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NXT – May 2

Unholy Union Promo

“The future is difficult to predict that’s why I navigate earth and know the eminent direction is towards Friday night SmackDown. This is our final night in NXT but one last unholy seance to commence. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance, you’ve been the staples of this tag team division, the torch bearers for so long but tonight, we extinguish your final flame. We’re taking our tag team titles with us to SmackDown and in doing so, we will set the fate for not just SmackDown but all three brands. Tonight, we leave these hollow grounds where we first came to war, where we first came together as one. We lead NXT not in the light but in darkness.”

Astrid’s Point

One thing that stood out to me was when Isla said they’ll be taking their titles to all three brands which was the original plan for the Women’s Tag Team Championships, now with two sets of champions, what will happen next? Super curious as to whether this will work. Even as a heel team, it also felt that they were putting over the baby face team when they mentioned them.

Gigi Dolin v Jacy Jayne

As soon as the bell rings, they go at each other but it slows down once Gigi throws Jacy outside. Jayne is able to hold Gigi’s leg as she’s getting ready to kick her and Gigi lands face-first on the apron. Jacy stands on the apron to hit Gigi with a centon before going to Gigi’s brother to trash talk. Jacy is able to take control for the time being until Gigi hits Jacy with several kicks.

Gigi clotheslines Jacy then throws her into the barricaded area where her brother is standing by then throws Jacy’s head on the steel steps which causes Jacy to start bleeding. Jacy however is able to pick up the win, Jacy follows Gigi outside, throwing her to the steel steps twice, giving her a beat down near Gigi’s brother.

Astrid’s Point

The match itself wasn’t bad but their final encounter should be one that lasts a while not just overall about five minutes. They should have had also Gigi’s brother by the lower barricade, and have Jacy bring Gigi closer to her brother as she’s beating her up because he wasn’t used until the end of the match.

Fallon Henley, Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen Segment

Brooks arrives at the bar to apologize to Fallon and Josh, Fallon tells him to stop apologizing and Josh tells him about their family. He thanks them for not dropping him after what happened, Fallon looks worried at the bills in her hands, Brooks says he has learned a few things from Kiana to which Josh responds he can tell him later as the bar is PG and he explains how Fallon’s family can take advantage of the land to cover those bills, they are impressed by what he has learned. He is greeted by two ladies who ask to get a drink with him but he refuses to spend time with them instead.

Astrid’s Point

I love seeing them reunite, hoping this is the official end of the Kiana storyline, and wondering what will happen next with all three of them as they need something fresh and new going forward.

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter Segment

Katana and Kayden are in the locker room getting ready for their title match. Katana points out that a RAW tag team is facing a SmackDown tag team for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships which has never happened before. They debate on how long Isla & Alba have been a team when they have been teaming for what seems like forever and comparing how they have had multiple title defenses and have the longest reign as tag team champions. “At the end, this is where it started, where we became best friends and this is our last night in NXT, we’re going out as Tag Team Champions.”

Astrid’s Point

Unlike earlier, it felt as if the baby face team had a way to put down the opposite team by pointing out how long they have been a team compared to them which felt strange to hear.

🤔🤔🤔#WWENXT — WWE (@WWE) May 3, 2023

Dani Palmer v Tatum Paxley

Dani is stretching backstage, having a video call with Sol who is cheering her on, Hank and Tank arrive to cheer on as well as she makes her way to the ring. Dani brings innovative offense including her gymnastics background into her arsenal. Palmer takes Tatum down with the head scissors, hits her with a double kick, and does a kick-up followed by a very unique cover.

The ladies have a balanced back and forth, both being able to show their creative offense. Tatum has Dani in an abdominal stretch, and Dani effortlessly switches to have Tatum on the abdominal stretch instead then Tatum reverses to do it again but Dani yet again is able to escape. Dani climbs the top roper a high-flying finisher for the victory.

Astrid’s Point

I loved Dani’s presentation in the ring, her athleticism was incredible to witness, I’m excited for her and to see who she will have a feud with soon. I also can’t wait for the day that Dani and Sol team up as I can only imagine how great their double-team moves would be.

Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre (Unholy Union) v Katana Chance & Kayden Carter – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Isla & Alba are going after their challengers first as both teams engage in combat before the bell rings. Isla and Alba are struck by the cross bodies of Katana and Kayden. As they splashed Alba Fyre, Katana, and Kayden were able to use the middle rope. Kayden is able to spear Alba to break up the pin and save the match after Isla performs a backstabber on Katana while holding her back as Alba performs a Swanton.

Fyre and Dawn declared they would defend all three brands if they were to be re-elected despite the fact that both champions and challengers were drafted to new brands. Their victory will allow them to take the gold to the blue brand.

Prior to Indi Hartwell’s exit speech, the match was the main event. In the final seconds, Fyre and Dawn hit Chance with a Gory Bomb/Flatliner combo. Dawn pinned Chance to keep the gold while Fyre executed a suicide dive to take out Carter outside.

Astrid’s Point

I absolutely loved this match, it felt that both teams wanted to give it their all knowing it was their last night in NXT. From the double teams to false finishes, it was incredible! They had me on the edge of my seat as I watched this match.

Indi Hartwell Promo & All Out Brawl

Indi is welcomed by “you deserve it” chants from the crowd. Based on her call-up during the draft, Indi Hartwell is going to Raw. She also sustained an ankle injury from her match the previous week.

The announcement that a tournament to select a new champion will begin the following week was made by Hartwell in the closing moments of the NXT episode from May 2. On May 28, at NXT Battleground, the tournament finals will be over, and a new champion will be crowned.

Dexter Lumis appeared from beneath the ring to assist InDex in carrying her back after Hartwell bid the NXT crowd farewell. This marks the complete reunion of the two couples on the same brand. The championship belt was abandoned by Hartwell in the ring.

As the championship is on the canvas, it is picked up by Tiffany Stratton and then Cora Jade, they’re both pulling it until Lyra clotheslines both of them then focusing on Cora. Ivy enters the ring, and Thea, Fallon, Dani, Wendy, Tatum, Elektra, Valentina, and Kiana follow too. Fallon has the championship in hand, Tatum goes after her,

Astrid’s Point

I loved Indi’s promo to end the show, her words definitely touched me, I wish it had been a bit different for her but I’m glad she was able to hold the championship before getting called up. I also enjoyed the brawl after Indi’s promo, it gives us that visual that there are so many possibilities but I got a feeling Tiffany will become our next champion.


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