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Meiko Satomura Will Face Which NXT 2.0 Star This Tuesday

For this week’s NXT 2.0, Meiko Satomura faces not just one but two challenges. Only the woman who approached her first, Roxanne Perez, was acceptable in her eyes.

As a result of Mandy Rose unifying the NXT & NXT UK Women’s Championships in a bout that also featured Blair Davenport, Satomura is leaving Worlds Collide without a gold medal around her waist. Rose defeated Davenport via pinfall to win, ending Satomura’s 451-day reign.

Perez is seen thanking Meiko Satomura before walking off-screen in a Digital Exclusive. Cora Jade stops Satomura as she enters the backstage area and challenges her to a match this week. Jade wonders if The Final Boss is afraid of her since she’ll give her another L if she faces her. She is told by Satomura that she is unable to accept because Perez has already issued a challenge to her.


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