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NXT 2.0 – September 20

Alba Fyre Promo

“Last week when we locked eyes, I smell your soul. I’ve seen the fear building up inside you. And in your heart, you know that i am gonna be the one to take that women’s title away from you and burn your empire to the ground.”

Astrid’s Point

Pretty strong words from Alba to Mandy, it keeps getting interesting between them and it would be interesting to see Mandy lose the championship on Halloween Havok, the event that started Toxic Attraction.

🔥🥀 T O X I C 🥀🔥#WWENXT @WWE_MandyRose @gigidolin_wwe @jacyjaynewwe — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) September 21, 2022

Toxic Attraction – Toxic Lounge

Before their match, Gigi and Jacy see Mandy watching Alba’s promo, she seems concerned and they ask if she’s okay. Mandy tells them she has Fallon next week then she focuses on Alba and tells the ladies to show why Toxic Attraction is above the rest in their match tonight.

WWE Photo

Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne vs. Tatum Paxley & Ivy Nile

Mandy accompanies the ladies to the ring for their match, we also see a recap of Damon Kemp explaining his plans the past few weeks against Diamond Mine. Ivy is backstage with Tatum, she slams her hand on the lockers as she finds out about Damon’s plan. Tatum tells her that Julius and Brutus will handle Damon, it’s out of her hands for the moment while they need to focus on the tag team match that’s about to happen.

Tatum and Gigi begin with a lock up, Gigi has Tatum’s arm then pushes her towards the ropes but Tatum reverses it. Dolin bounces off the ropes while Tatum stays on the ground then sets up a leap frog, she extends her legs while Gigi is able to jump over her. Dolin goes for a clothesline but Tatum is able to duck and slide to avoid it. Dolin gets closer to Tatum who responds with a drop kick then secures her while attempting to tag in Ivy.

Tatum lets go, attempts a kick to Dolin, who grabs Tatum’s leg but Tatum is able to bounce off and break free. Dolin takes the moment to clothesline Tatum and tag in Jacy. Jayne and Dolin each hold on to one of Tatum’s arms and each kick one of her legs until she’s on her knees. Dolin kicks Tatum while Jacy goes for a centon and pin attempt.

WWE Photo

Jacy kicks Tatum’s back while mocking Ivy in the corner. Tatum uses the distraction to roll up Jacy for a pin attempt, Tatum takes a forearm shot to Jacy’s face, goes to bounce Jacy off the ropes but she stops and responds to Tatum with an elbow. Jayne tags in Dolin, pushing Tatum to the corner to receive a kick from Dolin and a pin attempt. Paxley is dragging herself to tag in Ivy, Gigi takes a shot at Tatum’s back to stop her. Dolin setting a up submission on Paxley, stopping her momentum. Dolin then kicks Tatum’s abdomen then bounces her off the ropes while also elbowing Tatum’s face. Tatum uses the ropes to gain momentum to roll up Gigi, Dolin is going for her next move but Tatum ducked and bounced off the ropes at the same time Gigi did and is able to go for a face buster on the mat.

WWE Photo

Gigi and Tatum each tag in their respective partners, Ivy clotheslines Jacy and punches Gigi in the corner. Ivy throwing blows at Jacy then a combination of kicks. Nile kicks Jacy in a corner then a bomb to the mat and pin attempt but Gigi breaks it up. Tatum comes in to rescue her partner, Gigi drops her on the mat. Nile focuses on Jacy who goes for a swinging shot then tags in Gigi. Jayne does a face buster to Ivy, Gigi bounces off the ropes for her move but she’s stopped by Ivy. Jacy is going after Ivy but she kicks her, setting up her next move, Gigi separates Ivy from Jacy, Nile lands on the outside.

WWE Photo

Gigi brings Ivy in the ring, tags in Jacy. Jayne and Dolin set up their double team move for the victory.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point

I didn’t enjoy this match like I thought I would since I love both teams as it had a slower pace when Gigi and Tatum were involved and the match was short too. I enjoy seeing Toxic Attraction with a victory but what’s left for them in NXT? It feels like they’re gettin filler matches until Mandy loses the championship and they’re all called up.

