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NXT – February 14

Brooks Jensen & Kiana James – Valentine’s Day 

“You like her, she likes you, what’s the problem?” Brooks asks Briggs backstage before his date with Kiana. “You’re 22, there’s plenty of 22-year-olds that have never hit the home run,” Brooks says, “I’ve never been on base.” Brooks doesn’t want Briggs to say he’s shocked that he’s never kissed a woman. Briggs tells Brooks the 90/10 strategy—he goes 90%, she goes 10% for the kiss. Briggs shows Brooks the 90% while Brooks goes for his 10%. Fallon interrupts to ask what’s going on, and Briggs explains. Fallon tells him about Kiana’s phone call, but it goes awry. “If it happens, which it might not, when you walk Kiana to her door, if she plays with her keys, that means she wants a kiss,” Fallon advised.

Backstage, Briggs asks Fallon if she’s proud of Brooks while she checks her phone. She says she must tell him, Briggs asks, and they leave.

As Kiana thanks him and plays with her keys, Brooks stumbles over his date talk. Fallon interrupts their kiss, “She’s cheating, ruining your night. Kiana won’t tell you.” Fallon explains the phone call, Kiana says she loves Zack but that’s her brother. Kiana asks Fallon, “Fallon, when are you actually going to start to trust me?” when Zack leaves. Fallon apologizes to Brooks before leaving Kiana’s house.

Astrid’s Point 

It was funny seeing Briggs teach Brooks a strategy to kiss Kiana and also having Fallon give him advice. I wonder what’s next for Fallon and Kiana’s team after this happened as I had an idea Zack would actually be her brother, not anyone she was dating.

WWE Photo

Jacy Jayne Promo 

“Last week was the end of the Toxic Attraction story and the start of the Jacy Jayne story, and now it’s all about me and the boot because NXT has been talking about me for seven days. Roxanne Perez, Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, and Gigi Dolin, no way. Everyone’s talking about Jacy Jayne. Me! I only regret not stomping Gigi Dolin sooner. I’ve watched the footage a thousand times, but what’s better? 1,001. Let’s review.”

Jacy cheers as she watches last week’s footage and Vengeance Day’s build.

WWE Photo

“Boo-hoo! Did you really kick her that hard? I did. Because you all want to sit here, and pretend Gigi was the victim? But anyone with two brain cells—which, unfortunately, eliminates everyone in this building—understands that I am the real victim. Gigi, you’re done taking credit for half the work. Jannette—Gigi. Since your security blanket—me—is gone, everyone will see you for who you are. No more fixing your mistakes. Gigi, enough about her. Chucky’s irrelevant. But I want everyone in this building and everyone watching at home to listen carefully because this will be my most important speech. Sorry! Since Toxic Attraction formed two years ago, you’ve seen me as the outsider. I’m the third wheel—which one’s different? Why does Jacy Jayne exist? Toxic Attraction became WWE’s most dominant female faction. The last woman is…”

Astrid’s Point

I don’t know how to feel about this promo as I love how confident Jacy sounded but she said too much, when the promo continues with the “you people” line, it becomes a repeat of what we’ve heard before. I do hope she’s able to address herself in less than this and how Gigi will respond.

Look who just arrived @satomurameiko — NXT Anonymous (@NXT_Anonymous) February 14, 2023

NXT Anonymous Tweet 

Commentary acknowledges this tweet from the NXT Anonymous account, Meiko arriving to the States to team with Roxanne.

Astrid’s Point

I’ve been curious about Anonymous as they haven’t stated what their intent is with the account so far and not much had happened until this tweet.

WWE Photo

Tiffany Stratton v Thea Hail 

Duke Hudson and Andre Chase join Thea backstage before the match. Duke touches her shoulder, startling her after last week’s Ava Raine incident. He tells her she can tell them about Schism last week whenever she feels comfortable. Andre supports it and suggests pushing Tiffany’s match to next week to make sure she’s ready, but Thea says she can’t back out or Schism wins, which isn’t Chase U. “Hi fear, I’m Thea. You’ll get an Andre Chase University-sized smack tonight “she leaves to enter.

