

For Sarah Logan’s anticipated arrival, another vignette was also broadcast.


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