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NXT – March 21

Tiffany Stratton v Indi Hartwell – NXT Women’s Championship Qualifier

This match worked as a great showcase for Tiffany’s improvement as a performer. She focused on Indi and barely gave her time to recover or create offense. Tiffany does her moonsault with such ease and precision, it looked incredible to get her victory.

Astrid’s Point

I knew Tiffany would win this match because Indi was the perfect opponent to showcase her skills and character.

Gigi Dolin Interview

McKenzie asks about how the field is looking for the NXT Women’s Championship Ladder match as Gigi says “It’s too early to judge and if it wasn’t for Roxanne being hurt, this match wouldn’t be happening.” Gigi says, “The last time I was in a ladder match, I won and I have been put through the wringer physically, mentally, you have no idea so I’m willing to do whatever I have to do to” Tiffany interrupts. “Love the confidence you have going on but did you see that I just qualified and now I’m in the match? So you and everyone other women’s chances went from possible to absolutely screwed.”

Astrid’s Point

It made sense to include Tiffany in the mix to begin promoting the match, especially with a baby face like Gigi, it’s an easy way to create tension during the match.

.@indi_hartwell @ZoeyStarkWWE — NXT Anonymous (@NXT_Anonymous) March 22, 2023

NXT Anonymous – Indi Hartwell

NXT Anonymous shows Indi backstage, frustrated after losing, throwing things around until Zoey Stark arrives. Indi asks, “What are you looking at?” Zoey responds, “Definitely not the next NXT Women’s Champion,” before she leaves the area.

Astrid’s Point

After this video, I keep wondering what is the purpose of the account as it has targeted people from both the men’s and women’s divisions, I thought they would have given us a clue as to who it is by now.

Kiana James & Fallon Henley Backstage

Kiana is watching what unfolded with Indi and Zoey until Fallon arrives. Fallon tells Kiana she knows what’s going on and says it’s about Sebastian. Kiana’s expression suggests she didn’t want that revealed. “Save it, I was in your office,” Fallon tells her, “last week, I saw your planner and the card.” Fallon shows her a picture of the card that was with the flower arrangement, “I don’t know how you sleep at night, cheating on Brooks like this, I never should have trusted you and I’m going to tell Brooks everything.” Fallon says, “Brooks is my family, you might not care about him but I do,” before storming off.

After Ivy vs Lyra, Fallon is walking backstage when Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre attack her. Kiana rescues her. They’re able to fight back, referees arrive to separate them too. Kiana checks on Fallon, and tells her, “You can’t tell Brooks, it’s gotta come from me,” Fallon agrees.

Astrid’s Point

I am curious to see how Kiana tells Brooks later and explains her situation with Sebastian and how this would affect Fallon and Kiana at Stand & Deliver

Ivy Nile v Lyra Valkyria – NXT Women’s Championship Qualifier

Before the match, Ivy is interviewed about Tatum’s actions last week. “I was surprised like everyone else, it took me a long time to trust someone like I trusted Tatum. I let my guard down and I got burned, you know, she’s a little out there so Julius, Brutus and I let her do her own thing. We really felt she was a part of Diamond Mine so for her to say that we were never a team just really — but tonight is not about her. Tonight I have a huge opportunity, if I beat Lyra, I get a chance to go to Stand & Deliver and possibly become the new women’s champ and even Tatum can’t ruin that.”

Lyra attempts several pinning combinations from the beginning, she reverses a lot of Ivy’s maneuvers. They trade strikes in the middle of the ring then they kick each other simultaneously. Tatum is shown watching backstage. Lyra goes for her offense combination, but Ivy has her submission set up. Lyra hits Ivy with a roundhouse kick to win.

Astrid’s Point

With the way the story was going, I thought Tatum would have cost Ivy the opportunity instead but I had a feeling from the beginning that Lyra would be winning the match. The match wasn’t bad but it could have been better and it was too short also.


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