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NXT – December 6

Women’s Iron Survivor Competitors Promo 

We get a promo from each of the competitors, starting with Cora. “My track record has proven that I am willing to do whatever it takes to become the number one woman in NXT. I ended friendships, targeted the weak, preyed on the weak, cheated when the opportunity presented itself so just imagine what I am willing to do to win this Saturday at Deadline.” She said, “There are no depths that I will not sink to, if you thought I embarrassed Wendy Choo, just wait until I embarrass the other four women in this match and walk out of Deadline as the number one contender.”

Zoey says, “Timing is everything in this business and there’s no better time for this Iron Survivor Challenge because this is my type of match. Last week, I was unanimously voted by the Hall of Fame and whether I start it or come in at the end of it, it doesn’t make a difference because the four other women, they can’t touch me. On Saturday, I walk into Deadline with no extra baggage, no dead weight. I don’t have to worry about being a mentor or a big sister. This Saturday is all about me.”

Kiana says, “The first rule of business, G, if you can’t spot a lamb at the table, then you’re the lamb and I see four lambs on Saturday. And what do we do with lambs? They get slaughtered.” She tells G, “This Iron Survivor Challenge is not about pride or ego, it’s all about strategy and that advantage belongs to me. Knowing when to strike and when to sit back and let others make mistakes. I will send each of them, one by one, to the Penalty Box and I will watch the clock tick down to my victory.” She asks G if the important thing she asked for is ready, G shows her an envelope with the letter JBBJ on it, G tells her that it’s ready.

Roxanne says, ” For as long as I can remember, this has been my dream, but I’m done dreaming. It’s time to wake up and face reality and the reality is, hell yeah, I want another shot at Mandy Rose. I got screwed over last time, so in order to get back to Mandy, I need to face and beat the very best in a race against time. How do I even prepare for a match that’s never been done before? This is when my nerves start kicking and my anxiety shoot up because I don’t know what to expect. It’s going into the unknown, if I go in there on Saturday, unsure of myself, second guessing every move, then I should just put myself in the Penalty box and never come out. If I want this so bad, then I have to stop talking about it, go out there and win it so I guess the only person that could stop me from walking out of Deadline, the Iron Survivor is the person I am looking at.

Astrid’s Point 

I loved how simple and short these profiles on the women were during the episode even though I don’t think they were needed as we already knew about each of their characters before the match. My favorite was Roxanne’s as it definitely showed her as a top contender to win.

WWE Photo

Isla Dawn vs. Thea Hail (With Andre Chase & Duke Hudson)

Thea was backstage with Andre Chase and Duke Hudson; she apologizes to Andre for his loss earlier but she has been informed she has a match. Duke asks her who is the match against, Thea tells them she’s going against Isla Dawn. Duke is concerned about it, Thea tells him she knows Isla is super scary but she’s ready. Duke asks Andre to support him, Andre tells him that Thea can do it, Duke asks him to reconsider which causes Andre to get agitated as he says Thea can do it. Thea is pumped for the match, she leaves to get ready, Duke doesn’t think he made the right call perhaps due to his earlier loss.

WWE Photo

They lock up until Isla has Thea against the ropes, taking advantage of the count from the referee, Thea goes right after Isla who takes her down, kicking her back. Thea goes for a shot, but Isla responds right away then does an uppercut. Isla runs to Thea with the double knees, Isla looks over to Andre and Duke as Andre realizes the trouble Thea is in. Isla attempts a submission, Thea wiggling out, Isla knees her back until she’s about to lock in the submission.

WWE Photo

As Thea is screaming in pain, Isla locks in the submission even further. Thea attempts to get out of it, Isla takes her down to the mat while still holding her in the submission. Isla is smiling at Andre while still keeping the submission, Thea is able to get out of it. As Isla pulls Thea towards her, Thea ducks, holds Isla in place to take a shot. Isla goes to take one herself, but Thea held her hand and took a shot instead. Thea takes a few shots, Isla is in a corner, she runs towards Thea, but Hail goes after her with a clothesline.

WWE Photo

Isla in a corner, Thea goes after her followed by a suplex. Thea is fired up by the ropes, landing a back centon on Isla. Thea kicks her midsection, while going for her next move, Isla breaks it up, Thea landing on the mat. Isla kicks Thea then plans Thea with her finisher as she stares at Andre and Duke. Isla once again goes for her finisher while staring at them followed by a pin and Isla is victorious.

WWE Photo

As Isla is taking in her win, there is smoke and fire by the ring, Alba appears behind her, attacking Isla as multiple referees try to separate them. Isla goes to splash Alba with the poison mist, but it hits a referee instead, one of them realizes as they check on him.

Astrid’s Point 

First, I liked that Andre was able to realize that Duke was looking out for Thea and how Isla was staring at them as did her finisher to Thea. It was a nice debut for Isla, giving her a victory to start and show she mixes it with this roster.

Lyra Valkyria Promo 

“According to the legend, the Morrigan would take the form for a crow. She would foretell who would be victorious in a battle. I have earned a feather for every battle I’ve won. There comes a time when a bird stops circling its prey, when it should be swift and decisive. This is my home now.”

Astrid’s Point 

I am intrigued when Lyra says she has earned a feather for every battle she has won, I am looking forward to her debut next week and how she faces too.

