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NXT 2.0 & NXT UK Review – Week of May 15

NXT 2.0 – May 17 

Lash Legend vs. Tatum Paxley – NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament 

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The first women’s match of the night is Lash vs. Tatum as part of the next round in the Women’s Breakout Tournament. Paxley was showing that Lash wasn’t intimidating her. Tatum attempted to raise Lash on her shoulders at least three times during the match, it didn’t work especially towards the end since Lash was targeting Tatum’s leg throughout the match. Lash showed her athleticism with a flip and a few kicks, she attempted a submission on Tatum, focusing on her leg but it wasn’t locked in all the way.

During her last attempt to hoist Lash on her shoulders, her knee buckled, Lash caught her with a big boot to get the victory. Lash advances in the tournament, it was a good showing for Tatum, we haven’t seen her wrestle in a while, but I felt that the opponents lacked chemistry, we will see how Lash does against her next opponent in the tournament.

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Indi Hartwell Promo 

We get a promo from Indi, she says how Mandy kicked her while she was down, now she doesn’t have a life partner or tag partner. She wants to face Mandy, later on, it is announced that Mandy vs. Indi will take place next week.

Grayson Waller & Tiffany Stratton backstage 

Grayson says it’s upsetting that Tiffany isn’t in the Breakout Tournament, she tells him to take care of the Andre Chase situation, he says he will, to watch his match. During Grayson Waller vs. Andre Chase, we see Sarray with the Chase U students, cheering on Andre.

Toxic Attraction in the Toxic Lounge

Toxic Attraction more specifically Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne are watching Katana Chance and Kayden Carter’s interview from last week as they say they want those titles because they mean something, not because they’ll post about it on social media. Mandy comes by to the ladies to ask what’s going on with them being targeted by Katana and Kayden while she’s being targeted by Indi, Jacy responds that they’re obsessed with them and why wouldn’t they be?

Roxanne Perez vs. Kiana James – NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament 

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Kiana had a strategy going in the match, Kiana bounced off the ropes to do a flip, Roxanne does the same but stops Kiana to do her signature bow. Roxanne does a few arms drags to Kiana, bounces off the ropes for a drop kick and a pin attempt. Kiana does a submission attempt; Roxanne reverses it to attempt a roll up pin. Roxanne does a Leg Sweep then a pin attempt, Kiana shows her power by picking up Roxanne and doing a Side slam onto the mat then a pin attempt. Kiana runs to the corner to attack Roxanne; she sets up for her finisher and a roll up pin for the victory. She advances in the tournament and will face Lash Legend in the next round.

Roxanne Interview

Roxanne is interviewed backstage; Cora comes to hug her. She tells McKenzie that Cora is the one that convinced her to come to NXT, that they have been friends for a while now. Cora says she’s proud of her, McKenzie goes to ask Cora a question and she tells her, this is Roxanne’s time instead. Elektra Lopez interrupts it, she says she’s facing Alba Fyre next week, Roxanne is an overachiever that will lose to Lash in the next round, Cora is an underachiever for being happy even if she loses the match. I enjoyed how the match was flowing, it showed off both competitors and gave us more to their characters, it was no surprise that Roxanne won, it’ll be interesting to see how it goes now as she will face Lash either next week or the week after.

NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament 

The bracket has been updated, next round will be Nikkita Lyons vs. Fallon Henley and Roxanne Perez vs. Lash Legends with the faces of each match facing each other in the finals, the winner will get a title shot at a title of their choosing.

NXT UK – May 19 

Xia Brookside & Eliza Alexander def. Amale & Angel Hayze

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Amale and Xia start the match, Amale takes over Xia, when she is by the turnbuckle, she yells that she wants Eliza. Xia signals to Eliza that she wants to tag her, Amale tags in Angel, she’s also in control of Xia. Xia is able to escape, tag in Angel, Angel has Eliza in the corner by the turnbuckle, Eliza reserves it. Angel and Eliza have a back and forth until Eliza tags in Xia, she keeps the control over Angel. Amale is on the apron, reaching for her partner to tag her, Angel super kicks Xia, stepping closer to her corner to tag in Amale.

Xia also had the opportunity to tag in Eliza, Amale and Eliza face now, Amale is fired up. She had Eliza, Xia came in, she took care of her, focusing on Eliza again, Xia tagged herself in when Eliza was resting in the corner. Amale tags in Angel, she assists her with a cross body from the top rope to land on top of Xia. Angel lands by the bottom rope after Xia sweeps her off her feet, Eliza is to kick Angel from the apron as Xia elbows Amale to distract the referee. Xia takes the opportunity to set up the finisher and pinfall attempt for the win, Xia and Eliza take the victory. This was an enjoyable match, the back and forth from both teams was very well done.

Ivy Nile/Meiko backstage 

.@ivynile_wwe asks @satomurameiko for an #NXTUK Women’s Title match! — NXT UK (@NXTUK) May 19, 2022

Ivy knocks on a locker room door, it’s Meiko’s, Emilia opened the door, Ivy bows in front of her as Meiko acknowledged it. Nile said she heard if she wants a title match to ask for it so she’s asking Meiko for a title match. Meiko nods and agrees, Ivy bows, thanks her before leaving. Meiko nods and smiles as Ivy leaves.

Lash Legend interview 

Lash is interviewed about her upcoming match against Emilia. Legend asks if it’s a big match because Emilia carries Meiko’s bags, Emilia appears from the hallway, they brawl until the referees separate them.


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