WWE Photo

Tiffany controls Thea’s arm until Thea reverses it and takes her down. Thea drop kicks Tiffany and goes to her corner to cheer on Andre and Duke until she sees Schism members in the crowd. Tiffany kicks Thea, who rolls up, but Tiffany kicks out immediately.

Tiffany stops Thea’s arm drag and takes her down, her head hitting the mat. Tiffany kicks her twice and pulls her to a corner, but Thea kicks Tiffany instead as Tiffany runs to her. Thea goes under the middle rope on the apron and sees Joe Gacy in a yellow mask. She’s terrified because of what happened to her last week. “Go away,” Thea pleads. Tiffany hits her behind, Thea falls outside.

WWE Photo

Tiffany pins her inside. Tiffany hits Thea’s back picks her up, and throws her outside, where she stands on the apron and pulls her toward the middle rope. Tiffany attempts a standing moonsault and pin with ropes. Tiffany is frustrated and holds Thea in a headlock until she can get out, then shoots her twice in the chest and rolls outside. Thea is furious. Thea dives onto Tiffany and brings her into the ring, fired up, but she turns to see Ava Raine in the audience with a yellow mask and enters the ring frightened.

Tiffany chases Thea, but Thea pushes Tiffany to the ropes and sets up a roll up as Tiffany kicks out, landing on the middle rope. Tiffany runs the ropes to hit her with a hip attack, picks her up on her shoulders, and drops her in the middle of the ropes as she goes for her moonsault finisher and a pin attempt for the win.

WWE Photo

Thea is holding her knees to her chest, cradling back and forth as Andre and Duke are checking on her.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point

I wasn’t a fan of Thea starting by taking control of Tiffany who is such more powerful and stronger than Thea. I did love Thea’s facial expression and show of her fear through the match as she saw the members of Schism, I hope we are able to see later on what they did to her to understand her fear.

Sol Ruca Promo 

Sol reveals her life: “Being in the ring allows me to be creative spirit and that’s who I am.” “My parents gave me freedom. We agreed that I could do anything if I got a college scholarship. In high school, I would text my mom, “Hey, can you get me out of class?” to go snowboarding or to the beach. she’ll let you out if your grades are good. I tried gymnastics, snowboarding, skateboarding, guitar, and photography. Everyone is afraid of making mistakes, but nobody is perfect. The Sol Snatcher sucked during practice. I did it every day—ask Zoey Stark how good it is now. I lost to Zoey, but I’ll try again.”

Astrid’s Point

I liked having insight into Sol’s character but is it really smart to give idea to young people to skip school? I’m looking forward to what the next one is like.

Diamond Mine Segment 

Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley are training when Javier Bernal interrupts them with a once-in-a-lifetime offer: Will Tatum be her Javi Time? He laughs at her and offers Ivy Nile the same. Ivy lets go when Tatum shows her Isla’s voice coming through a speaker.

“Ivy Nile—ironic. To protect Tatum, you bring chains to the ring. Tatum, I can tell you’re feeling Ivy’s weight. I suppose it’s safer to be chained than free.” Ivy asks Tatum if she’ll listen and if she’s doing the same. Tatum says, “Nope. Don’t understand.”

Astrid’s Point

I am enjoying the mind games from Isla, makes me wonder if Tatum is the one behind Nikkita’s attack. It was also funny seeing Javier being a part of this segment as him and Tatum are dating in real life.

WWE Photo

Roxanne Perez (c) & Meiko Satomura vs. Katana Chance & Kayden Carter

Roxanne and Meiko prepare when Kayden and Katana arrive. Kayden admits, “We were a little aggressive last week.” “Yeah, we were mad because we got screwed out of the titles,” Katana says. Kayden says, “You know? Sorry.” Roxanne asks, “Apology accepted but are you guys saying that you don’t want this match nor or?” “Kayden,” “We didn’t say that. We want this match. Who wouldn’t fight the Final Boss?” “Yeah, we’ll bring it tonight just know it’ll be an honor,” Katana says as they bow and leave.

Roxanne thanks Meiko for helping her. “I have reasons,” Meiko says.

