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NXT 2.0 – June 7 

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Briggs (with Jensen and Fallon) vs. Wagner (with Stone and Sofia Cromwell) 

Towards the end, Wagner takes Jensen’s cast, hits it on the apron, Jensen holds it and nods at Fallon. She stands on the apron while Jensen passes Briggs his cast. Briggs uses it on Wagner to set up for his finisher and win. Briggs, Jensen and Fallon stand by the entrance, Jensen removes his cast.

Thea Hail/Chase U Segment

Andre Chase presents Thea with a Chase U scholarship; they are interrupted by Pretty Deadly. After the interruption, they take a picture with the Chase U class including Bodhi Hayward.

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Roxanne Perez vs. Tiffany Stratton – NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament Finals 

We get a recap of the tournament including how Tiffany was included later on. Tiffany is on her way to the ring, Roxanne is shown backstage, ready to walk out, she hugs Indi and Cora before leaving.

This match was a great showing for Tiffany, she focused on Roxanne’s left arm through the match. This match was an example of how much Tiffany has improved in NXT. Tiffany is frustrated that she can’t beat Roxanne, Roxanne goes for a maneuver, she lands on Tiffany with her injured left arm. Roxanne set up her finisher for the win. Cora comes to celebrate with her, giving her the contract.

Toxic Attraction interrupts them, Mandy advice Roxanne not to pick her as those before her have failed including her best friend, Cora Jade. Cora has failed not once but twice. Toxic Attraction surrounds the ring, Mandy facing Roxanne who fits her, she lands on the canvas. Roxanne and Cora come face to face with Gigi and Jacy and Many joins them, Indi comes for the assist. Toxic Attraction vs. Indi, Cora and Roxanne is announced for next week.

Andre Chase vs. Pretty Deadly (Elton Price & Kit Wilson) 

Bodhi is attacked backstage, Andre asks about facing Pretty Deadly, Chase U students come to assist. Chase takes on Pretty Deadly in a handicap match, Bodhi comes from the entrance to assist Andre. Thea stops him, she goes on the apron, extending her hand for Andre to tag. She slaps Elton, Pretty Deadly wins.

Wendy Choo Interview 

Wendy is standing for an interview, Tiffany interrupts it to talk about her loss to Roxanne. Choo tells her it’s her interview time and Tiffany says it’s hers now. Choo spills her orange soda on Tiffany’s hair before leaving.

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Alba Fyre vs. Tatum Paxley 

Another great match for Alba, it was also a great way to show off what Tatum can do. It was a quick match between two, Alba takes the victory.

NXT UK – June 9 

Amale vs. Eliza Alexander (with Xia Brookside) 

The ladies start locking onto each other, Eliza takes Amale to the corner, she’s told by the referee to get some distance. They lock again, this time Amale takes over, bouncing Eliza off the ropes to create the distance. She hits Eliza with a shoulder tackle to take her to the ground, during their exchange, Eliza kicks her to stop Amale’s momentum. She kicks her again before running the ropes, Amale right behind her, making Eliza stop to receive a neck breaker from Amale, who taunts Xia at ringside.

Amale goes a low drop kick then a pin fall attempt. Eliza is in the corner, Amale is running to kick her by the turnbuckle, but Eliza is saved by Xia. Amale exits the ring to chase Eliza, she enters the ring first, Amale behind her, Eliza goes for an elbow, but Amale is able to avoid it. Xia distracts Amale by the apron while Eliza takes advantage, she kicks her.

Amale takes some time to recover, Eliza takes her by the hair, kicks her head. Eliza is enjoying being in control, goes for a submission, Xia smiling. Alexander goes for the submission once again, they have quick exchanges, elbowing each other, striking each other. Eliza takes her momentum to the corner, Amale kicks her, Xia looks worried at ringside. Amale kicks her again, keeps her momentum going.

Eliza stops her, running towards the turnbuckle to hit Amale, she’s able to avoid it, Amale hits her with a bulldog for a pinball attempt. Amale goes a Rock Bottom, a pinball attempt, slingshots her towards the turnbuckle. Amale runs to kick Eliza, Xia is on the apron, Amale kicks her as well. Eliza looks to capitalize on the distraction, but Amale rolls her up. Eliza kicks Amale’s knee then her face for a pinball attempt and wins. Xia is smiling from the entrance ramp and goes to celebrate with Eliza.

Lash Legend Interview

Her thoughts on her victory last week against Emilia. She says it’s always a big win when her name is involved, nobody can step up to her. She is interrupted by Myla Grace, she tells Lash that when it comes to passion and attitude about being in NXT UK, Lash doesn’t measure up to her. Legend says all she hears is bark, bark and no bite from her as she leaves.

Ivy Nile vs. Meiko Satomura – NXT UK Women’s Championship Match 

They begin testing each other, Satomura keeping the hold in place even after they are on the canvas. Ivy wants to attempt a submission; Meiko frees herself before Ivy can gain the momentum. They continue with a test of strength, both battling for the advantage, Satomura kicks Ivy’s arm to have her on the canvas. Ivy uses her strength, so Satomura isn’t able to use this as a pinfall attempt or her shoulders to be on the canvas.

Ivy takes control, uses her head to change the momentum, Satomura goes over, landing and giving each other distance. They both exchange kicks, Ivy is down and Satomura attempts an arm bar submission, and they transition, Meiko holding on to Ivy. Meiko kicking Ivy’s midsection, taking her to the corner and now to slam her on the canvas. Satomura setting up a submission maneuver, kicking her back and attempting another submission. Ivy takes control of Meiko who goes for the head scissors, Ivy goes on her head to escape.

Meiko going for a shoulder tackle, barely taking Ivy down, she also goes a crossbody, Nile catches her, showing her strength. Nile does a few push-ups on Meiko’s back, taking down the champion, setting her up for a submission. Meiko holds on to Nile while Kicking her several times. Satomura sets up a double wrist lock on Nile, Satomura goes back to kick her a few times.

Nile returns the favor, kicking her as well. Satomura goes a submission, Nile breaks it, Satomura then goes for a European uppercut, Nile is rocked due to that. Nile with a series of kicks, taking down Meiko momentarily, running towards the turnbuckle with a jumping kick. Nile on the top turnbuckle to take down Meiko. Satomura elbowing Nile, Ivy takes control of the match, taking down Meiko. Nile bounces off the ropes, Meiko kicks her, taking Nile’s momentum, Meiko takes control, attempts a pinfall, getting a two. Meiko takes Nile on her shoulders, Nile tries to wiggle out, but Meiko is able to place her on her shoulders again.

Nile set up a Dragon Sleeper from her position, Satomura holding on, taking down Nile’s shoulders as she did the submission and able to get a three count unexpectedly. Nile truly showed that she has grown a lot, gained confidence in her craft, she was aggressive and showed off her strengths during this match. She really took it to Meiko and gained her respect in the process, truly an incredible match between them, I would love to see rematch.

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