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NXT 2. 0 – July 26

NXT 2.0 opens with a promo from a returning Zoey Stark and her battle against Toxic Attraction. Stark will have the opportunity to face Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Championship.

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Zoey Stark Promo

Zoey began the show by talking about her injuries, recuperation, and returning 4 months early. She describes how she felt hearing the crowd’s reaction to her return last week. Zoey claims the women in her way are Toxic Attraction, who nearly wrecked her career months ago, and she plans to grab the championship from Mandy Rose.

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Zoey is interrupted by Cora Jade, she cut off Cora as she was mocking her. Jade says there were 19 women against her if not she would have been the contender instead. She says Zoey stole her moment just like Roxanne stole her moment.

Zoey is disgusted by Cora’s behavior because she wore the Women’s Tag Team Championship with pride. Cora says Zoey is jealous because she accomplished more in a week than she did in a year.

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Cora is interrupted by Toxic Attraction, Mandy says both ladies talk a big game but when it comes to the title, only she wins. Mandy states, “Tomorrow, I become the fourth longest reigning women’s champion in NXT history. Goodbye Bayley, Goodbye Charlotte, Rhea Ripley, Raquel Rodriguez and tomorrow thank you Paige but toodle-oo to you too honey.”

Zoey tells Mandy to put the title on the line against her, Gigi responds while Zoey was out for 9 months, they have been running the show. Stark can’t come back and call the shots, that position is already filled that she’d face her and have her right back on the shelf for a longer time and her dream of becoming NXT Women’s Champion will just stay as a dream.

Astrid’s Point 

I loved this opening segment between the ladies. However, based on the storyline, I don’t see Zoey winning the championship from Mandy, that’ll be either Roxanne or Nikkita Lyons. It’s interesting to see Mandy didn’t mention Sasha Banks and Asuka when she mentioned past champions. When Mandy became champion, I never believed she’d reach such a milestone. I’m curious who will replace her and how long her rule will last. Toxic Attraction has proven themselves in NXT. Will they be drafted soon?

Arianna Grace is backstage with Sloane Jacobs, Amari Miller, and Brooklyn Barlow. Arianna is watching the clip from her elimination from the Battle Royal last week since Indi eliminated her. Indi tells Arianna there are no timeouts that she would have done the same if it were her, but Arianna replies she wouldn’t have because she’s a former beauty queen. Indi tells Arianna this isn’t ballet or a beauty pageant as she leaves.

Astrid’s Point 

I like seeing storylines form from the Battle Royal last week and seeing new faces backstage, creating their characters.

Toxic Attraction Interview

McKenzie asks Mandy about her NXT Heat Wave match against Zoey Stark, but Mandy cancels it because Gigi is watching Zoey tonight. Sarray tells Mandy she missed the Battle Royal because she was in the UK and wants an equal chance against her. Jacy interrupts and asks Sarray how to express “no shot” in Japanese.

Mandy stops Jacy to remind Sarray that she won’t forget what she did to her face months ago. Mandy continues, “Don’t think I’ve forgotten what you did to me. You tried to change my face and ruin everything before it began. Next week, I don’t care what version decides to show up.”

Gigi Dolin (With Mandy Rose & Jacy Jayne) vs. Zoey Stark

The match begins, with Gigi running towards Zoey, she’s able to duck and Gigi misses. Zoey goes for a few forearm shots, Gigi tries to go for a kick, and Zoey stops her in the corner and runs for an uppercut. Zoey is about to bounce from the ropes, with Mandy trying to interfere, Zoey stops her. Gigi takes the opportunity to grab Zoey’s hair as she bounces off the ropes.

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Gigi goes for a few kicks, grabbing Zoey by the hair, Stark fights back. Dolin kicks Zoey’s abdomen, grabs her arm to slingshot Zoey towards the ropes. Zoey bounces, and Gigi stops her momentum by elbowing her. Gigi is about to do it again when Zoey stops her. Zoey elbows Gigi twice, who responds with a kick. She lays Zoey on the canvas for a pin attempt.

Gigi steps up a submission, and Zoey is able to reverse her position, landing on Gigi for a pin attempt. Gigi is going for a kick, and Zoey is able to move and go for another pin attempt. Zoey goes for two clotheslines, a punch and a back elbow to Gigi’s face, and a kick. Zoey bounces off the ropes and goes for a high kick to Gigi’s face and a pin attempt. Dolin does a back kick, bouncing off the ropes, Stark moves and goes for a kick to Dolin. Zoey stares at Mandy as she goes for the finisher and pin attempt, Zoey is victorious.

