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NXT – December 13 

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Roxanne Perez Promo 

We begin the show with a recap from Deadline, Roxanne arrives to discuss her win in the Iron Survivor Challenge meaning she gets a championship match against Mandy Rose. Before she begins to talk about her victory, she is interrupted by a car honking, it is Grayson Waller arriving to celebrate his victory as well. Roxanne signals to him that she’s already in the ring with a microphone, he ignores her and continues to talk. Grayson mocks her by saying, “who said that? Who interrupted the Iron Survivor?” Roxanne reminds him he’s not the only Iron Survivor, not only did she win first and from the number one spot too compared to him being number four. Grayson responds, “The reason you were first was because you had to get home for bedtime. I know after the show, you were snuggled up, your mom was reading you a story while Grayson Waller was out with the biggest reality stars there are, doing shoey after shoey after shoey.” He follows it with, “Roxanne, you are right about one thing, that was the biggest win of my career, and it was the biggest win of yours which is sad because it means you peaked at 21 cause there’s no way you’re beating Mandy.”

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Grayson is interrupted by Bron’s music, they have a back and forth until Bron goes after Grayson, leaving Roxanne alone in the ring. Roxanne is attacked by Mandy from behind, JD Mcdonagh and the Creeds brothers exchange words in the medic room. We return to ringside; Roxanne is getting up from the attack by Mandy, yelling for her. Rose is by the entrance. Roxanne says, “You think you’re the baddest bitch in the game? Well, I don’t want to wait until New Year’s Evil, put your title on the line tonight.” From the entrance, Mandy replies, “If that’s what you want, you’ll get it honey.”

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Astrid’s Point 

At first, I didn’t know what to think about Grayson interrupting Roxanne to begin the show, but I enjoyed their back and forth. Once Mandy attacked Roxanne, I thought the segment was over, I was surprised that we returned to it a few minutes later only for Roxanne to challenge Mandy for the title tonight. I knew something was off about this, I knew Roxanne would win but I expected it to happen in a bigger stage, so I wondered if Roxanne was losing instead.

Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) vs. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley – Number One Contenders Match for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships

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Kayden Carter and Katana Chance make their way to the commentary table for the match. Jacy goes to kick Ivy who moves then kicks Jacy several times then begins to take a few shots. Gigi enters the ring, Tatum kicking her then taking a few shots as well. Jacy and Gigi push Ivy and Tatum then super kick them at the same time then taking Ivy and Tatum out of the ring. Jacy does her centon onto Ivy while Gigi kicks Tatum. Jacy goes to Katana and Kayden to mock them while they tell her that she has a match to focus on.

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Jacy brings Ivy in the ring, landing a back splash followed by a pin attempt. Jacy pushes Ivy’s face away, chops her and Ivy chops her back, Jacy grabs Ivy’s head, taking a shot at her back while backing up to her corner to tag in Gigi. Jacy pushes Ivy towards Gigi, who kicks her then Jacy clotheslines her, Gigi comes in for the pin attempt. Gigi is trash talking Ivy, she holds Gigi to hit her with an elbow followed by a few shots until she holds Gigi’s arm to push her towards the ropes, Gigi reverses it to hit Ivy with her forearm.

Gigi holds on to Ivy again then sets her up for a take down and pin attempt. Gigi holds Ivy while she goes to her corner to tag in Jacy. They set up their double team move to both kick the back of Ivy’s legs to take her down followed by a double kick that Ivy manages to avoid. Ivy then kicks Gigi and takes a shot at Jacy to take them down. Ivy goes after Jacy, taking a shot, Gigi is going for a clothesline, Ivy avoids it and kicks her instead.

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Jacy grabs Ivy throws her onto Katana and Kayden in commentary, Tatum is arguing with Jacy, Gigi hits her with her forearm to the back. Gigi brings Tatum to the ring while Jacy brings Ivy. Kayden gets a hold of Gigi, Katana holds on to Jacy, both teams battle it outside causing the referee to call for the bell. Ivy and Tatum join both teams, causing a brawl in front of the commentary table.

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Astrid’s Point 

I was disappointed this match was short, but I understand it’s the buildup for the triple threat for the championships that will most likely happen soon. Even with the ending, I hoped the match was longer though.

Fallon, Briggs and Jensen Segment 

Fallon is on a phone call, her father telling her bad news. Josh asks about the call, she said, “It’ll be a tough year because of the bar.” Fallon tells them it’s not her week as first she lost the triple threat for the spot in the Iron Survivor now this bad news followed. Briggs and Jensen encourage her to smile and show their support.

