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NXT – November 29

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Roxanne Perez vs. Indi Hartwell

Indi slaps Roxanne’s hand. Roxanne grabs Indi’s waist, but Indi switches to a headlock and focuses on Roxanne’s arm until she reverses it. Indi switches arms with Roxanne while trying to take control. Indi pulls Roxanne to the ropes and bounces off them, ready to swing, but Roxanne avoids it and bounces again. In the mist of doing a head scissors takedown on Indi.

Roxanne climbs to the top, Indi sweeps off her foot, carries her on her back, swings her, and drops Roxanne on a top turnbuckle. Indi pulls Roxanne, who reverses and rolls Indi. Indi lifts Roxanne, drops her by the turnbuckles, pulls and drops her again. Hartwell runs to her, Roxanne moves, Indi touches the top turnbuckle, Roxanne climbs on Indi’s back for a submission, Indi pulls her, and Roxanne falls.

Indi attempts an elbow drop, Roxanne moves, Indi bounces off the ropes and attempts a takedown, pin, and low kick. Roxanne goes for a submission, Indi gets up, walks over to the ropes so Roxanne hits the ropes, and the submission is released, Indi runs to the post where Roxanne is, kicks Indi, Roxanne climbs to the top rope, aiming for Indi, who runs to push her off.

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Roxanne returns to the ring, and Indi chases her. Hartwell picks Roxanne up twice for a slam, elbow drop, and pin attempt. She takes Roxanne to a corner and bounces her head on the turnbuckle before taking her outside and hitting her with an upper cut and a big boot, dropping her on the apron for a pin attempt.

Indi drops Roxanne, then a delayed pin attempt, Indi sets up another power slam, Roxanne wrapped her arms around Indi’s waist, Indi goes to the ropes, holding on to them while Roxanne is on the mat, hoping for a roll up attempt, but Hartwell reverses it for a roll up pin. Hartwell clotheslines Roxanne and attempts a pin.

Indi is dropping Roxanne with hard clotheslines and pinning her again. She has submitted Roxanne by lifting her and kneeling her. Indi kicks, elbows, and shoots Roxanne’s face before trying to pin her.

Indi pushes Roxanne’s face, Roxanne pushes back, then shoots Indi several times and attempts a leg sweep when Indi picks her up for a submission, but Roxanne reverses it and drops Indi. Hartwell chases Roxanne, who throws a running uppercut. Indi does an abdominal kick and corners Roxanne after two uppercuts. Roxanne hits Indi’s head with her legs in a turnbuckle, bounces off the ropes, hits a running clothesline, a forearm shot to the chest, and a low kick. Indi is cornered, Roxanne runs and throws an uppercut, but Indi picks her up and pins her.

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Roxanne stands up with ropes, Indi shoots, Roxanne pulls her outside. Roxanne takes Indi inside the ring and climbs the top turnbuckle for a crossbody, but Indi holds on to Roxanne and Perez is able to take Indi down for an inside cradle pin attempt. Indi goes for a big boot, runs to Roxanne, who kicks Indi, Roxanne returns with a kick to the midsection and an attempt at Pop Rocks, but she can’t do it at first, so she shoots Indi’s back until she can. Roxanne wins!

Astrid’s Point 

I loved seeing Indi working like a heel focusing on Roxanne’s back while also being hard hitting and focused on Roxanne. I am glad Roxanne won as I knew it would be a factor in the Iron Survivor discussion later on.

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Kiana James vs. Fallon Henley 

Kiana pushes Fallon’s face to start, but Fallon pushes her to the ropes, sending Kiana to the mat. They lock up until Kiana is against the ropes, then she switches so Fallon is there, then again and again until Fallon’s back is on the turnbuckles. The referee asks them to separate, but not before Kiana pushes Fallon’s face away from her. Fallon pushes her and they lock up.

Kiana is holding Fallon, who responds with a back elbow, bounces off the ropes, ducks to avoid Kiana’s clothesline, wraps her arms around Kiana’s waist to drop her, and kicks her. James grabs Fallon’s arm and pulls it down on the ropes as Fallon shoots her and drops her outside. Kiana elbows Fallon’s arm and drops it on the ropes as he screams in pain.

