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NXT – October 25

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance face Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark in the NXT Women’s Tag Team Title match.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Title Match: Kayden Carter and Katana Chance vs. Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark

Nikkita and Kayden lock up, Nikkita wrapping her hands around Kayden’s waist to take her down to the mat. Kayden slips from under Nikkita and slaps her butt. Kayden breaks up the lockup by cartwheeling and kicking Nikkita. Lyons does a split as Kayden is in shock then goes to kick Nikkita bounces back to avoid it. They are both in the center, Kayden pushing Nikkita while Nikkita tackles Kayden to her corner to tag in Zoey.

As Zoey slides to the opposite corner, coming towards Kayden with a clothesline and pin attempt. Stark has a submission locked in then moves to Kayden’s arm and a takedown. Zoey bounces off the ropes with a kick, but Kayden moved back to avoid it, Zoey quickly turned around to come face to face with Kayden’s double kick. Kayden takes Zoey’s arm to bring her to her corner, tagging Katana.

Kayden held Zoey as Katana jumped over the top rope. Chance swept Zoey off her feet, Kayden ran from the ropes with a low drop kick, and Katana jumped over the top rope, landing on Zoey for a pin attempt. Katana gains momentum while Zoey holds her in the air. Zoey pushes Katana over her head, but Katana recovers and attempts to roll Zoey up, but Zoey picks her up from under her and pushes her toward the ropes.

Katana wraps her legs around Zoey’s head to knock her down, but Zoey recovers. Katana kicks Zoey twice and picks her up, kicking her abdomen. Zoey bounces Katana to the ropes, she holds on to the top rope with Kayden’s help, bounces back inside the ring, and wraps her legs around Zoey’s head for a head scissors. Zoey joins Nikkita.

Nikkita is fired up with a clothesline to Katana, picking up Katana then pushing her to a corner, hitting her with a right hand and pin attempt. Nikkita picks up Katana for a submission stretch. Katana ducks to avoid Nikkita’s right hand as she wiggles out, tagging Kayden. Nikkita kicks Kayden, who turns around to avoid it, then kicks her again and tries a spinning kick, which Kayden avoids by going low. Carter goes to kick Nikkita, but she caught Kayden’s foot, taking her down to the mat, applying an ankle lock. Kayden uses both feet to kick Nikkita away from her. Kayden runs to the ropes, Katana tagged herself, Kayden leap frogs over Nikkita who focuses on her while Katana jumps on her shoulders, rolls through for a pin attempt.

Katana drop kicks Nikkita towards her corner, tags in Kayden. They both run to the ropes, hitting Nikkita with a double kick from each of them, Nikkita hangs from the middle rope until she falls outside. Zoey follows suit, landing outside the ring beside Nikkita. Katana and Kayden jump with a crossbody to Nikkita and Zoey who both catch them and throw them on the floor outside.

Kayden has Nikkita in a submission, tags in Katana, she jumps over the top rope with a kick to Nikkita then climbs to the middle rope with a crossbody, Nikkita catches her, planting her on the mat with a pin attempt. Katana is stretching to tag in Kayden, Nikkita picks her, and Katana is able to tag in Kayden, Nikkita drops Katana who sweeps Nikkita off her feet while Kayden plants her face first on the mat and pushes Zoey off the apron.

Nikkita goes after Kayden and pushes her to her corner, but Zoey enters the ring and Kayden hits Zoey with a drop kick instead of Nikkita, landing in front of her in the corner. Kayden uppercuts Zoey as she recovers. Kayden kicks Nikkita. Carter bounces back and kicks Nikkita in the face, tagging Katana.

Kayden and Katana with a double team move, Katana landing on Nikkita for a pin while Kayden tries to stop Zoey who spears Kayden, both landing on Katana and Nikkita. Katana pushes Nikkita, hitting Zoey. Zoey pushes Katana, who falls face-first on the turnbuckle. Katana pins Zoey. Kayden tags in after Katana leans on the top rope. Stark pins Katana until Kayden enters the ring, clotheslines Kayden outside, and enters from the top rope. Zoey pins Katana before she can swing a clothesline!

