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NXT – February 7 

Fallon Henley & Kiana James Segments

Fallon greets Kiana and says, “Kiana, I watched the match back and you cheated, you held her feet down.” “Kiana,” “The referee and you didn’t see me cheat. What, return the titles? Fallon—we won. Champion for the first time.” “Yes, and it’s great but we’ll give them a rematch,” says Fallon. Kiana says, “”We can discuss that,” Fallon says, “Okay, well, you know what’s not up for discussion? Do you or I tell Brooks, who was on the phone, that we’re champions?” “Kiana” “You keep returning. Nobody.” Fallon laments, “You called nobody. Should I tell him now?” Kiana tells her to wait, Fallon opens a door, Briggs and Jensen had set up a surprise celebration, and many people yelled “surprise” when Fallon turned on the light.

“Kiana” “I’m amazed, Brooks. You’re adorable.” “I want to make it special for your first championship and because you’re very special to me,” he says. “Hey, Brooks,” says Fallon. “Kiana” “I did, Fallon. I thank Brooks and Briggs for this party.”

“You guys didn’t have to do this,” Fallon tells Briggs and Jensen later. “We didn’t have to,” Briggs says. “Listen, Brooks,” Fallon says. “Great,” he says. They argue over who speaks first until Briggs tells him to. “Kiana and I, Valentine’s date next week!” Kiana arrives when Fallon speaks, and seeing Jensen’s joy, Fallon says, “Thank you for everything. Thanks! “Fallon shakes her head at Kiana.

Astrid’s Point 

I thought the cheating aspect wouldn’t have come up until a bit later, but I did expect Kiana’s reply when she asked Fallon if she would like to return the titles. I am expecting Fallon to interrupt the date somehow.

Sol Ruca v Zoey Stark 

They lock up, but Zoey knees Sol’s midsection and takes Sol’s arm. Zoey pulls Sol to a corner, she bounces over her, does a cartwheel, runs over to her with an arm drag, and Zoey pushes her toward the ropes, pushing her to run the ropes and tackle her.

Zoey grabs Sol’s arm, but Sol hits a facebuster. Sol clotheslines Zoey outside, her right foot landing on the apron. She pulls herself, does a split on the apron to avoid Zoey, and kicks her as she turns around to face her.

Sol pulls Zoey into the ring and tries to pull her away from the ropes, but Zoey grabs the top rope and hits Sol with a forearm shot to the face. Zoey pulls Sol to a corner, her back hitting the turnbuckle, then pulls her away and back to the corner again. Zoey knocks Sol down, runs to the ropes, and tries a low clothesline and pin.

Sol tries to release Zoey, but she holds on. Sol shoots Zoey, who knees Sol’s face. Sol reverses it and wraps her legs around Zoey’s arms to pin her. Sol faces Zoey’s hard clothesline and pin attempt.

Zoey punches Sol’s face twice, then Sol hits her with a forearm to the face. Zoey pulls Sol to a corner, goes for a splash, but Sol moves to avoid her. Zoey hits Sol, but Sol jumps off the ropes with a shoulder tackle.

Sol hits Zoey with a double forearm shot and a dropkick, then cartwheels to her and splashes her. Zoey elbows Sol and he picks her up. Zoey kicks Sol falls through the middle rope and lands on the apron, Sol tackles her twice, then bounces off the top rope with a splash, hitting Sol’s abdomen with her knees. Zoey picks up Sol, puts her on the middle rope, and pins her for the win.

Zoey is on the attack after the match, she places Sol on the middle rope, she has enough time to hit Zoey with her finisher – Sol Snatcher – before she’s able to escape.

Astrid’s Point 

I really thought Sol was going to win the match but still she was showcased in a great way during this match, she looked like a star and she’s continuing to grow.

Isla Dawn (with Alba Fyre) v Tatum Paxley 

Ivy Nile, Tatum Paxley, and the Creeds are in the hospital. Ivy should be okay by the end of the week. Isla announces, “Why were you lurking in the parking lot two weeks ago? Tatum, you crossed raindrops. You’re a lone wolf who hunted Nikkita, not Diamond Mine.” Tatum argues, “I didn’t attack Nikkita—I did film study with the Creeds, Ivy and I trained, and I needed air at night. Nikkita was down when I arrived.” “You know, an innocent person would have just said no,” Isla says, laughing. “I didn’t do it,” Tatum says defensively when Brutus says, “If you did it.” “I believe you,” Ivy interrupts.

