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NXT – November 1

Schism Interview

Ava is asked why she joined Schism after her reveal last week. They say Schism members cared for her while she was injured and that she saw what Cameron Grimes didn’t. She announces Cameron Grimes is facing Joe Gacy next week, one last time.

Astrid’s Point 

I loved how they were able to bring up the life in the Performance Center and her life before her debut into this as they don’t do that often. More than anything, I loved Ava’s delivery here throughout the whole interview and the way she talked when discussing Schism. I have loved that she’s been doing something different you wouldn’t expect from The Rock’s daughter.

Indi Hartwell, Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons Backstage Segment

Earlier in the day, Zoey and Nikkita arrive in the locker room, Zoey is frustrated about the loss from the title match. Indi asks Zoey what her problem is, Zoey tells her that she knows it’s due to the loss they had last week. Indi tells her the “whole world saw it, I got jumped by Elektra Lopez last week, you don’t see me pouting, so get over it, be grateful you’re even getting another championship match next week, some of us aren’t so lucky. When was the last time you saw me getting a title match?” Zoey tells her maybe it’s “because she doesn’t deserve one” and “title matches aren’t handed out, they’re actually earned.” Indi replies, “You’re about to earn my boot in your face.” The ladies in the locker room separate them.

Astrid’s Point 

It’s another occasion that we see Zoey snap since the loss which makes me wonder if she’ll turn heel if they lose the title match next week especially turning on Nikkita. Lyons seems more focused and the person calming down Zoey since the events occurred.

Thea Hail with Duke Hudson and Andre Chase vs. Kiana James

Before making her way to the ring, Kiana is backstage, handing out an envelope to her assistant, they go their separate ways.

Thea is getting ready backstage with Andre Chase, he tells her, “I need you to make sure you’ve got your head in the game because you wanted it.” Thea tells him something doesn’t feel right as no one is waving the flag as Bodhi Hayward was released. Duke Hudson comes out of a setup, tells them that he’ll wave the flag.

Before the bell rings, the arena gets dark, and the LED screens have a technical difficulties screen for a quick second. They lock up until Kiana knees Thea in her abdomen, taking her down. Kiana picks her up by her arm, elbowing her arm then hitting Thea’s arm on the top rope. Kiana takes a shot at Kiana then throws her arm first onto the canvas. James then throws Thea arm first to the turnbuckles as Thea is clutching her arm.

Kiana is grabbing Thea’s arm, but she kicks Kiana instead, taking a few shots until Kiana knees her then taking her arm to the canvas and kicking it then going for a pin attempt. James setting up a submission on Thea’s arm. James holds Thea’s arm on the canvas, kicking it on several occasions. Kiana throws Thea’s head on the canvas then focusing on the submission again, Thea reverses it. Thea runs to Kiana, she is about to kick Thea, but she has Kiana’s leg, leading her to the middle of the ring then clotheslining her. Hail takes on Kiana with a double shot, running to a corner with a splash then Kiana pushes her.

Thea runs again to the corner with a splash the kicks Kiana’s knee. Hail runs to the ropes then hits Kiana with a swinging neck breaker, she’s fired up. Thea climbs to the top rope, hitting Kiana with a cross body, Kiana reversed it by holding on to Thea as she landed then Thea wraps her legs around Kiana’s to reverse it with an inside cradle.

WWE Photo

Kiana kicks Thea, throwing Thea’s head on the canvas, Kiana runs to the ropes then hits her with a swinging, variation of a sling blade and a pin attempt. Hudson assists by placing Thea’s leg on the bottom rope, the referee sees him, Andre is upset about it too, telling Duke he can’t do that. Chase is upset, telling Duke to go backstage as they don’t do that in Chase U. Kiana takes advantage, hitting Thea with her finisher, pin and victory for Kiana.

WWE Photo

Andre is assisting Thea stand up after her match, he’s attacked by Charlie Dempsey from behind, Dempsey has Andre in a submission until Duke runs in for the save. Dempsey runs away the moment Duke enters the ring. Hudson assists Andre and Thea to stand up after the attack.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point

The match continuous to give Kiana a believable character and momentum in the division, got me curious about the envelope she gave her assistant.

Briggs, Jensen and Fallon Henley Interview

McKenzie asks about tonight’s Tag Team Championship match between Bron Breakker and Wes Lee and Pretty Deadly. Kiana James’ assistant interrupts them with the envelope Kiana gave her earlier. They start reading it.