Zoey is celebrating, Katana informs the referee that she had tagged in Kayden, Katana was pinned but she wasn’t the legal competitor. A second referee jumps in to back up what she said, the referees then inform announcer Alicia that the match is restarting. Zoey and Nikkita return the tag team championships, the bell rings again. Both teams are facing off in the ring now, Nikkita pushing Katana to a corner, goes to spear her but Katana moved and Nikkita hit the post instead. Kayden is tackling Zoey in a corner, Zoey trying to fight back.

Katana and Kayden have Zoey on top of the post, climbing the ropes, Nikkita goes to assist Zoey, but Kayden kick her, she landed outside. Kayden lands a crossbody on Nikkita, Zoey pushes Katana from the ropes. Katana is able to get up, runs to where Zoey is standing on the post, lands a Spanish fly from the top rope and a pin attempt on Zoey. Katana is in utter shock by Zoey kicking out, tags in Kayden. Carter has Zoey but she wraps her arms around Kayden’s waist for a slam. Zoey crawls to tag in Nikkita, she runs to take down Katana standing on the apron. Nikkita hits Kayden with a spinning kick and her split followed by a pin attempt, Katana comes from behind Nikkita, hitting her with a double kick to break up the pin.

Zoey goes after Katana who wrapped her legs around Zoey’s head to take her over the top rope. Katana is holding on the to the rope, unwrapping her legs from Zoey’s head, both landing outside. Nikkita kicks Kayden, bouncing off the ropes, Nikkita lifts her, Kayden is able to wiggle out, kick Nikkita’s legs and face then going to tag Katana. Kayden holds Nikkita in place while Katana goes for their finisher and pin for the victory.

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Astrid’s Point 

This was an incredible match to open NXT and it elevated not only both teams but also the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. I wasn’t a fan of the ending with the referee not seeing the tag from Kayden and Katana and Katana being pinned when she wasn’t the legal competitor. This ending felt soon after it happened recently to Damage CTRL on RAW when Dakota was pinned when she wasn’t legal but I’m glad the match was restarted instead of waiting another week for it. I am looking forward to the rematch after witnessing this match.

Shotzi with Quincy Elliott vs. Lash Legend

After Quincy introduces Shotzi, Lash chases her and ducks behind her, wrapping her arms around her waist. Lash elbows Shotzi, turns, knees her abdomen twice, and throws her on the mat. She uses the ropes to avoid Lash after being thrown over the top rope. Shotzi holds her and kicks her face, letting her enter the ring.

Shotzi kicks Lash, but Lash pins her and kicks her. She wiggles out and tries to push Lash, but she drops her in a corner.

Lash runs toward her, but she kicks and sets up a Tarantula using the bottom rope. Shotzi climbs the ropes, Legend kicks, Shotzi falls. As Quincy approaches Shotzi, Lash signals for him to back up, arguing with him. Shotzi uses the distraction to swing to Lash.

Lash picks up Shotzi and throws her on the mat. She’s crawling under the bottom rope, Lash pulling her leg, wrapping it around the bottom rope while she kicks Shotzi, then pushing her off so she’s hanging by her foot, pulling Shotzi inside for a pin attempt, going for a Stretch muffler submission while Shotzi tries to break it.

Shotzi pulling Lash toward the ropes with the top rope. She kicks Lash, then elbows her when she grabs her leg. Shotzi slaps her after Lash tackles her to a corner and lifts her to the top turnbuckle.

She takes a few shots and attempts a modified DDT and pin to win. Shotzi congratulates Quincy.

Astrid’s Point 

This match was so quickly done, I was surprised Quincy was used as a distraction to Lash as Shotzi and Quincy are the faces here. Also, not sure what was the point of having Lash lose another match.

We celebrate 1 YEAR of @WWE_MandyRose as Women's Champion next week on #WWENXT! — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) October 26, 2022

Jacy, Gigi, and Mandy video chat in a gym, poolside, and car, respectively. Mandy asks about Jacy, and Gigi says she was supposed to meet her but she’s at the gym. Jacy says she told Mandy she’d work out, but Mandy tells them, “Let’s be grateful we got out alive and I have my NXT Women’s Championship.”