Jacy comes from behind, Zoey is able to avoid her, Mandy comes in to hit Zoey with the title, Zoey sees her and runs towards her, and Mandy rolls out of the ring to avoid her.

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Cora comes in, and hits Zoey with a kendo stick several times. Roxanne’s theme song plays, and she goes after Cora who runs away. Roxanne checks on Zoey.

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Astrid’s Point 

I liked how Zoey knew when Toxic Attraction was coming and how she dodged it. I adored Roxanne’s reappearance and can’t wait to see how she handles Cora and Zoey in Toxic Attraction.

Wendy’s Nightmare Segment

Wendy is having a nightmare from her match against Tiffany at the Great American Bash, Tiffany’s nail salon visit, the Battle Royal last week made her happy when she was saved by her pillow. Wendy drops her pillow, her hand is shown, she has a closed fist. She replays in her nightmare how Tiffany eliminated her last week and she wakes up. She goes to drink her soda, but there isn’t any and she gets upset. Choo is looking in a mirror, replaying Tiffany’s comments in her mind. “Listen, Stratton. This isn’t over, the next time you see me it won’t be such a pretty picture, it will be lights out for you.”

Astrid’s Point 

I thought the Tiffany vs. Wendy storyline would have been over by now, I do like seeing his darker side of Wendy and how she could translate this in a match and in her character going forward.

Chase U Backstage Segment

Andre Chase, Thea, and Bodhi are backstage, Chase has a match against Giovanni, he’s asking Bodhi what Giovanni is all about and what happened between them last week. Thea tells her side when she interacted with Giovanni. Thea tells Chase that she wants a go at Giovanni, Chase says he will take care of him because no one talks to his students that way. Nathan Frazer returns to offer that he’d be the flag bearer for Chase U.

Roxanne Interview

Roxanne is asked about her friendship with Cora but throwing an NXT Championship in the trash, it’s something she can’t stand for, and the title should be shown respect. She said someone else agrees with her, Alundra Blayze comes in with the trash so Roxanne can take the championship from the trash can. Roxanne said, “These should be held by two women who are proud to wear them and proud to defend them.” Alundra says that over 25 years ago, she threw the women’s championship in trash can as well and it took a while to crown a new champion but in this instance, it won’t take long to crown new champions. Next week there’s a fatal four-way elimination tag team match, the winners will become new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. Alundra hugs Roxanne after the announcement.

Astrid’s Point 

I really liked having Alundra here to give that example of her throwing the championship in the trash can years ago. I’m glad they decided to go for an elimination fatal four way meaning the match will last a while and who knows if it’s Katana and Kayden’s opportunity to finally become champions. I also liked that they gave three more teams an opportunity rather than giving back the titles to Toxic Attraction though I wouldn’t be surprised if they win them back either.

Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz segment

Yulisa & Valentina are so excited to be a part of the fatal four-way next week for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. Sanga shows to tell them he knows they’ll win because he knows how hard they work and how strong their friendship is and next week not only become champions but inspired others too.

Astrid’s Point 

I loved seeing the reactions from each team as they learned of the announcement and I hope we get to see more from Leon and Feroz having Sanga there was a nice touch as well.

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter Interview

McKenzie asks about the fatal four-way next week, they were upset to see Cora throw the title in the trash last week especially since they have been working hard towards becoming champions. Katana says she agrees with Roxanne, the titles belong to a true friendship which is what we see with her and Kayden. Ivy and Tatum interrupt to say they seem really confident and they’ll finally settle what’s going on between them. Kayden says Ivy and Tatum are not really a team but Ivy says otherwise. Elektra interrupts Ivy to say Diamond Mine isn’t taking anything tonight, Tatum separates Ivy from Elektra but takes a shot at her, causing commotion backstage.

Astrid’s Point 

This section gets me interested in the fatal four-way, I hope Katana and Kayden win. I liked how Ivy and Tatum teased their rivalry for next week’s battle.

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Ladies begin with a lock-up, each taking control of the other. Indi tackles her, controlling Arianna’s arm, Arianna pushes Indi who comes back with a tackle to take down Arianna. Indi goes for a side slam, Arianna goes to the corner to recover, and Indi runs after her, Arianna takes Indi down from there, kicking her and landing a shot and hitting Indi’s face on the top turnbuckle. Arianna takes Indi down for a pin attempt, Indi kicks out, and Grace goes for a submission.