Mandy’s celebration featuring Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne

Jacy begins, “One year of proving everybody wrong. 365 days of being the baddest b*tch in the game. 365 days of being the most dominant champion in NXT history. Gigi says, “Mandy Rose is absolutely untouchable but you all underestimated her. You marked her. You didn’t believe in her, but she has proven time and time again that she is superior to every person in that locker room, man or woman.” Jacy replies, “Mandy, you are the absolute measuring stick of the NXT Women’s division. You fought legends, underdogs, unified the NXT Women’s championships and helped make Toxic Attraction the most decorated female faction in NXT history and in honor of all of your greatness, we put a little video package just for you champ.”

The video package is about Mandy’s journey and career leading up to her NXT arrival, Toxic Attraction’s formation and her championship reign.

Mandy thanks the ladies for the video package, begins by saying, “Not bad for a piece of eye candy, huh?” and continues to say, “I was a peach, a barbie doll, a bottled blonde made in a lab, a centerfold b*tch. That’s why two years ago I realized I needed to bet on myself, and I made the choice to come here and rebuild myself and it was the greatest decision I have ever made in my entire life. And with the help of my girls, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, Toxic Attraction has risen to the top… and you people thought that I couldn’t hold the NXT Women’s championship. why? Because this title represents the greatest women’s wrestlers in the entire world, and I have proven every single one of you for over a year now.”

WWE Photo

“Damn does it feel good to have sat on my rightful for over a year now and I can guarantee that no one will be kicking me out of it. And if anyone has a problem with what I just said, you know where to find me. I work on Tuesday’s.”

As Mandy is talking, a smoke appears in front of her, Gigi and Jacy then Alba Fyre is destroying the decorations, throwing Gigi and Jacy, Mandy slides out of the ring. Alba drops the two gentlemen in the ring too, sets up Gigi with a Gory bomb onto the table.

WWE Photo

“Mandy, this week I take out Gigi Dolin, next week I take out Jacy Jayne and in two weeks’ time, I am taking that title,” says Alba.

Astrid’s Point

I loved video package they used for Mandy, it really showed her progress and her career highlights. At first, when the smoke showed, I thought it would have been someone else as a challenger, not Alba though I enjoyed how she took care of Gigi and warned Mandy she was coming for the title in two weeks.

WWE Photo

Indi Hartwell vs. Zoey Stark with Nikkita Lyons

They lock up, taking turns when they get to the ropes until Zoey pushes Indi. Hartwell runs to the ropes and tackles Zoey, who kicks Indi. They lock up again, but this time Zoey has Indi in a headlock until she’s free, Zoey goes to the ropes, they leapfrog, and Indi tackles Zoey when she catches up. Indi controls Zoey’s arm pushes her toward the corner, and runs toward her, but she elbows Indi.

Zoey tackles Indi in the corner, chops her twice, pulls Indi away, reverses it, Zoey jumps to avoid hitting the corner, and Indi hits it instead. Stark runs to the ropes, avoids Indi’s shot, and jumps on the ropes to crossbody and pin Indi.

Zoey submits Indi again, and the lights go out and the LED screens have technical issues, which Vic acknowledges in commentary. Zoey targets Indi’s arm pulls her to a corner, and repeats. Starks controls Indi’s arm and runs to the ropes to hit her with a low clothesline, but Indi moves. Zoey kicks Indi, who grabs her leg, swings her around, body slams her twice, and clotheslines her outside, frustrating her. Nikkita tries to calm her. Indi resists Zoey’s submission, but Zoey shoots Indi in the face. Indi hits Zoey with an uppercut and a running knee until she falls on the mat, and Indi covers.

Zoey clotheslines Indi takes a shot and elbow and runs to the ropes for a low kick and pin attempt. Indi is cornered, Zoey runs and slides on the canvas, returning to Indi, who reversed it and picked her up for the apron. Zoey grabs Indi by the top rope and tries a pin after a corner brawl.

WWE Photo

Indi is in a corner, Zoey kicks her a few times, Nikkita is hanging by the corner, telling Zoey to calm down. Indi is setting up for her finisher, Indi fights her off, holding onto Zoey for a clothesline twice. Hartwell chases Zoey, who super kicks Indi and throws her outside, smashing her face on the commentary table. Nikkita tells Zoey to get back in the ring, but she throws Indi inside instead. Indi drops her, hits her with a low shot, pin attempt and victory for Indi.