Indi Hartwell vs. Wendy Choo vs. Fallon Henley – Winner Gets Final Spot In The Iron Survivor Challenge 

WWE Photo

As Fallon is backstage with Briggs and Jensen, Brooks opens the envelope G had placed in the pocket of his flannel. Jensen says the invitation is a VIP ticket to Deadline, Fallon told him Kiana isn’t winning the Iron Survivor Challenge match, Briggs told Jensen he pissed off Fallon to which he replies, “she performs better when she’s pissed off.”

Indi kicks Wendy then focuses on Fallon, taking her down then doing the same to Wendy. Indi goes to take down Fallon again but instead Fallon reverses it with a roll up pin. Wendy and Fallon both kick Indi. Wendy has a head lock on Fallon, taking her down to the mat until Indi arrives with a roll up on Wendy. Fallon and Wendy drop kick Indi. We are shown Toxic Attraction is watching the match from the Toxic Lounge.

Wendy is setting up a crucifix pin, Indi rolls her over, so she pins both Fallon and Wendy simultaneously. As Wendy and Fallon are getting up, they are faced with a double clothesline from Indi. Fallon is in a corner, Indi hits with her a clothesline, runs to the opposite corner to do the same to Wendy. Indi is going for a swinging neck breaker, Wendy is able to push her to avoid it, Fallon arrives with a kick to Indi followed by a pin attempt.

WWE Photo

Fallon goes after Wendy who hits her with a jaw breaker, they trade shots, Fallon knees Wendy’s midsection, wrapping her arms around Wendy’s waist as she fights it. Wendy reverses it, pushing Fallon to the ropes, hitting Indi in the process who then falls outside. Wendy uses the momentum against Fallon to roll her up as Wendy is getting up, she takes out Indi again.

Wendy does a low kick to Fallon, runs to a corner to run to Fallon with a kick then pushes Fallon away from her. Wendy runs to hit Fallon with her side centon but Fallon had moved, kicking Wendy following with a pin attempt that is broken up by Indi. Fallon kicks Indi, Fallon goes to focus on Wendy who wraps her arms around Fallon’s waist, setting up her move, Fallon wraps her legs around Indi’s neck, reversing both of their moves and taking down Indi and Wendy.

WWE Photo

Fallons runs and slides under the bottom rope to take a shot at Wendy, Indi takes Fallon down with a big boot. Wendy is climbing to the top rope, Indi sweeps her foot as Wendy is hanging from there, Indi is kicking her several times. Indi picks up Fallon, drives her onto Wendy while she’s hanging upside down.

Indi kicks Wendy several times again, runs towards her but Wendy kicked her away, Fallon comes from behind to roll up Indi. Fallon takes turns giving shots to Indi and Wendy followed by a clothesline to Wendy and a kick to Indi. Wendy is in a corner, Indi laying in front of her, Fallons runs to hit Indi with a back elbow then runs again to hit Indi with a face buster followed by a pin attempt, Wendy breaks it up.

WWE Photo

Wendy holds Fallon by her hair to take a shot at her, Fallon responds then Wendy slaps her, Fallon slaps her too. They are trading forearm shots until Indi hits one on Wendy, Fallon chops Indi then Wendy does too. Indi kicks Wendy’s midsection then hits an elbow to her back then takes a shot at Fallon. Indi pulls Wendy outside, placing Fallon on the apron, she hits her with an uppercut then a kick then hits Wendy with an uppercut.

Wendy takes down Indi then pushes Fallon to the ropes, when she bounces back, Wendy takes her down on the mat with a belly-to-belly toss. Wendy does a cartwheel, hitting Indi with a back elbow as she is standing in a corner then pushes her towards the center of the ring. Wendy goes after Indi who catches her with a spine buster and pin attempt that is broken by Fallon.

Indi pulls Fallon to a corner, Fallon elbows her then climbs the ropes, Indi takes a shot at her. Indi has Fallon set up, Wendy runs to them, pulling Indi down for a tower of doom. Wendy pins Fallon, getting frustrated when she kicks out. Wendy has Fallon set up but is surprised with a kick from Indi who then picks up Fallon, Henley wraps her around Indi’s torso for a crucifix pin. Indi goes after Fallon, she pulls down the ropes, Indi lands outside.

WWE Photo

Wendy kicks Fallon’s midsection, followed by a brain buster and pin attempt. Wendy is visibly frustrated, climbs to the top rope, hitting Fallon with a splash, goes to pin her but Indi pushes Wendy outside, hitting Fallon with her running back elbow followed by a pin and victory.

WWE Photo

After the match, Toxic Attraction is discussing the competitors for the Iron Survivor, Jacy asks if they are going to Deadline to which Mandy tells her that they are. “You got five women fighting over the chance to face me, can’t miss that.” Indi responds, “It’s going to be me.”

Indi tells her Mandy, “Saturday is my day, the other 364 days of the year they can go everyone else. But Saturday is my day. For months, everybody has been wondering who’s the woman who is going to take the NXT Women’s Title from you. You are looking at her. You know what I can do, you just saw it and you’ll see it again for 25 minutes or for however long I am in that match at Deadline. Sit in your lounge, front row, watch it on Peacock, doesn’t matter to me because once the clock runs out on that match, the clock starts ticking down on the end of your title reign.”

Astrid’s Point 

I enjoyed the match but once I noticed Indi was not the main focus, I realized she was probably going to win it out of nowhere. I was hoping she would have pinned Wendy instead though as I have felt Fallon had been performing well lately and didn’t need to lose. I appreciate Indi’s confidence when she was talking to Mandy but her made didn’t make any sense though. I am curious as to Fallon’s direction after the match and how it’ll go between Kiana and Jensen going forward.

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