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The Great American Bash – July 5

NXT 2.0 – Great American Bash begins with the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship match, Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) with Mandy Rose vs. Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship match: Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) with Mandy Rose vs. Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade

Jacy and Cora begin the match. Jacy is able to overpower Cora, placing her on the mat and holding her in there. Cora instantly flips it around and does it to her. Jacy is able to generate momentum to rise up and pull Cora towards the ropes till they both release to go and start trash talking. Jayne went for a hit and missed, Cora took the opportunity to roll her up. Jacy went for another hit, Cora blocked it, and Jacy runs towards a neck breaker, Cora held her in place so she wouldn’t be able to execute it and pushed Jacy towards the ropes. Cora went for a knee, almost able to execute it but Jacy moved away just in time. Jacy went for a kick herself, Cora blocking it as well, Cora went for a kick too, Jacy was able to hold Cora’s leg so she was unable to land it, turns her around, wrapped her arms around Cora’s abdomen and Cora is able to escape under Jacy. Cora begins a combination by kicking Jacy and giving her an uppercut, grabbing her by the neck to have her land on the canvas while she bounces off the ropes for a double kick. Cora attempts a pin, getting a two count.

Jacy tags Gigi, who swiftly goes on the attack against Cora with a couple of kicks. Gigi raced into Cora’s corner where Roxanne is waiting, so Cora gave her an uppercut to allow her time to tag in Roxanne. Perez keeps Gigi in position, bending towards her corner to tag Cora. Jacy gets outraged, distracting the referee as Cora and Roxanne set up a double-team maneuver. Jacy lets the referee go and discovers Cora is Roxanne, pushing her out of the ring as he didn’t see their tag. Gigi is fixated on Roxanne, drawing her towards Jacy, who shoots Roxanne. Jacy is trash-talking Roxanne as Gigi holds her on the ropes with a knee to the back of her neck.

Roxanne escapes Gigi’s pin attempt by rolling her. Dolin can kick out; she kicked Roxanne, gripped her by her hair, and kicked her face repeatedly before slamming it on the mat. Mandy cries “You will never be champion” as Gigi drags Roxanne to the ropes.

Gigi takes Roxanne to the corner to tag in Jacy. Jayne lands a shot in Roxanne’s abdomen, keeping Roxanne in place for submission. Roxanne reverses it, and escapes, kicking Jacy’s arms away from her. They both stand up, landing shots on each other at the same time. They both take a moment to recover then they both kick each other simultaneously, both landing on the canvas at the same time, the crowd gasping. Gigi and Cora are tagged in, Cora going for head scissors on Gigi, fired up.

Cora kicks Gigi with an Enziguri and tries to pin her with a running kick. Gigi forearms Cora to put space between them. Gigi snatches Jacy, and dashes towards Cora, who hits her in the face. Cora is enraged as she kicks Jacy in the stomach.

Cora slingshots Jacy to her corner, tagging Roxanne, and they double-team. Roxanne tags in Cora, they double super kick Jacy, Cora attempts for a pin, Mandy grabs the referee’s leg and slips him off the ring, and Mandy is thrown out of ringside. Cora reverses Jacy’s roll-up, Jacy kicks out, and Cora tags Roxanne. Perez attacks Jacy, who tags Gigi. Jacy knocks down Cora after Dolin pins Roxanne.

Jacy is about to set up a double-team move with Gigi but Cora comes out of nowhere to take her out. Gigi is focused on the situation, Roxanne goes for a roundhouse kick, and Pop Rocks for the win. Cora and Roxanne are the new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Astrid’s Point 

Once it was booked, I knew we’d have new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. I don’t see it lasting long as Roxanne is also gunning for Mandy’s NXT Women’s Championship and there aren’t many challengers except Gigi/Jacy and Katana Chance/Kayden Carter after they turn heel. I can only imagine them creating heel squads for now. Roxanne is the quickest debut to win a title, doing so only a few months after debuting in NXT. Roxanne began in April and won her first championship in July; it’s amazing how much they trust in her. Will she be Roxanne Dos Straps next week?

Tiffany Stratton vs. Wendy Choo

Tiffany is backstage, getting her makeup done. She asked the makeup artist for more powder, Wendy is on screen, she shushes the makeup artist and asks her to leave. Tiffany has her eyes closed, Wendy answers and Tiffany recognizes that it’s not the makeup artist’s voice, she screams when Wendy shoves the powder all over Tiffany’s face. Wendy is able to push Tiffany towards a door and chases Tiffany.