WWE Photo

Indi picks up Arianna on her shoulders, and Grace counters with a fist to Indi’s back. Grace goes for a few knees then keeps her submission on Indi. She takes Indi to the corner, Indi’s back hitting the turnbuckle.

Grace sends Indi to the opposite corner, Indi has time to counter and clothesline Grace. Arianna goes for a shot, and Indi is able to punch her a few times and also goes a pin attempt. Grace goes for a pin attempt as well using the ropes as leverage, the referee saw it and stopped the pin. Indi stood up and went for a big boot on Grace for the pin and victory.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point 

Indi has been gaining a few victorious lately and as Wade said during commentary she has become a locker room leader. I hope it leads to something bigger for Indi.

.@kianajames_wwe has been busy researching @nikkita_wwe#WWENXT — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) July 28, 2022

Kiana James Segment 

Kiana’s PowerPoint presentation on the NXT Women’s Division suggests Nikkita stands out for the wrong reasons. Her father is a rockstar, her mother a groupie, and she was educated on a tour bus, which explains her vocabulary. James plays Nikkita’s last week’s promo, shaking her head and flashing her social media ensembles. Nikkita isn’t a model, therefore she’ll peel aside her layers.

Alba Fyre/Lash Legend Promo 

“Remember, where there’s smoke, there’s Fyre,” Alba says. Lash says Alba can’t hang with her as we see pictures from Lash’s athletic background. We get a recap from the history between them so far, Lash saying she was winning but Alba was in her way. Alba vs. Lash is set for next week.

Next week’s program will open with a commercial-free Fatal Four Way for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships.

NXT UK – July 28 

Our first women’s segment is Meiko and Sarray’s press conference for their upcoming title match.

Sarray says, “Ms. Satomura is recognized by everyone in Japan and around the world. But I’m not going to stay down forever. Next week, I will definitely be the NXT UK Women’s Champion..” Meiko smiles and says, “Everyone tries to beat me, but no one can beat me. Sarray has the ability to challenge me… But I will remain the strongest until someone beats me!” They’re asked to take photos, Sarray poses but Meiko isn’t smiling, she’s focused on Sarray. They face each other for the NXT UK Women’s Championship next week.

WWE Photo
WWE Photo

Amale vs. Blair Davenport 

They begin with a lock up and separate. Blair goes for a kick, Amale moves, going for an arm drag, Blair goes for another kick, Amale reverses it for a quick roll-up. Blair kicks Amale in the abdomen, going for a side headlock Amale fights back, she pushes Blair to create that separation. Davenport bounces off the ropes, Amale going after her, going for a leap frog, Amale hits her with a double elbow shot.

WWE Photo

As Blair recovers, Amale hits her with a baseball slide kick and a pin attempt. Amale tosses Blair’s head into the middle turnbuckle; Blair moves out of the way, kicks Amale, and drops her on the mat. Davenport kicks Amale outside, and they trade shots, Davenport tries to slingshot Amale into the steel ring steps, but Amale reverses it and Davenport hits the barricade back first. Amale goes for a high kick, but Blair is able to avoid it, bouncing Amale’s head on the floor.

Davenport rolls Amale inside the ring for a pin attempt. Davenport lifts Amale with her shoulder, then lifts her again. She attempts a submission, Amale blocks it, Blair kicks, pushes, and assaults her, and a pin is attempted.

WWE Photo

Davenport holding on to that submission, Amale fighting back, takes Blair to the corner to have her release the hold. Amale runs to the corner, Blair double kicks her to cut her momentum, and runs for a drop kick. She is in the corner, Blair goes for a move but Amale avoids it, now going for a clothesline.

Amale runs to the corner, elbowing Blair, attempting a bulldog, Blair separates from her. Davenport kicks Amale to give her time to set up for the next move, she goes for a double stomp but Amale had moved, Amale goes for the bulldog and pin attempt.

Referee checks on Blair due to her recent injury and the way she landed on her ankle. Davenport picks up Amale but Amale reverses it for a suplex, kicks Blair as she is laying in the corner, and a pin attempt. Amale going for the Hope Breaker, Davenport with a roll-up. Davenport landed a very rough kick on Amale and the Falcon Arrow for the win.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point 

Wow this match was so hard-hitting, I loved it and I would like to see these two face each other again perhaps in a longer match.

Chase U Segment 

Next week, Chase U students highlight their UK showing next week with Andre Chase, Thea, and Bodhi.

Led by @AndreChaseWWE, the students of Chase U take a trip overseas to continue their education on #NXTUK next week. — NXT UK (@NXTUK) July 28, 2022

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