Kiana keeps Fallon’s arm bent until she hits the turnbuckle. James tackles Fallon twice and wraps Fallon’s arm around a rope, pulling and kicking it. James lifts and drops Fallon and hits his arm on the mat. Kiana pulls Fallon’s arm and slams it against the mat again.

WWE Photo

Kiana mocks Fallon’s pain and picks her up, kneeing Fallon’s arm for a pin. James arm-focused submission. Fallon chops Kiana. Fallon misses and bounces off the ropes on opposite ends, hitting Kiana with a face buster. Kiana chases Fallon, who elbows her, spins, kicks, and avoids another kick.

Fallon shoots Kiana. Fallons back elbows Kiana, who is recovering in a corner, runs to the ropes, and Kiana kicks him. Kiana picks up Fallon, who wiggles out. Kiana shoots, but Fallon ducks. Fallon pins Kiana after a backbreaker and clothesline.

Fallon picks up Kiana but is unable to hold on to her due to the injury, Kiana goes to take advantage but Fallon hits her with a right hand. Kiana is using the ropes to stand up, Fallon runs and slides under the bottom rope, hitting Kiana in the face while she’s hanging from the bottom rope. James is able to stay inside, Fallon enters the ring, kicks Kiana who slips outside.

WWE Photo

Kiana is running from Fallon, picking up her purse on the way inside the ring, Fallon is facing her, Kiana throws her purse at Fallon who pushes it away. James takes advantage of the distraction, kicks Fallon then throws her onto the post, further injuring her left arm and shoulder. Kiana drops Fallon in the middle of the ring, setting up for her finisher the 401K then a pin attempt and victory.

Astrid’s Point 

I loved this match because again Kiana showed focus and worked very well as a heel focusing on Fallon’s arm, I really wanted Fallon to win this one but it makes sense for Kiana to get the victory.

Women’s Iron Survivor Discussion 

Alundra says she’s “pulling for my girl Roxanne Perez,” they had a moment at the Great American Bash, and “her rivalry with Cora really helped her develop into a serious championship threat” since July. Molly says, “I cannot imagine her age, this kind of spotlight, she has so much potential.” “That’s the thing about so many of our women, they want it so bad but I think they get frustrated when it doesn’t happen fast enough, all of them are so impressive on the ground floor and that’s incredibly exciting for us here,” says HBK.

“Road Dogg” “I was surprised Zoey Stark wasn’t here sooner. Zoey Stark’s Iron Survivor Challenge.” “In my prime,” Alundra says. “I’m surprised Hunter hasn’t called you yet,” X-Pac says. “HBK” “Time will tell. I love/hate those calls. NXT prepares talent for RAW and SmackDown.”

“The internet thinks Indi Hartwell is ready for a callup,” says Molly Holly. “There is something missing,” Road Dogg says. Molly agrees. “I don’t think she believes in herself,” Alundra says.

“Who doesn’t hide? And wants it most? Cora! She improved. Cora is becoming herself off-camera “X Pac. “I believe her,” Molly says. “She thinks she knows everything and that’s dangerous,” says Road Dogg. “Alundra,” “She threw the title away—who does that? Also. Dogg, this is me.”

Dogg says, “I’ll leave it and take Fallon Henley, who’s with Briggs and Jensen, a great package that deserves attention. She’s my underdog.” “She is gritty and tough and someone I would like to have a beer and shot the breeze with,” says Alundra.

“Kiana James beat Fallon so that’s what put her over the top for me,” says X Pac. Dogg says, “I think her outside activities help her inside. She owns any room she enters. She’s gifted.”

Molly mentions Alba Fyre, “She’s the roster’s best worker and would be champion if not for Isla Dawn. I love her reckless character.” Dogg says, “I had her on my list but I scratched her off because she is focused on right now is Isla Dawn and when she can get past that, whatever they got going on, I think then Alba Fyre can focus on the title again.”

