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NXT Review - Week of Aug 27

NXT – AUG 29

Lola Vice & Elektra Lopez v Kelani Jordan & Dana Brooke

Kelani takes down Elektra then Lola with a head lock, Lola pushed Kelani to the ropes, Kelani is able to bounce back, avoiding Lola, she goes for an arm take down just as stops to throw her against the ropes and then tags Elektra. They go for their double team move, Lola pushes Kelani to a corner then carrying her before Kelani takes her down for a roll up.

Elektra begins with an elbow strike; a strong kick and an elbow drop for a cover. Elektra tags in Lola, hitting Kelani with a spinning back fist. Lola bounces Kelani off the ropes before kicking her midsection, Lola bounces Kelani to kick her midsection again, Kelani reverses it into a pin.

Lola goes to kick Kelani, she catches her leg, kicks her to create distance and tag Dana. Elektra is tagged in, going right after Dana on the apron, Dana has fired up shots to Elektra followed by elbow strikes, Dana hits Elektra with close clotheslines, throwing her then Lola in a corner, hits them with the cartwheel elbow, hits Elektra with a bulldog.

Dana tags Kelani throws her onto Elektra followed by a cover that is broken up by Lola. Dana clotheslines Lola takes her outside, Lola throws Dana onto the steel steps. Kelani is distracted, hit with a fist to the back of her head, Lola and Elektra hit their roundhouse kick, take down combination for the win. Dana is enraged about their loss.

Astrid’s Point

I liked how Lola and Elektra have been growing as a team, the rage we witnessed from Dana after the match did catch my attention.

Chase U Segment

Class is in session! Andre wonders where Thea is, asking Duke if she would skip class and Duke doesn't think so. Andre's class is about Duke's spot in the Heritage Cup Invitational. After class is over, Thea arrives, Andre tells her she missed class, Thea responds, "is that a crime?" Duke tries to assist her, he's unable to. Duke tries to take her to study hall, Thea says she isn't going, "she has plans to go out," in that moment, we see Jacy Jayne leaning on the door frame, waiting for Thea.

Astrid’s Point

This was super interesting to watch, Jacy influencing Thea, did make me wonder what the end result will be between them.

NXT Anonymous

Fallon asks Myles about joining Briggs and Jensen against Damon Kemp, Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak. She finds him cleaning the ring, she asks, "doesn't it get old being treated like dirt?" Myles replies, "Just paying my dues." Fallon says, "Paying your dues? If Briggs and Jensen treated me the way those boys treated you, I would knock their teeth out and be on my way." When she offers him to be their partner, he says, "You're saying I could have a match on NXT?" He thanks her for the opportunity as she's leaving.

Astrid’s Point

I did like watching this, I hope Myles begins to grow within NXT especially as a deaf wrestler, he will open opportunities for others as well. I can't wait to see how Drew, Charlie and Damon will react to Myles teaming up against them or if they will allow him to do it to begin with.

Roxanne Perez v Blair Davenport v Gigi Dolin v Kiana James - Number One Contender's Match - NXT Women's Championship

Before the main event, each participant is spotlighted throughout the episode. Gigi does after Blair, Roxanne on Kiana, Roxanne and Blair throw Kiana and Gigi outside. Kiana attempts to reenter the ring, Gigi takes care of her. Roxanne takes down Blair, attempts to keep Gigi outside but misses. Roxanne bounces off of Blair for a pin, Kiana breaks it up, Gigi also reenters the ring. Gigi attempts a roll pin on Kiana after Kiana pinned Roxanne, Blair takes down Gigi for a roll up. Kiana has a head lock on Roxanne who throws her onto Blair. Gigi has Blair in a pin while Roxanne has Kiana both kick out simultaneously. Roxanne and Gigi go at it on the apron, Gigi drops Roxanne on the apron, Kiana goes towards Gigi, she pushes Kiana onto the barricade.

Kiana kicks Gigi's midsection, Blair is able to hit Gigi with a double stomp, Kiana is on top of the barricade hitting Blair with a moonsault. Roxanne dives onto Kiana. Blair has a submission on Gigi, who has one on Kiana who has one on Roxanne too. Roxanne is able to roll over to attempt a Sharpshooter, Blair sees it and hits her to break it apart. Roxanne climbs the post, Blair is working on taking her down, Kiana joins her, Gigi holds on to them all to throw them for a Tower of Doom. Gigi begins to take care of Kiana and Blair, taking turns on them, she begins to set up for a suplex but Blair throws her towards the ropes to prevent it.

Kiana hits Blair with an enziguri, throws Gigi towards the steel post, Roxanne attempts a cross body onto Blair and Kiana who throw her on the mat but before that, Roxanne is able to take Blair down in the process. Roxanne hits Kiana with an uppercut, followed by Blair, she attempts a second one, but Blair runs towards her, Roxanne moves, Blair hits Kiana instead. Roxanne runs to hit Blair with the uppercut, Roxanne hits Kiana a few times then turns around to hit Blair with a crossbody.

Roxanne attempts a Russian leg sweep on Blair who has it scouted, Blair has Kiana set up, Gigi enters the ring, hitting Blair with a clothesline. Roxanne hits Gigi with a neck breaker and pin attempt that Kiana breaks apart. Kiana is going to throw Roxanne to a corner, she reverses it, going for the Pop Rocks but Blair kicks her. Blair throws Kiana towards the post, she lands outside. Blair takes down Roxanne then goes for a pin attempt, Gigi stomps on her to stop it.

Gigi and Blair are going at it, Gigi goes for a half and half, Roxanne breaks it apart. Roxanne's goes for a head scissors to Gigi, a kick to her midsection, going for Pop Rocks and yet again, Blair takes them down. Blair brings Roxanne in the ring, double stomp to Roxanne, she is working on her next move, Roxanne avoids it, kicks Blair's midsection, going for Pop Rocks, Blair slides out of the ring. Gigi slides in the ring, kicks Roxanne in the face, going for the Gigi Driver but Roxanne held to the middle rope to avoid it.

Kiana reenters the ring, takes down Roxanne, pins Gigi to become number one contender.

Tiffany enters the ring to come face to face with Kiana, they will now face each other next week for the NXT Women's Championship.

Astrid’s Point

I loved having the women being showcased and promoting the match throughout the show. I also loved how Roxanne handled her promo as it progressed this attitude we've seen from her lately. I loved this match from beginning to end, having Kiana as the winner was a surprise to me but I was also disappointed when I realized they'll be facing each other next week and not at No Mercy. On the other hand, not having this match happening at No Mercy, made me think they got something bigger planned for that show then. The women really showed out during this match though, they all showcased themselves, it was a delightful to watch.

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