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Natalya Continues To Show Everyone Why She Is The Best Of All Time!

Coming from one of the most notable wrestling families of all time, the love of wrestling runs deep through Natalya Neidhart’s blood. The Canadian Queen of Harts made her WWE debut on SmackDown in 2008. It was clear she had something to prove and a legacy she wanted to carry on from then on respectfully. In 2011, she ranked #4 on the Top 50 female wrestlers presented by PWI. She is one of few women who has wrestled within different WWE eras consistently, beginning in the Ruthless Aggression and continuing through the Women’s Evolution of WWE today. Her contribution to Hart Dynasty and Divas of Doom continue on with her as the future Hall of Famer continues her career in WWE.

She has fought hard for herself and others to have opportunities, increasing her need in the ring with other wrestlers and continuing with the Women’s Evolution. She was the first to train with Ronda Rousey, showing her and others the ropes while helping progress the women of today. The creation of Total Divas gave fans a chance to see Nattie, the fun-loving wrestling fan that just wanted everyone to get along. She opened up about her relationship with former WWE superstar, now producer TJ Wilson. In and out of the ring, Nattie shows honor and respect to wrestling, displaying the legacy she continues to represent.

Even without the win for her team at Survivor Series, she makes yet another milestone in WWE. According to Guinness World Records, Natalya holds the record for most WWE pay-per-views of any female in WWE history. She currently has 68 WWE pay-per-view appearances under her belt and has wrestled over 1000 matches. Amongst other accomplishments, she has held WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship, WWE Divas Championship, and WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Nattie’s longevity in WWE, along with the ability to work with anyone, makes me feel that a reign for Nattie as SmackDown Women’s Champion might come sooner than most think. Also, with her recent pairing with Shayna Baszler, will former tag team championships go after the gold?

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