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Nia Jax Talks Training With Charlotte Flair; Comments On Returning To The Ring

After PWInsider reported that Nia Jax, a former WWE Women's Tag Team champion and former WWE Women's World Champion, had made a comeback to the ring, rumors about her have been circulating for weeks.

In the women's division of WWE, Jax had been one of the top stars, but in November 2021, she was cut from the roster in a number of moves. In the Women's Royal Rumble match of 2023, she made a comeback to the company, but she hasn't done so since.

Nia provided some responses while speaking with Sportskeeda wrestle binge. She said that while she is still practicing in the ring, she is unsure of when she will be joining WWE again.

“I am. I am training. I’ll train over at D-Von Dudley’s ring, he’s great,” Jax said. “And then I’ll go over to Natty and TJ’s. So they run me through some drills and stuff like that, and I have matches. I’ll get in the ring every now and then with some of my friends, like Charlotte and her husband, Manny.”

She then went on to talk specifically about going back to WWE.

“I don’t have the answer,” Jax said. “Right now, I’m just hanging out, I’m enjoying being at home with my family. I have a new nephew, and I’ve kind of started being obsessed with being in Pilates, so yeah, I enjoy Pilates a lot.”

Check out the full interview below.

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