We return from commercial, Tiffany shoulder tackles Wendy to the canvas and Tiffany leapfrogs. Wendy takes a few shots at Tiffany, and Stratton rolls outside. Wendy slides under the bottom rope to pull Tiffany’s hair. Stratton holds on to Wendy’s hand and slams it against the post. Tiffany hits Wendy’s arm on the canvas, focusing on Wendy’s hand and fingers. Tiffany takes Wendy’s arm around the rope and pulls it.

Stratton chops Wendy in the corner, she goes for a second one and Wendy reverses it and chops Tiffany. Stratton holds Wendy’s hand, removing one of Wendy’s nails. Wendy kicks Tiffany a few times, holding Tiffany’s hands, and kicks her again. Wendy is able to catapult Tiffany on the canvas. Choo kicks both of Tiffany’s hands on the mat and then kicks her to the corner. Wendy is on the second rope, landing a crossbody on Tiffany. Wendy is holding onto her hand in pain, Tiffany sets up a powerbomb on Wendy. Tiffany has Wendy on her shoulders, she’s able to get out of it.

Wendy has Tiffany in a submission, and Tiffany is able to escape. Tiffany stomping on Wendy’s hand, taking her to the corner, going for her finisher move, Tiffany is victorious.

Astrid’s Point 

I did like how the match started as we don’t really see it going that way but I disliked that the entrances, the bell ring, and the official start of the match-all happened during a commercial break, making the match feel short. Also, this match felt flat to me compared to their previous encounters. For me, this match cemented Tiffany as a heel, focusing on a body part of Wendy’s during the match and her improvement in the ring too.

Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade Interview 

Cora begins by saying “I finally did it. After so long of trying to become a champion in WWE, I finally did it and I got to do it with my best friend.” Roxanne says, “I feel like everything is happening so fast. First, I won the Breakout Tournament. And now, I can’t believe I’m a tag champion with my best friend.” Cora replies, “It felt so good, to finally knock Toxic Attraction off their little pedestal.” Roxanne says, “I wanna end Toxic Attraction’s reign once and for all.” Roxanne reveals that she’s cashing in her contracted match and going against Mandy Rose next week for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Astrid’s Point 

This interview along with the show last week, made me wonder how Nikkita fits into the scenario. Last week, Mandy faced Nikkita but Gigi/Jacy caused an interference which resulted in Nikkita winning by disqualification. I thought perhaps they could include Mandy v Nikkita for the championship during this episode but it didn’t happen. With Roxanne facing Mandy next week for the championship, does that mean Nikkita is next?

Ivy Nile Interview

Ivy is interviewed about the Creed Brothers vs. Damon Kemp and Roderick Strong for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Nile isn’t able to say much due to a confrontation happening near her, she excuses herself and goes to the scene. Tatum Paxley is arguing with Katana Chance and Kayden Carter. Ivy breaks up the argument, Katana telling Kayden to leave as well. Ivy says, “Tatum if you’re gonna get yourself in this mess, you need to learn to get yourself out of it.” She invites Tatum to the Dojo the next morning for training.

Astrid’s Point 

I really enjoy the long-term storytelling between Tatum and Ivy, I hope they officially become a tag team and are able to go against Cora and Roxanne, it would be a fun match to watch. It does seem that they’re progressing on Katana and Kayden’s heel turn which may result in a match against Tatum and Ivy as well. The NXT Women’s division needs more tag teams to face Roxanne and Cora whether they are faces or heels.

Mandy Rose Interview 

Mandy is interviewed about Gigi/Jacy losing earlier and Roxanne facing her for the championship next week. Rose says, “This has happened once before, Gigi and Jacy corrected themselves days later, it’s called rinse and repeat.” She also said, “I’m pretty positive that Roxanne’s running around on her high horse right now. But once the adrenaline wears off, Roxanne will realize she made the biggest mistake of her life. You see because Roxanne Perez cannot beat me for my title. Neither could Cora Jade, not once, not twice. And next week, Roxanne Perez will join her little BFF Cora, in the failure club. Hell, that’s if she even makes it to our match.”

Astrid’s Point 

A really strong interview/promo by Mandy, makes me wonder if next week something will happen to cause the match not even start and perhaps delay the rematch for a special edition of NXT. I also think perhaps Nikkita gets involved in seeking revenge for her attack from Toxic Attraction last week. On the other hand, if Roxanne does win next week, will that cause some friction between her and Cora? Thinking back that Cora wasn’t able to beat Mandy on two different occasions versus Roxanne winning the first time goes against Mandy for the championship.

🗣️ FIELD TRIP!! #ChaseU #WWENXT @AndreChaseWWE @bodhihaywardWWE @theahail_wwe — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) July 10, 2022

Chase U Field Trip 

It’s the first day of classes at Chase U now including Thea Hail. Bodhi is falling asleep, Andre asks if he’s boring Bodhi. He tells him his roommate doesn’t sleep, Thea replies that they watched Money in the Bank about 50 times and they’re like brother and sister. They’re discussing America’s independence more specifically the date it was signed. Thea suggests visiting London, Andre says “London, here we come.” It seems Chase U will be involved in NXT UK sometime soon.

