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NXT – May 16

Cora Jade v Fallon Henley – NXT Women’s Championship Tournament

Before the match, Cora has a promo popping on screen. This week’s show opened with the match, in which both women appeared to win. Fallon is able to showcase herself at the beginning, giving Cora most of her offense. However, once Cora focuses on Fallon’s knee, Cora was in control. Kicking Fallon’s knee, placing her in submission to target it throughout the match. Jade chopped Henley’s knee as she made an attempt to re-enter the ring, giving her the advantage to score the victory with a DDT.

Lyra Valkyria and Jade would exchange words while standing by the championship belt as Jade would celebrate her triumph. Next week, these two will compete in the semifinals.

We get a glance backstage, some of the roster is watching the match including Wendy Choo, Thea Hail, Tatum Paxley, Duke Hudson, Elektra Lopez, Lola Vice, and several others. Thea believed that Fallon could’ve won, but Kiana James felt indifferent. Their confrontation leads to a match later in the show.

Astrid’s Point

This was my favorite Cora Jade match, it really showed her heel character, targeting Fallon’s knee and Fallon’s selling, showcase, and way to show how she could fight back was incredible. I really liked seeing some of the roster watching the match as it was a new setting and how it set up Kiana vs Thea for later on.

Last night, @DaniPalmer_wwe was attacked by a mysterious figure at — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) May 14, 2023

Over the weekend, we also received an update from the NXT attacker. She knocked out Dani Palmer at a live event.

Ivy Nile and Ava were both present at the ringside for the match between the Creed Brothers and the Dyad. Towards the end of the game, the two women became physically aggressive with one another.

Jacy Jayne Interview

Jacy is asked about her opponent Roxanne Perez. “Honestly, McKenzie, I’m not confident at all. I mean, I don’t even know why we are having this match tonight,” she laughs, “Come on, it’s me. McKenzie, I’m going to need some better questions when I’m the champion, now let’s be honest, Roxanne’s time has come and gone and after I eliminate her tonight, I am going to move forward to the semifinals where I wanted to face Gigi Dolin but of course, she proved to everyone exactly what I’ve been saying for months, that she is nothing more than a failure.

She failed at being a good daughter, good sister, a good friend and she failed at winning the NXT Women’s Championship yet again. I, on the other hand, I’m a winner, I’m the complete opposite so I guess I just have to picture Gigi’s face when I kick Roxanne’s head in and take the next step forward in becoming the new NXT Women’s Champion.”

Astrid’s Point

Pretty good promo from Jacy especially the comparison of herself and Gigi there and my favorite part was when she said she’d picture Gigi when facing Roxanne.

Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend, and Noam Dar backstage

Backstage, Noam Dar exchanged words with Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson. Dar’s talk show was made fun of by Legend, who claimed that the only talk show worth discussing is the original, “Lashing Out with Lash Legend.”

Astrid’s Point

I am glad to finally see Jakara on screen and I wondered if Lash will be bringing her talk show back sometime soon.

Thea Hail vs Kiana James

Kiana tries to grab her bag but Thea manages to knock her down before she can do anything with it. They engage in a back-and-forth exchange. Duke has been mostly preoccupied with the documents on his clipboard when Thea looks for his approval, briefly diverting him. Thea is able to show off in this match while Kiana largely maintains control, building momentum until Kiana is able to stop Thea and win.

Astrid’s Point

I knew this match was to give Kiana a victory but I like that Thea was able to show off a bit of herself there which doesn’t happen often.

Roxanne Perez v Jacy Jayne – NXT Women’s Championship Tournament

Before the match, we get a video package from Roxanne Perez. The package expressed her goals to climb all the way to the top on her vision board. Perez defeated Jacy Jayne in their match. Perez, a former champion, is determined to reclaim the gold. In the final moments, Perez delivered Pop Rox to Jayne for the win.

Following the match, Roxanne stands across from the championship, and Tiffany stands between Roxanne and the championship; they will face off next week. Gigi attacks Jacy as she attempts to flee, and they fight until they are separated by the referees.

Astrid’s Point

I also enjoyed Roxanne v Jacy, they were able to showcase each other, I did expect Gigi to cost Jacy the title shot but prefer her attacking Jacy after the match though. I am so looking forward to the next matches, to see which route they’ll take for Battleground, we have Tiffany v Roxanne and Cora v Lyra.


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