Roxanne Perez Promo

Before Wendy vs. Cora, we get a promo from Roxanne, recapping her experience against Meiko Satomura recently, calling Meiko “the true measuring stick of women in this business.” Roxanne says she wanted to see where she stood, she was nervous as she even slipped during her entrance. “I may have lost the match but I gained Meiko’s respect.” Meiko says, “I was hard on her but she still stood up to me. Roxanne has a tough spirit. I think the day is near when she will be champion and I am looking forward to that day.” During the recap, we see when Cora attacked Roxanne from behind and Meiko came in for the save. “I found a toughness, a grit I didn’t know I had, that’s something that I can never repay Meiko for but that’s something I’m gonna use against Cora Jade. The next time Cora and I meet, Cora Jade is going to face a tougher, rougher and more determined Roxanne Perez.

Astrid’s Point

This promo by Roxanne gives me hope that next time Cora and Roxanne face, their match will have a stipulation and they’re both able to bring that aggressiveness they were both missing from their match. I am looking forward to a Roxanne is more focused and fired up than she was before.

WWE Photo

Wendy Choo vs. Cora Jade

Cora and Wendy begin with a lock up until Cora drives Choo to the corner, the referee asking them to separate, Cora tapped on Wendy’s head until Wendy showed her away. Cora runs to Wendy, she ducked to avoid her, keeping Cora in place with a lock up. Jade reverses it when she wraps her legs around Wendy’s neck to break the submission, Wendy is able to do a hand stand to break off from it and then mocking Cora when she does the horns like Cora usually does.

Choo returns to focusing on the lock up submission, Cora breaks it, Wendy bounces off the ropes, Cora is getting ready with some offense but Wendy is able to tackle her instead. Choo goes to bounce off the ropes, Jade getting ready to leap frog but Wendy wraps her legs around Cora’s arms and reverses the positioning for a pin attempt. Jade stands up, Wendy drop kicks her, Jade rests on a corner while Wendy runs from one side to Cora, kicking her in the face.

WWE Photo

Cora is outside, Wendy bounces off the ropes to slide outside but is caught by Jade. Cora enters the ring, kicks Wendy who then crawls to the ropes and Cora knees Wendy’s neck while holding on to the ropes. Jade hits Wendy with a few forearms then bounces her off the ropes, throws her towards the middle rope, Wendy hanging from it. Jade runs, hits Wendy’s neck with an elbow and a pin attempt. Jade stomps on Wendy a few times then uses the ropes to bounce on Wendy’s back with a double stomp and another pin attempt.

Cora focuses on a submission on Wendy, Choo is able to use Cora’s hands as momentum to bring her over her head and break the submission. Cora runs towards Wendy, she responds with a shot to Jade’s abdomen and a knee to Cora’s face. Wendy clotheslines Jade then bounces her off the ropes as Wendy catapults Cora to the mat.

WWE Photo

Wendy cartwheels to Cora in the corner with an elbow then wraps her hands around Cora, Jade trying to hold on but Wendy responds with a German suplex. Wendy runs to the corner, Cora moves and Wendy’s face is hit with the turnbuckle. Jade follows it up with a DDT, pin attempt and victory.

WWE Photo

After the match, Cora exits the ring, Lash enters the ring and hits Wendy with a big boot.

WWE Photo
😲 @lashlegendwwe just DROPPED @therealestwendy!#WWENXT @CoraJadeWWE — WWE (@WWE) September 21, 2022

Astrid’s Point

I didn’t realize until the time came to review this match, that the match only lasted about 6 mins including entrances and Lash’s big boot at the end. The pacing of the match was so well done that I thought the match lasted longer also this definitely helped push Cora up the ranks in the division and it’ll be interesting to see what is next between Wendy and Lash.

Sol Ruca Promo

Towards the end of the show, we also see a promo that Sol’s debut is next week.


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