Tatum reverses until Isla pushes him away. Tatum reverses Isla’s arm, runs to the ropes, uses Isla’s knee to catapult herself and bounce off the ropes, then hits an elbow to Isla’s face and pins her. Tatum is distracted by Alba at ringside, Isla kicks her who goes to take control of Tatum but she’s able to create separation, Isla kicks her but Tatum holds her leg and attempts to take her down, then Isla hits her with a leg drop.

Isla lifts Tatum by the hair and throws her over the ropes. Isla then knees Tatum and attempts a pin. Isla stomps Tatum’s face, taking her to the ropes and holding her hair as the referee counts to five. Tatum hits Isla’s midsection again, and Isla grabs her hair again. Isla fights again until Tatum hits her with a jaw breaker. She runs toward Tatum, who elbows her and attempts a roll-up pin.

Isla hits Tatum’s face, she goes for another shot, but Tatum hits her instead, she continues until Isla is leaning on the ropes, Tatum pulls her to the ropes as she is running, hits her with a back elbow, tight clothesline, and step up enzuiguri. Tatum runs to Isla, gets kicked, avoids a clothesline, and kicks her for a gut wrench suplex and pin attempt.

Paxley climbs the ropes for a cross body, but Isla moves and hits her finisher and pin attempt for the win. Ivy enters with a chain and Isla and Alba leave.

Astrid’s Point 

It was interesting seeing Isla target Tatum over the Nikkita attack and I loved seeing Isla and Alba together, I’m thinking Ivy and Tatum will take on Isla and Alba sometime soon.

Roxanne Perez Interview 

Roxanne is asked about how she felt after her first title defense, “A relief, I put a lot of pressure on myself to win, it was my first title defense, we were on the road, on a Premium Live Event and I couldn’t let Toxic Attraction claim this. I am just ready and excited for what’s next.” McKenzie is about to ask about Roxanne’s next challenge when they’re interrupted by Kayden Carter and Katana Chance.

“Must be nice walking in and out Charlotte with a championship,” Kayden says as Katana continues, “We got screwed.” Roxanne tells them, “I saw that, sorry, guys. But you guys will get it back. You are too god not to.” Kayden responds, “Are we, Roxanne? Do you know if we will have a rematch? Is the champ gonna make sure that happens?” Roxanne asks, “What’s your problem?” Katana says, “We got cheated and nobody is talking about it.”

Kayden agrees, “Yeah, it’s not like you’ll understand anyways, it’s not like you have friends here.” Roxanne replies, “I have no friends?” Katana tells her, “Being in a tag team takes commitment,” Roxanne interrupts her, “Yeah, I know that, I was a tag team champion.” Kayden interrupts, “Yeah, how did that work out for you?” Roxanne says, “You know what? Why don’t I make a phone call and show you guys that I do have friends.” Katana says, “We’ll see about that,” as they both exit.

Astrid’s Point 

I wondered why Katana and Kayden went after Roxanne because if they’re turning heel, this didn’t seem like a great way to do so. To me, they could easily be in the main roster, going against Damage CTRL, I can already see them losing to Roxanne and Meiko.

Tiffany Stratton and Thea Hail Segment 

“I saw your TikTok about Chase U,” Thea tells Tiffany, who is applying makeup in the mirror. Tiffany says, “Another follower! Thanks.” “Thea,” “Question. What’s wrong with Chase U? It’s a fun university. People are nice. I like red and black. Classes are hard, but not too hard. “I forgot my John Cana road to WrestleMania essay,” she shocks Tiffany.”

Tiffany says, “Go! Thea shocks her again “Tomorrow’s deadline! I can still submit it.” Tiffany shouts, “Okay, so then, why are you still breathing my air?” “Well,” says Thea. Tiffany interjects, “You know? I’ll speak now. Tacky Chase U. It’s cringeworthy. Chase U is hated and never visited.”

“Professor Shelby told me to breathe three times when I get angry,” Thea says, breathing as Tiffany says, “What are you-” and Thea yells, “Stop! Blondie, you care about yourself, your things, your fancy hair, nails, make-up, cars, and everything about you, but I care about Chase U. We welcome all. If you don’t like that, I have two words for you.” Tiffany guesses, “Chase U?” Thea says, “No, suck it!” as she gestures.” Tiffany says, “You’re rude.” Tiffany doesn’t seem to care when Ava Raine covers Thea’s mouth and pulls her away.