HBK thanks them for contributing to the discussion as they list the women, they think should compete in the Iron Survivor Challenge match.

Astrid’s Point

The discussion segment was better than what I thought it was going to be as they gave factors into the discussion not only wins and losses but also how much the competitors have improved the last few months. My friend Ed noticed how Nikkita wasn’t part of the conversation as the Hall of Famers mentioned women from the roster when most have made an impact in recent months.

Cora Jade TikTok, Lyra Valkyria Video Package & Elektra Lopez Interview 

Cora Jade TikTok

Jade posted a TikTok mocking Wendy for when she got bullied and laughing when she said she felt bad.

Lyra Valkyria Video Package

“As a child, I would always watch the sky watching the birds as they leave Ireland for a new place, for a new life.”

“Now I have left my homeland, channeling the spirit of the Morrigan and as my old feathers fall to the ground, new feathers emerge, stronger. Who wants me has shifted to a new form and is ready for a new battle ground. Prepare yourself for Lyra Valkyria.”

Elektra Lopez Interview 

Elektra is asked about Roxanne beating Indi earlier and why she targeted Indi since her return. “Biggest impact and the lowest amount of risk, Indi has this connection with the NXT Universe which I don’t understand but it seems like it’s a trend to be an Indi Hartwell fan, but I am La Marina, I don’t follow trends, I set them. Whatever it is, Indi is the heart of this division so if I take out the heart then it’s mine for the taking. I didn’t come back to NXT to make new friends. I came back to build an empire of my own so if Indi wants to bet on herself, go ahead but do not bet against La Madrina or else you will end up going broke.”

Astrid’s Point 

I liked the addition of social media in the NXT storylines such as Cora did. I did not get the opportunity to watch Aoife Valkyrie in NXT UK, I am looking forward to her arrival to NXT and how she’ll mix it up with the current roster. Also, I enjoyed the interview from Elektra as it showed more from her character and why she went after Indi on her return.

Alba Fyre Promo 

“Isla Dawn, the unholy enchantress. Your debut altered the course of history. But whatever spirits told you it was a good idea to target me just really have it out for you. Your actions have ignited a fury that you cannot contain and keeping me from delivering my promises, will lead to your ultimate demise. You want to have fun, Isla? What I did to you will be anything but fun.”

Astrid’s Point 

I really enjoyed how to the point this promo was and it made me want to watch Alba vs. Isla so much more.

Iron Survivor Challenge Participants Announcement 

HBK names Zoey Stark, Cora Jade, Roxanne Perez, Kiana James, and the winner of Wendy Choo, Fallon Henley, and Indi Hartwell’s triple threat match as competitors.


Astrid’s Point 

I am looking forward to watching this match, I would love to see either Fallon or Indi being a part of it as it fits them well and it’s time to give them something more for their characters. I can imagine all the storylines that will be collided in this particular match.

WWE Photo

Nikkita Lyons, Kayden Carter and Katana Chance vs. Toxic Attraction (Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne) 

While Nikkita is making her entrance, Zoey jumped her, focusing on Nikkita’s knee until Kayden and Katana arrive to assist. Zoey is taken backstage by the referees; we are able to see Toxic Attraction watching them assist Nikkita and mocking Nikkita for what just happened.

Nikkita visits the medical team and is cleared to wrestle, making the six-woman tag the episode’s main event.

Jacy kicks Katana’s midsection, shoots her back, chops her, and slams her head on the mat as she locks up. While Katana is on the mat, Jacy runs for a centon, picks her up but Katana wiggles out, Jacy pushes her towards the ropes, Chance uses the ropes as leverage to jump over Jacy, landing behind her as Jacy turns around, Katana drops kicks her.

WWE Photo

As the ladies are in their corners, their tag team partners enter the ring to face off, followed by Nikkita and Mandy, causing an all-out brawl that sends Toxic Attraction out of the ring. Mandy is on the apron, Nikkita kicks her, Kayden dives onto Gigi while Katana does her slingshot corkscrew splash onto Jacy, and they both enter the ring.

