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Looks Like Congratulations Are In Order!

So many exciting things have been announced this week in women’s wrestling. It’s obvious that passion is in the air and that people are feeling the urge to tie the knot. This week saw two engagements: Julia Hart and Alicia Fox.

Alicia Fox, a former WWE Divas Champion, recently announced her engagement to boyfriend Michael Fitzgerald. Fox’s public life has been full of ups and downs, so this good news is especially welcome.  Alicia had a wonderful appearance in the 2022 Royal Rumble, and now with her engagement, it seems that the former diva is in a wonderful space.

Joining the wife-to-be club is Julia Hart, who announced her engagement to Lee Johnson today. The lady of House of Black said:

“We are engaged,” Hart said of her relationship with Johnson. “Now, it sounds weird saying ‘boyfriend,’ I’m like, ‘what?’ he’s my fiancé. Nobody really knows that, but we also don’t care, but we also didn’t make a huge post about it.”

Due to an injury, Julia has been sidelined since September 7th. The interview revealing this information was pulled from Wrestling Observer this morning. The exact date of the engagement is unknown, but regardless, the announcement is worth celebrating.

Congratulations are in order for these two ladies from all of us here at Women’s Wrestling Talk on their recent engagements! We hope that you are blessed with a lot of love and longevity!

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