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New Information On Former WWE Talent

When it comes to female wrestlers, there are presently a handful of free agents.

Toni Storm, Athena (Ember Moon), and Nixon Newell (Tegan Nox) are a few names that have been circulating as far as where they may wind up. In November, WWE dismissed Athena and Newell, while Storm elected to depart the organization in December.

Only Athena has returned to the ring of these three free agents. She’s competed in a few independent matches, most notably with Warrior Wrestling, and is vying for the promotion’s women’s title. Since their departure from WWE, Storm, and Newell have not entered the ring.

Here are a few remarks on the present state of these brilliant women, according to the most recent Fightful Select report.

According to Fightful, AEW talent has eyes on former NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm joining the business. The excitement is palpable, and numerous talents want her to perform for them sooner rather than later. A lot of AEW wrestlers lobbied for her inclusion.

Ember Moon, the former NXT Women’s Champion, has allegedly shown interest in joining AEW. Those who have remarked on it have indicated that there has been a “feeling out” period between Athena and AEW since she was released from WWE. Fightful has yet to learn if she will be signed or brought in. Furthermore, there did not seem to be a feeling of a hurry to apprehend her. According to promoters, Athena is quite picky about her independent engagements.

As for Nixon Newell, Fightful inquired about her, and they were told that as of a few weeks ago, she had been very busy with her visa issues. Wrestling has a lot of free agents, and this is a common worry for many of them.

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