Astrid’s Point 

I wonder if this will lead to Jensen making a deal with Kiana to assist Fallon and she won’t be happy when she knows where it came from.

Wendy Choo Promo 

Wendy says she has thrown drinks in the face of others “who deserve it if they are being mean or being degrading to others because when I was younger, I had friends who were just like Cora Jade.” She tells a story when she was invited for a slumber party, she forgot to bring an extra set of clothes, the school mean girl threw a drink at her, and she had to sit with those clothes on. “When Cora threw that drink at my face, it just brought me back to that moment where I wish I was invisible, I felt like I was two inches tall, I never want to feel like that ever again.”

Astrid’s Point 

I have loved Wendy Choo since she debuted, I did wonder for a while if we would get some back story about her slumber party outfits, napping etc. and this gave us insight into the character that we didn’t get before which I was glad to see.

Indi Hartwell and Elektra Lopez Backstage Segment 

Elektra is getting her hair and makeup done alongside Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson. They are discussing the Iron Survivor match, Jakara says she was rooting for Indi, Elektra gives a facial expression that she doesn’t agree, Lash says she thought Zoey was winning. We also see Valentina Feroz, Amari Miller, Sol Ruca nearby. Elektra says, “She might get in these big matches, but she can’t win them and whether you like me or hate me, if I was in that Iron Survivor challenge, I would have won the whole damn thing or at the very least gotten more points” as she is kicked in the face by Indi. The ladies try to separate Indi from Elektra as Lopez goes after her.

Astrid’s Point 

I enjoyed not only having a few of the ladies involved in this such as Lash who we haven’t seen on screen in a bit and Jakara as I wondered when she would get a spotlight. I thought maybe some time later Indi will face Elektra, Lash and Jakara in six women tag as she can tag with Valentina, Sol Ruca or Amari Miller who were a part of this.

Zoey Stark Interview 

McKenzie wants Zoey’s thought about Nikkita’s TikTok reacting to Zoey’s loss. Zoey says it’s “giving attention to clout chasers like Nikkita Lyons.” Zoey tells McKenzie, “Zoey is a waste of roster space,” as she didn’t want to wrestle Nikkita, she “wanted to save her from herself,” but she changed her mind as she “will bring the real talent.”

Astrid’s Point 

This was a nice interview from Zoey, showing how different she is from Nikkita especially when it involves social media.

Isla Dawn Promo 

“You began to see at Deadline that you’re no longer struggling against mortals. The spirits have summoned an ethereal being into this realm and your suffering may appear to have ended. But the longest night of the year is coming. In preparation for the Winter Solstice next week, I call on the spirits to lend me the strength of these elements. The black mist is something powerful in its powdered form, this compound is even more pure. Under the influence anything can happen, ” explaining what happened to the referee during Deadline. The unholy enchantress will rise during the Winter Solstice and the darkness of night will consume Alba Fyre as she waits for the light to return.”

Astrid’s Point 

Due to Isla’s words, I thought maybe there will be some change for Alba during Winter Solstice as Isla said, “under the influence anything can happen” and “the darkness of night will consume Alba as she waits for the light to return.”

Lyra Valkyria vs. Amari Miller

“I have followed the way of the Morrigan, and now, I am here. It is time for me to earn a new feather, to add to my collection. It has been a long journey for me to get to NXT, but I am not weary, just eager to begin. You will witness the rise of Lyra Valkyria.”

They lock up, Lyra takes charge and drops Amari on the mat then going for a pin attempt. They lock up again, Lyra is in control of Amari’s arm, Amari returns with a unique reversal then going for a headlock, Lyra picks her up to drop her, but Amari stays strong with the headlock.

Lyra Valkyria has arrived in #WWENXT! — WWE (@WWE) December 14, 2022

Lyra backs Amari to the ropes, Amari bounces off the ropes, Lyra leap frogs as Amari makes her way back to her. Lyra is ready for Amari who slides under Lyra then Valkyria hits her with a step up enziguri, Amari is rocked and slides outside. Lyra bounces off the ropes, returning with a kick to Amari though the middle rope.

Lyra brings Amari inside, pulling her towards the ropes as Amari holds on to them. Lyra tries again, Amari elbows her in the face, grabbing Lyra by the hair to hit her head on the turnbuckle then holding on to Lyra’s head to hit the back of it on the turnbuckles. Amari pulls Lyra who reverses it, kicks Amari’s midsection then her jaw followed by a strike and a kick to the back of Amari’s head.

