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NXT – February 28

Roxanne Returns!

Roxanne visits Shawn Michaels’ office to make her case that she hasn’t lost the title. She wants to compete in the women’s ladder match at Stand & Deliver. At first, Shawn is hesitant, but after some persuasion, he agrees.

Astrid’s Point

I would have loved if they had saved it for Stand & Deliver. I was not a fan of the backstage segment especially the way they delivered their dialogue as Roxanne was smiling. In this instance it didn’t fit. I did love how they included the aspect of mental health here since they didn’t mock it in any way and Shawn wanted to protect her.

Valentina Feroz v Elektra Lopez

The match itself was pretty short, there wasn’t much to tell in this aspect. Elektra was definitely more vicious with her delivery with every single move she did during this match. She was more vicious when Valentina’s leg was bent in submission; she noticed how effective it was and used it to cause damage. As Valentina came down with a cross body, Elektra was able to stop her, hold her in place, and use her momentum to drop Valentina to the mat for the win.

Astrid’s Point

At first, I hadn’t realized it had been a month since Valentina had punch Elektra with the brass knuckles, it felt like the first time that it takes a while for a storyline to be revisited. The match felt flat to me, it was short and there was nothing that stood out unfortunately. I had hope they would form a Latina women stable but it doesn’t seem to be going that route.

Sol Ruca v Indi Hartwell v Ivy Nile – Last Chance for the Ladder Match at Stand & Deliver

Ivy was focusing on going for pinfalls through the match. Sol demonstrated a lot of her development, particularly in how quickly she went for the moonsault, landing on both Ivy and Indi. When Sol ran out of nowhere to do the Sol Snatcher on Ivy near the end, Indi kicked Sol out of the ring, then ran the ropes for the back elbow and pin Ivy for the victory.

Following the match, the women from the ladder match make their appearance, with Tiffany making the most of her entrance. Roxanne is the last to appear, raising her championship in the air.

Astrid’s Point

The most impressive part of this match was the Sol Snatcher out of nowhere, Sol keeps proving how quickly she’s able to do it. I was surprised by the result as based on the match and how it’s been since her debut, I thought Sol was going to be picked to be a part of the Ladder match. I think her high flying and fast paced fit so well with it, Indi was a big surprise.

Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn Promo

“When the sun goes down at Stand & Deliver, a darkness will rise for NXT. The internal portal of gullible fools cannot be contained. Kiana James and Fallon Henley’s fate has already been consumed as if carved into stone. Those in turmoil do not deserve to be champions. Isla, we bond together to connect our past and forge our destiny. At Stand & Deliver, we burn our position to the ground, smoldering in ashes, far and wide. It is always darkness before dawn and where’s smoke, there’s fire.” Alba hands Isla a red cloth that they use to connect their arms as they deliver this promo.

Astrid’s Point

I especially loved the “It is always darkness before dawn and where’s smoke, there’s fire,” line as it was a great to make a connection between both of them. I have been enjoying them together and excited for what happens next.

Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, Fallon Henley and Kiana James Segments

Briggs and Jensen are backstage, and Brooks says he got a text from Kiana saying they’re on their way. Brooks asks what Kiana might want, and Josh says he doesn’t know, and Brooks appears concerned. Brooks tells Kiana her text “seemed a bit off” she looks at Fallon who tells her to “tell him.” Kiana says, “The past few months I’ve gotten to know you guys especially you, Brooks and what you guys have is special. I don’t know how to say this, I feel horrible.”

He encourages her to continue, she says, “I feel horrible that you guys aren’t part of Stand & Deliver,” which shocks Fallon as it wasn’t part of the plan. “I pulled some strings and I got you guys a match tonight, if you win, the triple threat match at Stand & Deliver will become a fatal four way. Fallon and I are tag team champions and I want you guys to be tag team champions with us.” Fallon interrupts her due to the unexpected news, Josh stops her, the guys are happy as Fallon says, “Yeah, Kiana, I cannot believe you.” They all hug.

Later on, after their loss, the group is standing in the ring, Fallon says it’s “terrible timing” but this has gone on too long, she insists Kiana has something to tell Brooks. Kiana says, “I’d rather show you” as she walked to him to kiss him. Fallon is upset she didn’t tell the truth, Josh is in shock and Kiana gives Fallon a look that she got away with it.

Astrid’s Point

The moment the segment ended this way, I was certain Fallon & Kiana were losing at Stand at & Deliver. I wonder how much longer this storyline would go for as we still don’t know who Sebastian is and Brooks still doesn’t know the truth and how he would react with Fallon and Josh once he knows the truth.


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