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NXT – January 31

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Zoey Stark vs. Indi Hartwell 

Before the match begins, Indi is shown backstage with Sol Ruca, Arianna Grace, Valentina Feroz and a few other ladies, discussing her experience being in the Royal Rumble over the weekend. “I hope you guys can experience the Royal Rumble like I did, being out there in front of 50,000 people…” she is interrupted when Zoey asks one of the ladies to move, Indi says, “Look, who it is. It’s the woman who attacked Nikkita Lyons and she was also in the Royal Rumble, but you might not remember.”

Zoey replies, “First of all, if I attacked Nikkita Lyons, all of you here would know that I would have the guts to say that I actually did that. Also, why are you holding court about the Royal Rumble, were you even in it? Because I was in there for half an hour so I must have blinked and you were out of there, oh wait, right, it’s coming back to me, you were making that ridiculous point to the WrestleMania sign, a place that you’ll never go.” Indi responds, “It was actually a thumbs up.”

Zoey interrupts, “It was a thumbs up, ladies. You can stick that thumb right up your…” Sol stands up for Indi. “I thought the thumbs up was sick and if I remember correctly, Indi beat you the last time you guys had a one-on-one match ” she says. “Sol, why are you always in everybody’s business, look, stay out of mine if you know what’s good for you and Indi, I’m taking you on tonight, we’ll see how long you really last.” Zoey walks away, Indi tells Sol, “Good job remembering that,” as she gives her a thumbs up.

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Indi corners Zoey until the referee breaks them up, pushing Indi away. Indi pushes Zoey, who swings and misses as Indi ducked her, chops her and hits her with a forearm and several shots, pulls her to the ropes, and Zoey holds on as she is about to bounce back and slide under the bottom rope.

Indi chases Zoey until she enters the ring, but she sees Zoey coming at her with an elbow drop and slides out again, Zoey’s elbow hitting the mat. Indi pulls Zoey outside and tackles her twice before entering the ring.

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Indi grabs Zoey by the hair, hits her with an uppercut and a kick, and tries to pin her. Indi picks up Zoey for two clotheslines, then goes for a third, but Zoey wraps her arms around Indi’s waist, racking her eyes, and puts her down as she runs the ropes for a low clothesline and pin attempt.

Zoey has Indi in a submission, but Indi breaks it by throwing her over her head. Zoey returns with a chop, Indi returns the favor, they do it again, then Zoey kicks Indi in the midsection, pulling Indi to a corner and hitting the turnbuckle. Indi pulls Zoey, she reverses it, Zoey’s back hits the turnbuckle again, Indi picks her up for a sidewalk slam and pin attempt.

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Indi has Zoey standing on the apron, leaning over the middle rope. She attempts an uppercut, but Zoey dodges it and pulls her hair back as she falls. Zoey slams and pins with ropes. Holding Indi’s head, she shoots. Indi fights back and tackles Zoey toward the turnbuckles, but Zoey still has a submission. Indi tackles Zoey again until she’s free.

Indi runs to Zoey, she kicks Indi, they trade shots, Indi kicks Zoey and hits an elbow to her back until she falls, then hits her with clotheslines, a spine buster, and a pin attempt. Zoey hits Indi with a roundhouse kick, German suplex, and pin attempt in a corner. Zoey wraps her arms around Indi, who pulls her over her head to create separation. Zoey runs after her and they have a back-and-forth until Zoey has Indi hoisted on her shoulders, but she’s able to wiggle out and push Zoey to a corner. Indi chases her, but Zoey pushes her over the top rope.

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Zoey goes after Indi who is able to take a shot at Zoey, Indi is on the top rope, Zoey moves it, so Indi falls on the mat, Zoey sets her up with her finisher and pin attempt for the victory. Zoey attacks Indi after the match, Sol Ruca arrives to save Indi as Zoey slides out of the ring.

Astrid’s Point 

I liked the match but I expected more from both of them, the chemistry wasn’t there for this one unfortunately, I did love having them discuss the Royal Rumble and not pretend they weren’t part of it.

Nikkita’s Attacker

Nikkita’s tweet is shown on screen regarding her surgery being successful then McKenzie begins to break down the footage of the attack. She notes that Valentina Feroz is the first on screen, walking away then Dani Palmer, Arianna Grace and Performance Center talent Alexis Letty are going into the building followed by an unidentified woman who is driving away from the scene. Elektra Lopez and newcomer Lola Vice are close to Nikkita, Tiffany Stratton is seen looking through her bag on her car, McKenzie says, “Did Tiffany use something inside her bag to attack Nikkita?”

In the background, Zoey Stark is walking away, “Zoey Stark who many believe is a prime suspect, given the history between the former tag team partners.” She also zooms in to show Tatum Paxley in the far background and Lash Legend lurking in the shot. Lyra Valkyria and Indi Hartwell arrive to assist Nikkita then we are shown Wendy Choo observing the scene from inside the vehicle she’s in. “Right now, no one is taking credit or claiming responsibility for the attack.”

Astrid’s Point 

I really liked this analysis of all the ladies on scene during Nikkita’s attack, looking forward to seeing how this plays out and who will take credit for the attack.

Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre Promo 

“In my land, Imbolg is the beginning of spring. It is the time to exhale all that is behind us and to mark new beginning. Tonight, on the eve of Imbolg, we purge the constraints of the past, we purify the negative energy surrounding us, and we transfigure the uninitiated into members of this house. There has always been rage inside of you, you just needed a gentle nudge from me to reveal it,” Isla says as we see Alba beside her, “Join us as we let go of unbridled passion. As we shed our egos, as we relinquish our need to for control. These emotions no longer serve us.” We see Isla near the fire as we get footage from Alba last week, she repeats, “They no longer serve us,” and throws water into the fire. “And with this ritual, the initiation process has begun,” says Isla.

