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Naomi Discusses Her Most Difficult Obstacle in WWE

WWE Superstar Naomi discussed women’s wrestling on the newest episode of the Jalen Rose: Renaissance Man podcast. She revealed that she is still striving for more Smackdown TV time.

“I believe, simply in general, I’m still fighting for TV time,” Naomi remarked. “Obtaining bouts that last more than two minutes.” Although you’re grateful because there are still so many women who don’t get TV time, it’s like, ‘right, I got two minutes.’ At least, that’s what I received. I have two minutes to demonstrate, prove, and rally support.’ But you want more. You need more, you understand? To flesh out those storylines and people.”

Naomi went on to discuss the influence of social media, admitting that it has impacted the way she performs in the ring due to criticism.

“It may have a detrimental impact on you,” Naomi remarked. “It was doing that to me because I am so passionate about my art and what I do.” So, when I saw horrible things, I said to myself, ‘OK, I don’t need to do that.’ They don’t like it, and I should stop doing it.’ But it affected the way I performed, and that wasn’t what brought me here.

“Trusting myself, understanding what I’m excellent at, and believing in myself brought me here.” I learned how to channel it, balance it, and deal with social media today. “I believe it’s incredibly significant, and it’s not spoken about a lot,” she said. “You sort of need it because it’s a means to connect, and it’s almost like a part of our job.” However, you must also understand how to shut it off and filter it.”

Women in wrestling make the most of the opportunities that come their way in WWE. On the other hand, Naomi wishes to keep pushing for more women’s chances regularly.

“That opportunity has to exist. I’ve noticed that anytime women in our profession are given the opportunity, they consistently outperform. But it can’t be sporadic; it has to be consistent. So that’s what I’m still working for and fighting for, along with everyone else. Every day, every week.”


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