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Updated: Jul 29, 2023

NXT – June 27

Tiffany Stratton v Thea Hail – NXT Women’s Championship

Thea is really focused on Tiffany, barely giving her an opportunity to have an offense. Toward the end of the match, Thea has Tiffany in the Kimura Lock just as Gulak and Dempsey have the referee distracted. Tiffany taps which cause the audience to react, Tiffany is able to use the distraction to roll up Thea for the win. Duke is upset with Dempsey and Gulak, they attack him until Andre Chase arrives for the save.

Astrid’s Point

I had discussed this match with a friend and I mentioned perhaps Thea makes Tiffany tap out but the referee doesn’t see which is how the ending happened. Having Andre return at the right moment as now he can team up against Gulak and Dempsey while also dealing with Duke taking over as well. I enjoyed how much offense Thea gave during this match and we got to see a lot more from her than usual.

Dana Brooke & Kelani Jordan Segment

A clip from last week shows Dana being examined in the medical room following her match with Cora Jade. Dana remarks that she has seen Kelani train in the PC and that she can recognize a gymnast after Kelani introduces herself. Dana claims that having gymnastics experience is beneficial. She states that she would like to face Jordan once she has recovered.

Astrid’s Point

I really like this role for Dana to be teaching the ladies in NXT especially since she’s been in the main roster for quite a while and it gives also a storyline for Kelani too, I’m excited to see her active and involved in the division.

Meta Four Interview

Noam Dar is being questioned by McKenzie regarding the Heritage Cup defeat. Why can’t they discuss their win last week, Lash asks McKenzie. Jakara and Lash tell Ronda and Shayna that the legendary punk kick could be in their future.

Astrid’s Point

I loved Jakara teasing this as I would like to see the Women’s Tag Team Champions get involved with teams in each brand.

Gigi Dolin v Kiana James

Kiana resists Gigi’s efforts to subdue her and keeps eluding her. Gigi was more combative throughout the contest. After the referee warns Kiana not to use her bag while she is down, Gigi catches her with a kick and crucifix bomb to secure the victory. Kiana sneaks up behind Gigi and attacks her with her purse as the referee raises Gigi’s hand in triumph. When she opened the purse, paint cans were visible inside. She dumped the cans on Gigi as she lay on the mat.

Astrid’s Point

I did not enjoy this match, it could have been delayed a week or two and given more time to the main event or Tiffany v Thea. Nothing stood out to me from it, I hope this gets better between both of them. I also don’t see Kiana smearing paint onto Gigi as a huge deal either.

Jacy Jayne & Lyra Valkyria Segment

After Lyra Valkyria beat up Jacy Jayne, Ripley reappeared backstage. She claims Jayne merited it. You watch it in the clip above.

Astrid’s Point

I wish Rhea’s part on tonight’s show would have been more involved in the women’s division but still love to see her there unexpectedly. I did like the progress here between Jacy and Lyra, I hope they continue with this.

Check out our NXT Post-show below.


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