Jacy tells her, “We beat Alba Fyre at her own game.” Jayne says she had a photoshoot when Gigi asks if she’s bringing the cheese and wine. Mandy sarcastically thanks for the invite. Mandy confirms her photoshoot, Gigi tells her “The NXT Women’s Champion is in demand” to which Mandy replies, “No, Toxic Attraction is in demand,” and invites them to the one-year anniversary of her winning the NXT Women’s Championship.

Astrid’s Point 

I noticed that even though this was something simple, I felt as if it gave a clue towards the future of Toxic Attraction. First, that Jacy and Gigi weren’t together, Gigi’s response as if Jacy ditched her. Also, having them in different settings and Gigi saying Mandy is in demand and Mandy saying Toxic Attraction is instead. Another time, Mandy said she wasn’t invited to Gigi and Jacy’s plans until Jacy reminded her of the photoshoot.

Zoey Stark & Nikkita Lyons Backstage

Zoey is being interviewed about the loss earlier, she’s upset about the loss. Nikkita apologizes to Zoey in the locker room, nearly crying. Zoey hits the locker door, upset that they didn’t see the tag but that they have a tag title rematch.

WWE Photo

Schism in the ring, ready to unmask their newest member. Gacy says, “Remove your mask and join Schism or be torn down. Rip removes his mask, “NXT is a den of selfishness and greed. Envious of others’ good fortune, superstars and fans alike put themselves before the greater good of our unity. We hear your criticism of us, but we understand that it is a reflection of your own shortcomings. Only by working together can the system work, more roots will grow, allow them to dry out, and hope will return.

Jagger removes his mask next, “Wrath is a manipulative emotional state, uncontrolled negativity affects both the personal and social well-being. To be truly healthy, you must learn to control it correctly. Anger divides and pain brings pain. But love, love brings love, the Schism only builds stronger together as a unit.”  Gacy says, “Rip Fowler and Jagger Reed learned that the path to everlasting unity comes from showing their true selves.”

WWE Photo

“To sit under the Schism’s tree, you must do the same and reveal your true self,” says Gacy. Gacy stands on the stands while the member removes her hoodie and mask to reveal Ava Raine.

“The love and acceptance that Schism has given me defies any preconceived notion of who I am supposed to be. This family completes me. I am Ava Raine.”

 They all hug, Gacy says, “This collective of hearts beats together in harmony, four roots, one tree.”

Astrid’s Point 

I loved the presentation here, a few months ago, someone had posted on Twitter that Ava had a promo calling herself the Final Girl which as a horror fan, I found interesting. Also, I loved that she was able to have a character unrelated to her father Dwayne Johnson and from her family background too. I am looking forward to her character and how it evolves, and she’s showcased on screen now that she has been revealed.

Sol Ruca vs. Indi Hartwell 

Sol Ruca is being interviewed about her second match being against Indi Hartwell. Ruca says she’s nervous as “Indi is a bad ass competitor” then Indi interrupts to tell her, “A bit of advice from someone who has been here for more than one match. Doing tricks to wow the audience, it’s cool, I’ll give you that but it’s only going to take you son far in NXT. It’s all about winning, you are about to learn that right now.

Indi picks up Sol, throwing her on the mat, she does it again and kicks Sol too. Indi pulls Sol from the ropes, leaps over her, and jumps when Indi runs toward her. Sol ducks Hartwell’s shot and throws Indi on the mat twice before attempting a pin.

WWE Photo

Indi is leaning on a corner; Sol runs with a cartwheel, but Indi moves out of the way. Sol stops herself; Indi is on to her, but Sol elbows her. Sol pulls Indi to the ropes and prepares to kick her when she returns, but Indi holds on. Indi clotheslines her three times then taking a shot to Sol’s back, pins her for the victory.

WWE Photo

As Indi celebrates, Elektra attacks her from behind then focuses on Sol too, throwing her on the mat. Elektra kicks Sol then makes her out of the ring. She says, “La Madrina is back,” as she exits the arena.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point 

I was surprised that Sol lost her second match but I love Indi with a victory though. I am glad Elektra has returned as she is no longer with Legado del Fantasma, it’s her time to shine on her way, grow and show her progress and she can do in the ring, I am excited for her.

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