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NXT 2.0 – Jul 12

NXT 2.0 starts with a shot from the NXT parking lot, Roxanne is on the floor after being attacked. She has personnel and Cora attending to her, checking on her before her title match during NXT 2.0.

Oh no! What happened to @roxanne_wwe?! #WWENXT — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) July 13, 2022

Astrid’s Point 

Ever since Mandy’s interview the week, I had a feeling that Roxanne would get attacked somehow before her match to give her more sympathy as a babyface going into their match. It also made me think about Roxanne being booked in a tag team championship match when her focus has been the NXT Women’s Championship since her arrival.

.@CoraJadeWWE suspects #ToxicAttraction is responsible for the attack on @roxanne_wwe. Is she right? #WWENXT — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) July 13, 2022

Cora Jade Interview 

Cora is interviewed about Roxanne’s attack, McKenzie asks for an update which Cora doesn’t have, she blames herself for not coming to the arena together as they usually do and says, “It has Toxic Attraction written all over it.”

Tiffany Stratton Segment 

Tiffany is getting her nails done, she says she’ll keep an eye on the NXT Women’s Championship match and whoever wins it.

Astrid’s Point 

I love that they are building other women towards a contender’s role and Tiffany is one that comes to mind, she has owned her character and has improved in the ring in so little time.

Tatum Paxley vs. Kayden Carter with Katana Chance

We are shown a recap from Great American Bash, when Tatum was arguing with Kayden and Ivy interrupted it and invited Tatum to the Dojo the next day.

Tatum and Kayden begin with a back-and-forth offense, they are doing a leapfrog combination when Kayden stops Tatum and stomps her. She grabs both of Tatum’s hands, stomps her, bouncing her head on the canvas. Kayden kicks Tatum who lands on the outside, Ivy comes out to cheer on Tatum. Paxley comes in, focused on her target: Kayden Carter. Kayden is leaning on the turnbuckle post, Tatum head butting her a few times.

Kayden going for an innovative submission, Tatum fights it, Ivy showing her support. Tatum holding on to Kayden, rolls her up for the victory. Tatum joins Ivy by the entrance ramp as they celebrate her win.

Astrid’s Point 

This was a quick match, but it worked as a preview for the match we will be getting soon, Ivy and Tatum vs. Katana and Kayden and I truly can’t wait for that. I love how they’re building new tag teams; we need more of them in the NXT Women’s division.

Sanga with Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon 

Sanga is backstage as he rewatches the clip from his cannonball in the pool during Great American Bash, he keeps rewatching it with the ladies until Duke interrupts saying he has an ear infection from it and the ladies along with Sanga laugh about it.

Briggs, Jensen, Fallon Bar Segment 

Briggs and Jensen are hanging out at a bar with Fallon as bartender, celebrating being NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Pretty Deadly comes in, Brooks stands up to say they’re at the wrong bar, Kit says they are not at the wrong bar as they are looking for Briggs & Jensen. Elton says he can’t believe they have those titles at that dump, the bar they’re currently at.  Briggs & Jensen want to initiate a bar fight, Fallon stands up from behind the bar with a bat to say they should face each other next week. It’ll be Pretty Deadly vs. Briggs & Jensen for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship next week.

"When you're a champion, everything falls into place…" – @WWE_MandyRose#WWENXT — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) July 13, 2022

Toxic Attraction Interview 

The ladies are asked about Roxanne’s attack and if they were behind it. Mandy replies, “When you’re a champion, everything falls into place.” One of my favorite parts of the night was having McKenzie ask every woman she would interview if it was them and most people would think it was Toxic Attraction above all.

Lash Legend vs. Indi Hartwell 

Lash is backstage with a basketball in hand, she says Indi isn’t athletic as Lash Legend. She let go of the basketball, we see a bat holding the basketball in place.

Lash is in control from the start, Indi trying to reverse the momentum. Indi hits Lash with a forearm that takes Legend to the outside, Legend spears Indi on the apron outside. Wade highlights Indi saying she can be someone like Rhea Ripley or Raquel Gonzalez, a powerhouse but she doesn’t have direction and her most recent victory is in a tag team when she’s trying to get away from the tag team division. Lash shows off her confidence and cockiness through her moves, being in control over Indi. Lash sets up a submission maneuver on Indi while holding her on her back and shoulders, showing her powerhouse moves.

Indi kicks Lash and going for a side slam, Legend kicks out. Lash is setting up a move from the top turnbuckle when she is seen focused on something else. We see Alba with Lash’s basketball in hand which keeps Lash’s attention. Indi goes for a spine buster and her finisher, Indi falls from the top rope, Lash moves a little closer and Indi is able to pin her for the victory. Alba comes to the ring, pointing the bat to Lash Legend. Fyre is going on the attack but missed Lash on her way out the ring.

Astrid’s Point 

I like that Wade was highlighting what Indi could be if she scored victories and had direction in the women’s division. Lash has really cemented her character; her promos are on point, and she keeps showing off power and confidence during her matches.

I was concerned with Indi falling from the top rope but I’m glad Lash was able to assist her by getting closer so Indi could reverse her roll up and have the victory as planned.

Valentina Feroz, Yulisa Leon, Sloane Jacobs, Ariana Grace and Amari Miller backstage

The women are seen backstage, getting their hair and makeup done. Sloane asks who attacked Roxanne, Amari says she has been watching true crime shows and documentaries, she says it’s usually the boyfriend or husband. Sloane asks if Roxanne has either, Arianna says she doesn’t think Roxanne has either. Valentina and Yulisa are discussing it as well, since they didn’t talk English, Arianna asks if they were causing them, before they’re able to answer, they are interrupted by Solo and Von Wagner having a backstage brawl.