Roxanne and Kayden lock up until Roxanne pushes her toward the ropes, Kayden tackles her, runs the ropes, and instead of leapfroging, she turns Roxanne and stomps her, then tags in Katana. Kayden pushes Roxanne to the ropes as Katana slides in and out to sweep her off her feet, kicks her, and uses the ropes for a sault and pin attempt.

Katana has Roxanne in an arm lock and pulls her to the ropes, but she uses the middle rope to jump back as Roxanne comes behind her and goes underneath Katana as she jumps, Katana bounces off the ropes for a head scissors, and Roxanne lands on her feet. Katana knocks Roxanne down and holds her until she’s in her corner. Katana tries to pin Kayden. Roxanne reverses Kayden’s arm and wrist locks and tags Meiko.

WWE Photo

Kayden breaks free as Meiko enters the match, they shake hands, Kayden goes to lock up but Meiko kicks her, Kayden backs up but kicks her own until Meiko catches her leg, taps it, and lets it go. Kayden chops her, Meiko kicks her twice and uppercuts her, and Kayden falls into a corner. Katana chases Meiko until Roxanne releases her and gives her an uppercut. Meiko and Roxanne run to their opponents and simultaneously uppercut them, then reverse and do it again. They bring Katana and Kayden to the center of the ring and hit them with uppercuts again. The ladies fall outside. Meiko clotheslines Kayden while Roxanne dives onto Katana.

WWE Photo

Roxanne reverses Katana’s abdominal stretch submission, and Katana hits her with a low double kick and pin attempt. Katana drags Roxanne to her corner and tags Kayden, who reverses Katana’s submission into a pin. Kayden chases Roxanne and hits her with a jaw breaker, almost landing by Meiko. She is spooked and focuses on Roxanne, who crawls to tag Meiko.

Meiko has an arm lock on Kayden, keeping her in place while she kicks her, sweeps her off her feet, and follows it with a standing knee strike. Instead of going for the pin, she runs to Katana to take her down, then focuses on knee strikes to Kayden, who wiggles out and hits Meiko with elbow strikes. Kayden runs to the ropes, Meiko kicks her, Kayden ducks, Meiko recovers and hits her with another strike and pin attempt.

WWE Photo

Meiko picks up Kayden, drops her, and tags in Roxanne, who stomps and hits Kayden with her standing sault before Katana breaks the pin. Roxanne has Kayden, they fight until Roxanne bounces off the ropes, Kayden picks her up, Roxanne hits her with the head scissors, Russian leg sweep combo, Kayden blocked her and hit her in the midsection. Kayden holds Roxanne’s arms back and hits her with a close clothesline that knocks her down the second time. Kayden kicks Roxanne and tags in Katana, who stomps on Roxanne while Kayden holds her in place for a pin.

Roxanne tries to push Katana over her head, but when her second attempt fails, she hits her with the Russian leg sweep and tags in Meiko. Satomura grabs Katana, who wiggles out, turns it into a pin, and hits Meiko with a code breaker. Katana chases Meiko, who elbows her in the face and takes down Kayden. As Kayden tags in, Meiko hits Katana with elbows to the neck while on the top rope. Roxanne runs to her partner, Katana kicks and dives onto her while Kayden takes care of Meiko, Katana tags herself in. Katana runs, Kayden helps her wrap her legs around Meiko’s neck for a pin.

WWE Photo

Katana climbs the post, Kayden tags herself in, Kayden holds Satomura in place, Meiko fights back, and Katana hits her crossbody and lands on her feet. Meiko kicks her, runs the ropes, hits her with a double knee strike to the back, Kayden kicks her, Meiko wiggles out, Kayden hits her with a forearm strike, Meiko takes her down with a pele kick, tags in Roxanne. Pop Rock and Perez defeat Kayden.

After the match, Meiko says, “I did something for you, so, now, I would like you to do something for me,” pointing to the NXT Women’s Championship. As she raises the championship, Roxanne says, “It would be my honor.”

Astrid’s Point

I enjoyed the match as I love seeing the innovative offense from Kayden and Katana, they’re a great team together. I am glad they showed them apologizing last week as it did not make sense to me for them to have that attitude towards Roxanne when she wasn’t involved in their loss. I am very much looking forward to Meiko v Roxanne for the championship too as it would help Roxanne’s credibility as a champion too.


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