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Mia Yim Releases Reckoning On Rhea Ripley

Mia Yim is back to reck some sh*t up on Rhea Ripley!

After a brief six-month stint with IMPACT Wrestling, Yim has indeed returned to WWE, as was widely rumored. During the frequent “budget cut” releases, WWE released Yim on November 4, 2021, just over a year prior. On November 7’s Raw, she returned as The O.C.’s fourth member.

The Judgment Day, which consists of Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, Damien Priest, and Finn Balor, has been engaged in conflict with The O.C. for a number of weeks. Ripley’s presence poses a problem for The O.C. Ripley has served as the security protocol for all of Judgment Day’s victories, including their victory over The O.C. at Crown Jewel this past weekend.

Yim’s return occurred when the two factions were facing off in the ring. Styles claimed that the team had tried to find a female talent to help them counter Ripley but had been unsuccessful. However, they were located.

Ripley would be attacked from behind from outside the ring by Mia Yim. Both factions fought until The O.C. emerged victorious in the ring and The Judgment Day retreated.

The O.C. and The Judgment Day conducted separate backstage interviews concerning Yim’s return. After finishing her interview, Ripley was headed to the ring when she came across Belair. They exchanged looks, with Ripley lauding Belair as a champion.

Following the conclusion of Crown Jewel, Survivor Series will host WarGames, which is reportedly the final premium live event of the year. The women’s WarGames field begins to take shape on the November 7 episode of Raw. The five-on-five format of the match is already known to us from the Survivor Series video. Seven names have been confirmed out of a total of 10 women in the match.

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka entered the ring first to discuss Crown Jewel. Damage CTRL reclaimed Bliss and Asuka’s tag team title, but Belair successfully defended hers.

Asuka, Bliss, and Belair would all be interrupted by Damage CTRL. The two teams would exchange words, including an argument in Japanese between Asuka and IYO SKY. Bliss said Nikki Cross was the sole factor in Dakota Kai and SKY’s victory. The six women fought before Belair announced they would end this in WarGames.

Following Cross’ entrance, Damage CTRL had the numerical advantage and eliminated Belair, Bliss, and Asuka to end the segment.

Later that evening, Cross was spotted backstage with Damage CTRL, who appeared to have joined their WarGames team. She defeated Dana Brooke in a match for the 24/7 Championship. As the four walked up the ramp, Bayley would put the championship belt on Cross’ shoulder with Brooke still in the ring.

Cross was later seen leaving the 24/7 Championship in the trash can while walking with Damage CTRL.

Nikki Cross just disposed of the 24/7 Title backstage on #WWERaw! 😲 — WWE (@WWE) November 8, 2022

Make sure to check our Monday Night Raw post-show on Youtube.


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