Chase U London Trip 

Bodhi, Andre Chase and Thea Hail are shown enjoying their London trip, they’ll be appearing in NXT UK as well.

Nikkita Lyons interview 

She is asked if she was behind Roxanne’s attack, she responds that if she has any issues, she’ll say it to someone’s face instead of behind their back. She also says if Roxanne can’t compete, she’s willing to change to her gear and face Mandy herself.

Mandy Rose (with Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) vs. Roxanne Perez (with Cora Jade) – NXT Women’s Championship 

Mandy begins with a promo; she says Roxanne isn’t woman enough to suck it up and face her. Rose says she can’t blame Roxanne, no one can beat her anyway. No one can challenge her for the title, nothing will change. Cora’s theme song plays.

Jade is in her gear which gives the audience an idea that maybe she will replace Roxanne in the match. Cora says they were promised an NXT Women’s Championship match and that’s what they’ll get it. Cora said she will set up and face her instead, Mandy will give Roxanne until the count of 10.

Roxanne’s music plays, there’s a referee, Cora tells her to go get Mandy. Roxanne has her ribs taped; she goes right for Mandy.

Mandy focusing on Roxanne’s ribs, driving her shoulders to Roxanne’s ribs. Roxanne elbows her to create some distance between them. The crowd is chanting Roxy Two Belts, Mandy dropping Roxanne ribs first on the ropes. Mandy again using her shoulders against Roxanne’s ribs, Roxanne holding on to her abdomen while she recovers.

Mandy is elbowing Perez’s ribs, going for a spine buster and a pin fall attempt, Roxanne kicks out. Rose sets up a submission, wrapping her legs around Roxanne’s abdomen. Perez uses Mandy’s position to push back for a pin, but Mandy breaks the submission.

Roxanne is able to kick Mandy, breaking her momentum and going for a cross body but she isn’t able to go for a pin. Mandy recovers, Roxanne hitting Rose with a few forearms. With Rose in the corner, Perez runs to hit Rose with a few uppercuts. Roxanne is fired up, getting the crowd fired up as well. Roxanne is going for Pop Rocks; Mandy realizes it and moves out of the way. Rose has momentum but she hits the post instead, Gigi checking on Mandy. Roxanne goes for a suicide dive landing on Rose outside the ring.

Jacy is going after Roxanne; she misses and hits the post. Gigi coming as back up, Roxanne kicks her and pushes her towards the post. Perez hits Pop Rocks on the outside, Cora cheers her on, telling her to go back to the ring. Cora is behind Roxanne, Jacy is distracting the referee, Cora has the opportunity to hit Roxanne with the Women’s Tag Team Championship causing the crowd to erupt. Rose is able to hit her finisher move, pin Roxanne and retain her championship.

Cora is smiling, watching Roxanne laying on the canvas while Toxic Attraction celebrates Mandy’s victory. Wade said he mentioned there are jealous women in the locker room. Cora is in the ring with her skateboard, hitting Perez with her skateboard several times, telling Roxanne she brought her here, she made Roxanne.

Astrid’s Point 

As I mentioned during one of my reviews recently, the women’s division was lacking heels, we mostly have Toxic Attraction, Tiffany Stratton and Lash Legend who are showcased as the biggest heels so far.

This particular ending made me wonder about the status of the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships, what was the point of having them as a team for a few weeks, having them as champions for perhaps two weeks? I knew it was odd that Roxanne was going for the tag team championship instead of focusing the NXT Women’s Championship which was her initial goal during the NXT Breakout Tournament. It would have been more valuable if Roxanne had used her title shot to go for the women’s tag team championships alongside Cora only for Cora to turn on her then, making Roxanne lose the title she earned.

Having the injury angle did help Roxanne become a bigger babyface than she was and now Cora turning on her, adds to that as well. I had hoped the show would end with Roxanne winning and becoming Roxanne Two Belts. Now, next week there’s 20 women battle royal for the number one contender spot, we don’t know who will participate and it makes me wonder once we have a winner, where does Roxanne fall in all of this? Is she going to get a rematch due to the interference in her match? Do we also have a tournament to crown new Women’s Tag Team Champions?

NXT UK – Jul 14

The first women’s segment on NXT UK is an interview with Fallon on her NXT UK experience. She is stopped by Isla Dawn, who keeps staring at Fallon without saying much; Fallon advises her that it won’t work and to move on. Isla says, “I know,” as she is leaving.

Stevie Turner vs. Amale 

Blair Davenport is in commentary during this match, they begin the match with a lockup. Stevie kicks out of Amale’s pin fall attempt, then reverses it with her own submission. Stevie bounces off the ropes for a shoulder tackle, taking down Amale. The ladies bounce off the ropes, back and forth until Amale goes for a jumping neck breaker.

Stevie kicks Amale, stomping on her while she’s down. Turner drives her knee to Amale while she’s on the ropes. Stevie holding a submission, landing Amale on the canvas, she goes for the pin attempt and Amale kicks out.

Turner kicks Amale, who is on offensive and attempting a bulldog and pin. Amale runs towards Turner, Stevie holds her leg to kick, but Amale rips it down and knees Turner’s face. She goes for a Hope Breaker for the victory. Davenport is slowly clapping, she says, “French Hope, you have no Hope against Blair Davenport.”

Astrid’s Point 

Pretty awesome match between Stevie and Amale, building Amale towards facing Blair next. Blair vs. Amale would be a great match, with the winner facing Meiko Satomura for the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

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