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Natalya Has Arrived In WWE NXT 2.0., Puts Locker Room On Notice

Natalya returns to WWE NXT, a match is planned for next week, and she attacks Cora Jade.

Cora Jade returns to the ring this week to address her NXT Women’s Title Fatal 4 Way defeat. She also spoke about her childhood desire of being a WWE champion, which she put in her notebook. Jade claims to be on the same level as AJ Lee, Paige, and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks.

However, the music stopped Jade’s statement and Natalya emerged from the shadows.

Fans chanted “holy sh*t!” and “Nattie!” when Natalya entered the WWE Performance Center. Natalya broke down in tears as she described how the location brought back emotions. When Natalya pointed to Jade in the audience in 2011, Jade remembered how she messaged her on Twitter. A year later, when congratulating Jade on her NXT debut, Natalya noticed the note. Natalya stated she knew she was pointing to the correct person that night among the throng.

Jade said the former Divas Champion was her first Superstar and her first action figure. Natalya thanked Jade again, praising her entrepreneurial enthusiasm. This is when Natalya grabbed Jade from the ring and smacked her to the ground while she sobbed.

The Canadian native was booed by the crowd as she promptly applied the Sharpshooter on Jade, who tapped out. The vet refused to release the submission until authorities compelled her to do so.

Tatum Paxley stopped Natalya as she was heading into the women’s locker area. Paxley said she’s been working hard to prove herself to The Diamond Mine and the rest of the locker room. Natalya agreed to confront Paxley and reacted. She then turned to face the rest of the women’s locker room and issued a warning to everyone that “The B.O.A.T.” (Best Of All-Time) had arrived in NXT.

WWE subsequently confirmed Natalya vs. Paxley for the NXT 2.0 program next Tuesday.

There is no news on when Natalya will face Jade, but it seems as if Natalya will be in NXT for a few weeks. WWE management recently said that they wanted RAW and SmackDown Superstars to begin working on NXT programming in order to boost viewership and cross-promote.

As you can see in the video below, McKenzie Mitchell came up to Jade as she was putting ice on her knee and asked her if she now agrees with the old saying that you should never meet your heroes.

“You know, I never felt that way until today,” Jade responded. “Nattie really was my idol, I meant all that. I thought maybe we could have a conversation about some cats because I was thinking about getting one, but I’m pretty certain now that’s not going to happen. Because I realize, to be The B.O.A.T., you have to beat The B.O.A.T., and that’s exactly what I’m doing to do as soon as this [her knee] heals.”

Natalya hasn’t wrestled since January 14, 2015, when she and reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair lost to Banks and Becky Lynch on NXT. Natalie’s final NXT singles bout was a dark match victory against Carmella on July 31, 2014, and she lost the vacant NXT Women’s Title to Charlotte Flair on May 29, 2014, at NXT Takeover.


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