Astrid’s Point

Incredible match between these ladies, it also furthers my prediction that Zoey is turning heel soon. Not only was Zoey more aggressive towards Indi but at a moment Nikkita had to talk her down and she did it again when Zoey seemed to be setting up a power bomb to Indi on the commentary table. Also, the victory further ignites that fire and frustration that Zoey has been having since her loss. I was also happy that Indi had a win and is continuing to pick up those victories too, hoping she has a sense of direction soon.

Valentina Feroz and Sanga Backstage Segment 

Sanga tells Valentina he can’t be there tonight after leaving her last week. Wendy listens to Veer and Sanga while Valentina looks sad. Veer tells Sanga, “Here they take your kindness for weakness. Let me ask you, have they honored you?” Sanga doesn’t reply just looks down while Wendy pays attention to what happened.

Astrid’s Point

First, how Sanga changed his mind the moment Veer arrived, and Valentina’s facial expression made me feel for her, I was wondering how Wendy would be involved since she was in the background for this segment.

Zoey, Nikkita, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter Backstage Segment

After the match, Nikkita is chatting with Zoey, checking on her after the match. Zoey is frustrated about her loss, ” I am in my head and it’s getting the best of me.” “You’re going to have to be a lot better than that next week if you want these,” Katana says. Zoey says they have beaten them before, and Kayden reminds her that it doesn’t count. Zoey wants to go after them, but Nikkita stops her, telling her that’ll be for next week.

Astrid’s Point

This segment further proves what I discussed earlier, Nikkita calming down Zoey because she has let her emotions control her since their loss.

Cora Jade vs. Valentina Feroz 

Cora pushes Valentina while yelling, “who are you anyway? You don’t deserve to step in the ring with me.” Valentina pushes Cora to the ropes and releases after the referee counts. Cora mocks Valentina while arm-dragging her down. Feroz reverses a sunset flip and runs to the ropes to double-knee Cora.

Valentina runs with a double kick to Cora, who slides out of the ring. Feroz chases her and stops her from taking a shot with her own. Cora kicks Valentina out of the ring and hits her on the apron.

“This is your jungle, huh? Not tonight, honey,” Cora says as she slides Valentina in the ring.  Jade kicks Valentina twice then a pin attempt, Valentina takes a shot, but Cora responds very quickly. Cora slams Valentina’s head on the canvas, Valentina goes for another shot, but Cora quickly responds again. Cora pulls Valentina away from the ropes, takes a few shots, and then pulls her back into the middle rope. Jade runs with a vicious back elbow and pin attempt.

Cora kicks Valentina, places her on the middle rope, forcing her knee to Valentina’s neck. Valentina is by the ropes, Cora chases her, but Valentina moves and gets an inside cradle. Cora immediately clotheslines. Jade pulls Valentina out of a corner, and she lands on the opposite corner and kicks Cora. Cora recovers, chases Valentina, who kicks her away, climbs the ropes, and attempts a crossbody, but Cora moves, and Valentina falls on the canvas.

WWE Photo

Cora runs with a centon, planting Valentina with a DDT, pin attempt and victory. Jade has her kendo stick in hand, using it on Valentina’s chin to bring her up. When Cora is close to getting Valentina with it, Wendy arrives for the save and gets hit instead. Wendy fires back at Cora, grabbing the kendo stick but Cora ran away as fast as she could.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point

I enjoyed how Valentina continues to further her character and is being used even when her partner is out with an injury. Cora vicious as ever, I liked having Wendy assist Valentina as I wondered what would happen with her now that her feud with Lash was over.

.@elektralopezwwe lets @TonyDangeloWWE and @Channing_WWE know how dangerous she is on her own.#WWENXT — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) November 3, 2022

Tony D’Angelo, Stacks and Elektra Lopez Backstage Segment 

Tony and Stacks are chatting backstage until Elektra arrives, Tony asks, “So you finally decided to go on your own?” Elektra responds, “Damn right. And you know what? It feels good being my own boss.” Tony tells her that he knows a little something about that, Lopez says, “If you think that I was dangerous before. Watch how dangerous I am now.” Stacks asks Tony if he believes that, Tony says, “Actually, Stacks, I do.”

Astrid’s Point

I really liked how they brought up the connection that Tony and Elektra have as he spoke highly of her as a leader and in the business during the Tony vs. Legado feud and I look forward to seeing what they do with her next.


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