Lyra goes for a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge, grabs Amari, pulls her to a corner, going after her but Miller moved, Lyra almost hitting herself with the turnbuckle, but she stopped herself on time to avoid it. Lyra goes after Amari who sweeps Lyra off of her feet, does her centon followed by a pin. Amari goes for a kick, Lyra catches her foot, kicks Amari then climbs to the top turnbuckle for her finisher, pin attempt and victory.

An impressive win for Lyra Valkyria in her #WWENXT debut! — WWE (@WWE) December 14, 2022

Astrid’s Point 

I had been looking forward to Lyra’s debut, it seems Amari has been trusted with the debut with some of the ladies recently, but I hoped for more as the match was cut too short and I was underwhelmed with Lyra’s finisher too. I am still looking forward to who she faces next.

WWE Photo

Roxanne Perez vs. Mandy Rose – NXT Women’s Championship 

Beginning with a lock up, Roxanne is backed up to the ropes, Mandy slaps her arm, reminding Roxanne of her injury. Locking up until Roxanne has a headlock on Mandy who then pushes Roxanne to the ropes, Roxanne returns with a shoulder tackle. Roxanne bounces off the ropes, Roxanne does a cartwheel then her bowing pose as Mandy goes after her, Roxanne wraps her arms around Mandy’s waist. Rose then takes Roxanne’s foot to break her up, Roxanne kicks Mandy to cause her to let go, she bounces off the ropes to return with a cartwheel like Roxanne did follow by a drop kick and pin attempt.

Mandy has Roxanne’s injured arm locked in, pushing Roxanne to a corner, she jumps behind Mandy to catch her in an arm drag followed by another one until Roxanne has Mandy’s arm locked in and Mandy is laying on the canvas. Mandy backs up Roxanne to the ropes, pulling her towards the other end, Roxanne goes for a roll through pin attempt. Mandy knees Roxanne’s midsection, pushing her to a corner, Mandy runs, her shoulders hitting the post and landing outside as Roxanne had moved.

WWE Photo

Perez goes for a dive, kicking Mandy’s midsection, attempting Pop Rocks but Mandy moved making Roxanne lose her balance. Rose pushes Roxanne to the steel steps, hitting her injured arm. Mandy has a submission locked in on Roxanne’s arm, Roxanne able to break free. Perez creates separation with a jaw breaker, Mandy goes for a strike, but Roxanne ducked, bouncing off the ropes with a double forearm shot twice on Mandy then she goes to push Mandy, but she is pushed towards the ropes.

WWE Photo

Roxanne goes for a head scissors, Mandy stops her, Roxanne changes it to a Russian leg sweep, Mandy counters to take control of Roxanne’s arm, Perez able to break it up then hits a drop kick to Mandy’s abdomen. Roxanne runs with an uppercut, she goes to do it again but Mandy kicked her arm, Roxanne holds on to the ropes to kick Mandy, then climbs to the top rope, to take Mandy down and pin attempt.

WWE Photo

Roxanne goes for a kick, Mandy holds on to her foot, Mandy turns her upside down then goes for a pin attempt. Mandy focused on Roxanne, goes for Kiss from the Rose, Roxanne reverses it into a pin attempt, Mandy reverses it into a cross face, Roxanne reverses into a pin.

Rose hits Roxanne with Kiss by the Rose then pin attempt, Mandy is shocked that Roxanne kicked out. Rose is arguing with the referee about the count. Rose is dragging Roxanne, setting up her next move, Roxanne is able to reverse it into a pin. Roxanne kicks Mandy’s midsection, followed by Pop Rocks and pin attempt, Roxanne is victorious! Roxanne is crying as the referee hands her the championship, Booker T is emotional in commentary.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point 

Since the show began, I found this match odd. I wondered if Roxanne would lose after being an underdog since her debut, especially against Toxic Attraction? Will Mandy retain the title to surpass Shayna’s reign? Roxanne winning on a Tuesday night episode of NXT surprised me because I wanted her to win closer to WrestleMania for weekend exposure. After the show, most of us learned that Mandy would be released, so Roxanne should win the championship.

I was sad for Mandy, but happy for Roxanne. Mandy took a risk by going to NXT, but she revitalized her career, wrestling ability, and character with Toxic Attraction. I would have never pictured Mandy as champion, let alone with a 400+ reign, now the third longest reign in NXT. Because long reigns are rare, I hope Roxanne gets one too. With Roxanne as champion, I look forward to new rivalries. Whether she wrestles or not, Mandy should be proud of her NXT work.

Check out our NXT Aftershow below.


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