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NXT – May 30

Gigi Dolin v Jacy Jayne – Weaponized Steel Cage

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne engaged in a Weaponized Steel Cage Match to kick off the evening. What a match it was, too. Clearly the superior of the two. Dolin slammed Jayne’s face into the cage in the final seconds of the match while standing on the top rope. Then, in order to win, she chokes slammed Jayne through a table and pinned her.

Astrid’s Point

I was hoping this would be the main event, but I’m glad it was the opener because the brutality and ability to build a solid match drew me in right away. I adore how trusting the two women are of one another; they both gave it their all. As soon as they finish telling their story, I’d like to see how they interact with the rest of the division. It’s incredible to think that Gigi and Jacy won’t be spending time in the ring together, whether it be as partners or rivals, for the first time in a long time.

Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend with Noam Dar

Noam is accompanied by Jakara and Lash as he makes a promo to introduce the main matchup with Carmelo Hayes. As Lash and Jakara try to divert Carmelo during the main event, Oro Mensah makes it appear as though Trick Williams attacked him, causing the referee to kick Trick out. As a result, Nathan Frazer and Dragon Lee show up to even the group’s chances.

Astrid’s Point

I am enjoying having Jakara and Lash in this position and I would like to see how they improve within this group and being used in a different way.

Ivy Nile vs Cora Jade

Earlier in the day, Cora was in the locker room saying, “Lyra head butted me in the eye, I was basically blind for half of the match and if I could have seen, I would have been at Battleground, be women’s champion. Yulisa, Valentina, Brooklyn, Kelani, Tatum and Lola all shake their heads. “The only person we should be celebrating tonight, it’s me, my accomplishments, my star power, all about me but no, everyone has to screw over Cora Jade, I deserve to be women’s champion.”

Ivy interrupts, “Cora, we’ve all had it with your whining, injuries are a part of the game, suck it up and get over it, you lost. A lot of women in the locker room would have loved the opportunity to compete in the tournament.” Cora responds, “Look, Ivy, don’t come in here with an attitude just because your boys couldn’t get it on Sunday and Ava whipped your ass.” Ivy says, “We’re on a fight, were where you on Sunday? You don’t hear us b**tching about it.” Cora says, “I’m not scared of her, I’m really not.”

During Tyler Bate & Wes Lee v Dyad, Ava is at ringside, Ivy runs on the attack on Ava after the match is over. Ava and Ivy are at it while the Creed Brothers are at it with Dyad.

The conflict between Ivy Nile and Ava has reached a boiling point. During the fight between Dyad and Wes Lee and Tyler Bate, Nile descended to attack Ava. During the match between Ivy Nile and Cora Jade, Ava made a similar attempt. Nile lost the game Jade won after Ava’s distraction.

McKenzie is ready to interview Diamond Mine, “I’m sick of this crap, Ava, I’m done. You want to be a part of the game? Step up next week, Ava and the Dyad arrive causing an argument backstage.

Astrid’s Point

I love the back and forth between Ava and Ivy as they are interacting more with each other now, I hope we are able to get a one on one match as it’ll help Ivy grow. Cora again having a short match being mostly in control and using the distraction to win. I keeping seeing Cora’s character and something isn’t clicking for me as it hasn’t been portrayed well on screen.

Tiffybration – Tiffany’s Championship Celebration

It’s a Tiffybration! The new NXT Women’s Champion addressed the women’s locker room. She even demanded that they come out to ringside to see who her first opponent would be.

The ladies begin making their way out, we are able to see Roxanne Perez, Brooklyn Barlow, Fallon Henley, Elektra Lopez, Thea Hail, Cora Jade, Lola Vice, Tatum Paxley, Kiana James, Lyra Valkyria, Kelani Jordan, Yulisa Leon, Valentina Feroz.

As the women walk out, Stratton begins to mock them. She claims to have had a Tiffany Epiphany on her way home from Battleground. Next week, she will face her first opponent in a women’s Battle Royal. As balloons and confetti fall, she continues the celebration.

The women surrounding the ring had had enough as Thea Hail, Fallon Henley, Roxanne Perez, and Lyra Valkyria attacked the champion. As the women enter the ring, Stratton withdraws from it. Stratton screams that her Tiffybration is ruined.

Announced for the NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Battle Royal are the following: Roxanne Perez, Brooklyn Barlow, Fallon Henley, Elektra Lopez, Thea Hail, Cora Jade, Lola Vice, Tatum Paxley, Kiana James, Lyra Valkyria, Kelani Jordan, Yulisa Leon, Valentina Feroz, Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne, Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend.

Astrid’s Point

Tiffany’s promotion was unfortunate, and the delay in the arrival of the ladies didn’t help matters. This battle royal announcement makes it appear as if they haven’t decided on Tiffany’s first opponent, but I have a feeling it won’t be Lyra, Roxanne, or Cora. I like including most of the girls because Ivy and Ava weren’t included on the graphic or in the segment because they have their own business to attend to, as well as Dani Palmer, who was later involved in the attack reveal.

Mystery Attack Reveal

Beginning in January, the unidentified NXT attacker began killing women’s locker room patrons. Nikkita Lyons was attacked, rendering her inactive, in the NXT parking lot, which was crowded with suspects.

Since then, Roxanne Perez, Wendy Choo, Sol Ruca, Dani Palmer (at a house show), and Roxanne Perez have all been targets of attacks. No one was more prepared than Palmer for the attacker to come forward on the NXT episode from May 30.

Before the previous attacks—by Wendy, Roxanne, Sol, and Nikkita last week—and finally Dani at the most recent live event—there is some static noise. When Dani is attacked from behind, the hooded assailant, who is observing their labor, turns around to reveal themselves. After being dropped, Dani was attacked by Blair Davenport, who kneed Dani as she fell outside.

Astrid’s Point

There was hardly any reaction when Dani Palmer asked for the identity of the attacker, so I believe the reveal might have gotten more of a response if it had been someone from the roster that the audience was more familiar with, such as Roxanne, Nikkita, Wendy, Sol, or Roxanne.

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