.@MrStoneWWE claims the #WWENXT fans are not giving @WWEVonWagner the respect he deserves when @WWESoloSikoa steps up to the massive Superstar.@sofiacromwell — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) July 7, 2022

Von Wagner, Stone & Sofia Cromwell Interview 

Stone and Sofia blame the NXT fans for Von not being a part of the Great American Bash. Solo Sikoa interrupts saying they can’t blame the fans for that or for them telling him how it is. Solo says he’s not around saying excuses, Stones goes to interrupt but Von interrupts him instead. He says they don’t speak for him, that they can handle their business tonight, they go face to face, and a few referees come to separate them.

NXT UK – July 7

The first women’s segment is an interview with Blair Davenport about her return to NXT UK, Amale comes out of a building by where Davenport is standing. Amale said that Davenport mentioned crushing hope and to her, that comment couldn’t have been about her. Blair says no, it was for the NXT UK Women’s division, that whatever plans or hopes they may have are soon going to change. She warned Amale not to do that again or she will have no hope. Stevie Turner interrupts Amale, asking her if it’s funny to her, that she’ll face her and she hopes Blair will be watching too.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura & Sarray vs. Xia Brookside & Eliza Alexander 

Sarray and Xia begin the match, Xia already backing Sarray to the ropes. She is in control of Xia, reversing each other’s moves. Sarray reverses with a submission, and Xia is able to balance on her head to escape and kick Sarray after doing so. Xia goes to her corner, tagging Eliza, Sarray kicks her, and Eliza lands a few shots. Sarray defends herself, going towards the ropes, Eliza grabs her hair, throwing her to the canvas and going for a pin attempt. She is able to bridge out of it, bouncing on the ropes to kick Eliza. Sarray tags in Meiko, gaining control of Eliza right away.

She has Eliza in a submission who moves towards the ropes for Meiko to break it, Xia encourages her to do so. Eliza bounces off the ropes, and Meiko kicks her to break her momentum. Meiko tags in Sarray, and they go for a double bulldog on Eliza. Sarray is about to take on Eliza, Xia is on the apron, and runs behind Eliza, holding on to her so Sarray is unable to get Eliza away from the ropes. Eliza takes advantage to go for a clothesline, grabbing Sarray’s hair and dragging her to her corner so she’s able to tag Xia.

Xia cements her knee behind Sarray’s head while she’s leaning on the ropes. Brookside concentrated on her target and goes double knees to Sarray who lands on the canvas. Xia stomps her, and holds on to the ropes while stomping her multiple times, the referee gives Xia the five count. Xia goes for a cover, Sarray kicks out.

Brookside tags Eliza, she has her legs on top of the post for Xia to force Sarray’s face to take it. Eliza is mocking Meiko when she splashes onto Sarray, Eliza going for a suplex while staring at Meiko. Alexander goes for a forearm shot and a pin attempt, Sarray kicks out. Eliza pulls Sarray’s hair while setting up the submission in the middle of the ring. The crowd cheering on Sarray not to give up, she reverses it towards a cover, and Eliza kicks out. Sarray runs to her corner to tag Meiko but she’s unable to, Eliza and Sarray have a back and forth until Sarray gains control and goes for a double stomp on Eliza.

Sarray tags Meiko, she goes for a series of kicks to Eliza and a spiked DDT. Meiko hits Xia, landing on the outside while she focuses on Eliza. Meiko goes a frog splash, Xia breaks up the pin attempt and drags Eliza to her corner. She is fired up against Meiko, and Satomura is able to gain control and tag in Sarray. Meiko goes for a forearm shot in the corner, Sarray is about to take a turn when Eliza is able to take Xia from the corner and drag her away.

Eliza tags herself in, going for a double team move, and Meiko breaks the pin. Xia for neck breaker to Meiko, she tags in. Eliza goes a takedown, Sarray is on the canvas, Xia goes to Meiko’s corner for a shot, and Eliza goes to distract Sarray who is able to counter her. Sarray bounces on the ropes for her kick, Meiko tagging herself in the process. Sarray brings Xia inside the ring for Meiko to take care of her, Meiko goes for the pin and their team is victorious.

Astrid’s Point 

I loved the team of Sarray and Meiko, I would have preferred if they would have let Sarray take more control in the match. It seemed like it was Meiko controlling the match when she was in the ring while Sarray was able to gain momentum against Sarray. I hope they do have another tag match, I would love to see them tag against another team sometime soon.

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