Katana holds Jacy in the ring, but Jacy hits Mandy with a forearm shot. Rose approaches Katana, who hits her with a jaw breaker, picks her up, and takes Mandy to her corner, tagging Kayden. Katana pushes Mandy to the ropes, Kayden sweeps her off her feet, Katana locks a Muta Lock, and Kayden tries a low kick and pin.

Mandy wiggles out, wraps her arms around Kayden’s waist, and reverses it. She kicks Mandy, who ducks, then kicks again and pins her.

Kayden wraps her arms around Mandy, who reverses it while Kayden is holding on to the ropes. Mandy rolls back, and Jacy attempts a cheap shot, but Kayden moves to avoid it. Jacy distracts Mandy, who hits Kayden from behind and lands on the middle rope. Jacy and Gigi knee her while Katana tries to tell the referee. Mandy stomps Kayden on the mat and pulls her to her corner, tackling her until she tags in Gigi, who kicks Kayden.

WWE Photo

Gigi kicks Kayden, who fires back, but Gigi responds with a shot. Jacy mocks Nikkita’s injury, elbows Kayden, and tags Mandy after Gigi hits Kayden’s head on the turnbuckle.

Mandy insults Kayden, who shoots back, but Mandy knees her midsection. Mandy picks up Kayden, she wiggles out, pushing Mandy to the ropes, she bounces back to swing at Kayden, who ducks, and Mandy picks her up for a spine buster and pin attempt.

Kayden pushes Mandy’s back and shoulders to the mat for a pin, breaking the submission. Mandy swings at Kayden, who drops her and tries to tag her partner. Mandy picks her up, but Kayden rolls her up.

Kayden reaches to tag her Katana, but Mandy drags her, and Kayden kicks her to create distance. Mandy tags Gigi and Kayden Katana. Katana slides to Gigi, who falls face-first on the mat. Katana runs with a face buster, taking a series of shots to her midsection. Gigi lands on a corner and pushes Katana, who returns with a clothesline while she’s on the middle rope.

WWE Photo

Jacy chases Kayden, who ducks and kicks Jacy, knocking all women down. Gigi knocks Katana down and tries to pin her.

Gigi pulls Katana to the ropes, kicks her while Kayden tags herself in, and chases her until Kayden kicks her. Carter splashes and pins Gigi with Katana. Kayden picks up Gigi, swings and misses, ducks and kicks her in the face. Kayden tags Katana for their finisher until Jacy pulls Kayden to help her partner. Gigi kicks Katana and tags Mandy.

Mandy picks up Katana for a suplex, but Katana tries a pin. Nikkita is on the apron when Katana codes Mandy. Mandy tags Jacy, Katana tries to tag Nikkita but Jacy grabs her. Katana reverses it, Jacy chases her, and Katana tags her underneath.

Jacy misses a kick, and Nikkita lands her, shooting Gigi and Mandy on the apron. Nikkita kicks Jacy’s midsection after hitting her with a flying forearm shot in a corner.

WWE Photo

Nikkita picks up Jacy for a power snap suplex, does her split finisher and pin attempt while Gigi kicks her to break the pin, then chases Kayden, who pulls down the middle rope to send Gigi outside. Gigi grabs Kayden’s leg and fires shots outside.

Katana jumps over the steel steps to cross-body Gigi while turning, and Mandy hits her with the Kiss by the Rose. Jacy kicks Nikkita’s injured knee and attempts a spinning clothesline, but she avoids it and hits Jacy with a German suplex. Mandy pulls Jacy while Jayne climbs Nikkita’s back. Jacy tags in Gigi after Nikkita misses a spinning kick on Mandy due to a knee injury. Gigi wins with a pin after Jacy hits the Hi Low on Nikkita from the ropes. Zoey watches Nikkita suffer as Toxic Attraction celebrates.

Astrid’s Point 

After thinking the match was canceled, I was glad the women opened and headlined the show. Toxic Attraction would win because of Zoey’s attack and because it would give Gigi and Jacy a rematch against Kayden and Katana.

Check out the NXT After show below.


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