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Nia Jax Taunts Her Twitter Trolls On Pro Athletes Paying Doctors for COVID-19 Vaccine Cards

There’s a lot of buzz on Twitter today concerning former WWE Superstar Nia Jax’s remarks about athletes paying to get COVID-19 immunization cards.

Jax revealed that she did not get the COVID-19 vaccination prior to her WWE release in November when she spoke on Renee Paquette’s “The Sessions” podcast earlier this week. There have been rumors that Jax’s immunization status was a factor in WWE’s decision to let her go. That she had not had the vaccination, and that she was aware of the consequences if she did not, was corroborated by her.

“I stood my ground on certain things that I know they weren’t happy about,” Jax said. “I was choosing not to go and get the vaccine. And it was a personal choice, and I remember sitting down with Vince because the whole entire two years I was there we were tested every day. I never popped positive, I never caught COVID the whole time. And it was like ‘well kid, you’re not going to be able to fulfill some of your contractual duties.’ And I was like ‘well if that’s the case, then that’s the case.’ It’s a business and I understand you’ve got to run your business. But I made a decision for myself, and I stood by how I felt. I always go by my gut feeling. If it doesn’t feel right in my stomach, I just can’t force myself to do something I don’t feel good with. That’s just how I’ve lived my entire life.”

Jax received social media feedback this week from both proponents and detractors of the vaccination as a result of his remarks. As far as I know, Jax had previously shared a graphic on the vaccine’s efficacy and tagged it with the words, “God made my immune system and I trust him the most [folded hands emoji] [hands raised emoji]”

The screenshot’s caption, provided by the user, reads, “nah but clearly yk a thing or two about being unsafe” In response to a tweet from a fan, Jax said that she knows of professional athletes who have purchased for a COVID-19 vaccination card from a doctor in order to avoid receiving the injection.

“Hahaha! I stand by that too. Honey, if you really think that all your favorites don’t feel the same as I do, you’re sadly mistaken. I know a lot of people in many professional sports that just paid & got a real card from a doctor..sooooo,” she wrote.

This week, Jax has engaged in a Twitter back-and-forth with followers, as she tweeted earlier today, “There’s a support group starting for all the trolls who want to give me their opinion, its called ‘Eat shit you loser and get a life’ @StevenMKaye is starting it, please contact him to be included. It’s an exclusive group so spots will fill up quick!!”

Is it also full if unvaccinated wrestlers who injure people? — NuGGz THE PRIN❌️E (@NuGGz_fgc) February 4, 2022

We’ll keep you post on Nia Jax.

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