Later, during the Pretty Deadly v Chase U match, Duke catches Thea as she is screaming about Ava’s abduction, distracting Andre Chase and causing their loss. “They’re coming for me,” Thea screams.

Astrid’s Point 

I never thought I’d see a segment with Thea and Tiffany, it was funny that Tiffany ignored the noise after Thea left.

Valentina Feroz (with Wendy Choo) v Lyra Valkyria 

After Lyra takes Valentina down, Valentina reverses it and takes Lyra down. Lyra kicks up, sweeps Valentina, and tries to pin her.

Valentina stops Lyra from cornering her and pins her. Valentina takes Lyra down twice, Lyra kicks her, pulls her to the ropes, Valentina returns with a cross body, but Lyra catches her and reverses it to a submission, which Lyra turns into a Northern Light Suplex bridge pin attempt.

Elektra arrives as Lyra submits Valentina with elbows on her neck. Valentina reverses it, Lyra lands on her feet, they bounce off the ropes, Valentina has Lyra in a headlock, Lyra pushes Valentina off, Lyra leapfrogs, Valentina goes for the head scissors.

Valentina pulls Lyra from the corner, Lyra pulls Valentina instead, Valentina pulls her leg to stop herself from hitting the turnbuckle, they both end up headbutting each other, Elektra slides the brass knuckles to Valentina, who grabs them and puts them in her arm, Wendy telling her not to do it, Lyra hits Valentina with an enzuigiri and a kick, followed by a pin attempt and wins. Wendy assists Valentina in the ring.

Astrid’s Point 

I enjoyed the story telling between Elektra and Valentina, seeing Wendy and Elektra at ringside felt like that angel and demon scenario in the cartoons, I would like to see the moment in which Valentina does decide to use the brass knuckles and gains that victory.

Roxanne Perez Interview

Roxanne is leaving the venue, she is asked about her partner next week, she said, “Actually, I just got off the phone with her right now. Next week, Kayden and Katana will be facing the team of myself and Meiko Satomura, see you guys’ next week.”

Astrid’s Point 

I am glad Meiko is returning next week, she has been missed and I would like to see how she continues to be a part of the roster moving forward.

Bayley’s Ding Dong Hello with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne 

Bayley introduces both ladies with the Toxic Attraction theme song, and Jacy tells Gigi to give her space before she enters the ring and side eyes her.

Bayley asks, “What happened Saturday?” “Great question Bayley, what happened Saturday Gigi?” asks Jacy. “Tell me, Jacy,” Gigi says.

Gigi says Roxanne beat Jacy, so Jacy cost her the championship. Jacy says, “Saturday, you were supposed to be behind me, you were not being a team player, we were supposed to be a tea, we were holding hands then you magically slipped away.” “If I had won that tile, you would have sunk into obscurity and you know it,” Gigi says. Jacy says, “I don’t need you, I’m a start all on my own and by the way, your gear on Saturday, you looked like a hobo who banged a Chucky doll.” Gigi said, “I’m surprised you noticed my gear while staring at the lights. Jacy Jayne position.”

Bayley interrupts, “The split seems natural. Before you split up, have you considered what you would do? How about as individuals?” “The sky is the limit for me,” said Gigi, who hasn’t considered it. “Obviously,” says Jacy. Bayley asks, “Don’t you think it’s easier and quicker and a lot better if you were to do that with a ride or die by your side, someone who knows you in and out, with someone who would do anything for you that has the same goals as you, you know?”

Gigi says, “For almost three years, Toxic Attraction has been my life, but I have isolated myself from the locker room. Everyone hates me.” Jacy adds, “How do they view me if everyone hates you? I call people munchkins, idiots, disgusting, sickening, and more. Bayley, you know numbers matter. Damage CTRL is dominating the world.” “You guys need to think about that,” Bayley says. “I need somebody I can trust, that’s going to have my back,” Gigi says. “Someone who has been through the wringer,” Jacy says.

Jacy says, “She targets the jugular. We can either split up and see what happens or try again.” Gigi asks if it’s for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships, “Or… No offense, Bayley, but what if we take the run at the Damage CTRL and the WWE Women’s Tag Titles?” Bayley stops them and tells them to hug. Jacy hugs Gigi raises her arm, and kicks her, yelling, “Never about us! Me!” She then slaps, throws, and kicks her to end the show.

Astrid’s Point 

I loved this segment from the inclusion of Bayley to Toxic Attraction having their sights set on Damage CTRL which I would have loved to see. However, the ending was beautifully done, I am looking forward to seeing how these two works against each other in the end.

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