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NXT – Sept 5

Kiana James v Tiffany Stratton - NXT Women's Championship

Tiffany knees Kiana's midsection, she bounces off the ropes for a leapfrog then a cartwheel to land on her feet. Kiana goes for a clothesline, but Tiffany does her matrix move to avoid it. Tiffany goes for Kiana's arm; Kiana works for an impressive reversal. Kiana has Tiffany's arm and just like Kiana, Tiffany goes for very unique reversal.

Tiffany leans by the ropes causing the referee to have Kiana break it up, Tiffany uses the middle ropes as leverage to pin Kiana, the referee notices and stop the count. Kiana takes the opportunity to roll up Tiffany, using her gear as leverage which the referee notices too, he doesn't begin to count. Tiffany hits Kiana from behind, bounces off the ropes for the double knees to Kiana's back.

Tiffany takes to kick Kiana in a corner several times, she goes to do it again, but Kiana reverses it, hitting Tiffany's face on the turnbuckle. Kiana goes for should tackles and a close clothesline. She knees Tiffany in the back, has her in place for a submission that Tiffany reverses it into a submission of her own. Kiana is able to reverse it, she holds on to the ropes as Kiana lands on her feet. Kiana goes for clotheslines; Tiffany gets closer to the ropes to have the referee separate Kiana from her.

Tiffany takes advantage of it, throws Kiana to a corner, does her cartwheel elbow, when she goes for the stomp, Kiana has it scouted and pins Tiffany instead. Tiffany goes for a pin too, Kiana is able to do a bridge to break it, Tiffany throws Kiana towards the ropes, they both back to hit each other at the same time. Tiffany goes towards Kiana's bag; she kicks Kiana away from her. Tiffany goes to use the bag, she misses it, Kiana goes for her finisher to pin Tiffany, Tiffany rakes Kiana's eyes then goes for finisher and victory.

The Man Becky Lynch showed up on the screen following the contest. She discussed her next goal, which is to win the one championship she hasn't yet. Next week's main event featured Lynch challenging Stratton for the NXT Women's Championship.

Astrid’s Point

It was refreshing to see the championship match opening the show, I did enjoy the dynamic between them, the reversals, the cheating one after the other and Tiffany being able to take advantage of it. I truly loved seeing Becky to announce the championship match for next week plus main evening the show. I am so excited for this match to happen and hopefully Becky works with a few of the ladies to help them grow.

Thea Hail (with Jacy Jayne) v Gigi Dolin

Earlier tonight, Jacy and Thea were backstage, Thea is excited for Becky's arrival next week. Thea has a new look; Jacy is telling her to look at herself in the mirror. This caused Gigi Dolin to speak briefly backstage, and Blair Davenport entered to add a few words of her own. Later that evening, Dolin would face off against Hail.

Thea has a new attire; Jacy is instructing her to drop the megaphone and not to do the Chase U pose she usually does for her entrance. They begin with arm drags, Thea has Gigi on the mat, kneeing her arm. Thea has a submission; Gigi reverses it into a headlock. They begin for a leapfrog sequence; Thea stops Gigi who reverses it with a crucifix pin. Thea bounces off the ropes for a head scissors, Gigi runs the ropes to hit Thea with a hip thrust. Gigi runs the ropes again to hit Thea with a double stomp, but Thea had moved. Thea drops Gigi, runs to a corner after her, Gigi catches her. Thea elbows Gigi who kicks Thea three times. They are reversing each other's move, Gigi runs to the ropes, Thea swings around Gigi's body and settles for a Kimura lock.

Gigi holds on, reaching for the bottom rope, she reaches the bottom rope and takes herself outside. Thea goes after her with another Kimura lock. Gigi throws Thea to the steel post, Gigi takes her down, pulls her inside the ring. Blair arrives with an assist, Thea returns to the Kimura lock, Gigi taps. Jacy celebrates with Gigi as Blair mocks Gigi for the loss.

Astrid’s Point

I like how we are already seeing changes in Thea's attire and wardrobe due to Jacy's influence; it was so weird to see Gigi losing the way she did due to Blair's interference. I would like to see what other changes we get from Thea's character due to Jacy. I can't wait to see Blair v Gigi one on one as I liked their chemistry during the number one contender match last week.

Roxanne Perez, Kiana James Segment

In the women's locker room, Roxanne Perez and Lyra Valkyria are having a conversation. Kiana James arrived enraged following her defeat by Stratton at the beginning of the show. This resulted in James and Perez fighting.

Astrid’s Point

After the number one contender's match, I had a feeling we would get a mix between those ladies as per earlier, we are seeing Gigi v Blair and Roxanne v Kiana. This would get an opportunity for Kiana to learn from Roxanne's experience too.

Kelani Jordan & Lyra Valkyria Segment

Later, Kelani Jordan and Valkyria were seen conversing. Jordan was upset about losing to Dana Brooke the previous week. When Brooke showed up, she commanded Valkyria to stop inflicting negative thoughts on Jordan and to leave. Brooke and Valkyria have next week's schedules already.

Astrid’s Point

I like how Dana first is really upset about the loss last week plus now being jealous of Lyra teaching Kelani instead of her. I would like to see Kelani turn heel on Dana from the frustration she has grown on her and to see something different from Dana.


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