Astrid’s Point 

I love seeing them together, can’t wait to see how they work together as a team and if perhaps in the future, Alba will break away from her, my friend Ed made me realize the symbolism of Alba dumping the water on the fire to extinguish it.

Roxanne Perez, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne Interview

Vic congratulates Roxanne on being the youngest Royal Rumble competitor and asks how she likes the Alamodome. Roxanne says, “I’m overwhelmed and grateful. It was amazing to hear my music in front of over 50,000 people and make that long-awaited run.” Jacy interrupts Roxanne, “Incredible? “You mean incredibly pathetic, congratulations Roxanne, you win the Royal Rumble, but you didn’t,” she mocks. You’re losing your title at Vengeance Day, not WrestleMania.”

“Maybe Roxanne lost the Rumble because we put her ass through a table last week,” says Gigi. Jacy agrees “Did you see her face when she realized she was tricked? A deer in headlights. Don’t worry—Little Miss Perfect will soon be done.” “You two like to act like your best friends, but I know there’s a lot of truth behind everything you said to each other,” Roxanne says.

Gigi interrupts, “You never shot at Vengeance Day. Can you beat us?” Roxanne says, “You know how I’ll beat you?” Jacy interjects, “Saturday’s match has the same chance of winning as the Royal Rumble. 0%.” Gigi agrees. Jacy says, “Roxanne, you’re good and all but when you’re going up against the two baddest women in NXT—” Gigi adds, “you have no chance.”

Roxanne says, “Actually, I have more chance-” Jacy interjects, “Listen, kid. Eight months in NXT feels like jogging. You peaked at 21. It ends Saturday.” Roxanne says, “”But it’s not, but it is, but hey, at least you can go back to Texas and tell everyone you had a big cup of coffee in the big time, but you made one critical mistake,” Gigi says. You altered Toxic Attraction.”

Jacy says, “Positively, you can play What If. What if I didn’t punch up.” Roxanne says, “”Shut up Roxanne,” Jacy says. What if I behaved? Roxanne, Saturday is two against one.” “Your ride is over,” Gigi says.

Roxanne removes her microphone and walks away, visibly upset by Gigi and Jacy’s mockery of her for leaving and being their champion. “This is the next NXT Women’s Champion,” says Jacy. “Vic, I know you and Booker especially Booker are huge fans of Roxanne and you’re just trying to find a crack between us but there isn’t one,” Gigi says when Vic asks who will leave as champion since Roxanne won’t. Jacy says, “Toxic Attraction has ruled the NXT Women’s Division for almost two years, but they’ve taken a break the last six weeks. Order will return soon. Gigi and I will claim our place in NXT and reveal our true selves.”

“Long-awaited day. Roxanne started it. When I become NXT Women’s Champion at Vengeance Day, this division will return to the attraction “Gigi. Vic says, “Jacy, when Gigi just said -” Roxanne jumps both of them as they are separated by officials and coaches.

Astrid’s Point

I loved the back and forth between them especially when Gigi says she will be the champion and Jacy just gives her that look, showing the crack between them. I can’t wait to see this match, it’ll be amazing.

Fallon Henley & Kiana James Segment

Kiana is on the phone, she says, “I’ll see you there, Zack. I love you too, bye.” Fallon arrives to ask who it was on the phone, Kiana says, “No one, don’t worry about it.” Fallon says, “I knew you were going to do this. I knew you were going to break Brooks’ heart.” Katana and Kayden arrive to highlight the argument between them, Kiana says, “Don’t worry, the only sound that you two will be hearing is and new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.”

Katana says, “You guys have been a team for like a week, we’ve been tagging for years.” Fallon says, “Respectfully, Katana, we know, we get it, you guys are best friends. Now, we might not be as close as you two, but Saturday is the biggest match of my life, and I am going all out.” Fallon also tells Kiana, “Let’s stay focused on Saturday, but this conversation is not over.”

Astrid’s Point 

I do wonder why Fallon is so upset with Kiana during this, she could have been talking to her brother, father, anyone in her life named Zack, she just went to a conclusion right away, I would like to see how this unfolds later.

WWE Photo

Stevie Turner vs. Dani Palmer 

Dani tries a reversal, but Stevie has her arm locked in while she’s on the mat. Dani reverses, Stevie lets go of her arm, they lock up again, Stevie wraps her arms around Dani’s waist, Dani reverses, Stevie elbows her, and Dani lets go.

Stevie has a headlock on Dani, who uses her foot to force Stevie to kneel. Dani does a handstand to break free and runs toward Stevie, who moves out of the way. Stevie kicks Dani twice while she is hanging from the middle rope, hits her three times with her boot, runs the ropes to do a fourth one, and pushes Dani to the mat. Dani pushes Stevie, who kicks her back and breaks her neck.

WWE Photo

Stevie has Dani sitting on the mat, locks in a submission, Dani pulls Stevie over her head, Stevie runs towards her, but she elbows her, Stevie runs towards Dani, she ducked, Dani runs the ropes to return to Stevie with a clothesline, she does it again, she is about to do a third one, but Stevie pushes her and kicks her to stop her momentum. Dani hits Stevie with a jaw breaker, runs the ropes for a bench press, but Stevie holds on to her and pushes her to the other side of the ropes, where she meets Stevie’s punt kick, Stevie’s DDT and finisher, and her pin attempt.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point 

Stevie’s NXT debut was too short, and her finisher wasn’t great, reminding me of Lyra’s debut.


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