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NXT RoadBlock Recap: Roxanne Perez Retains; Gigi Stands Tall

The Roadblock edition of NXT this week featured high stakes. Who would eventually Stand & Deliver as the NXT Women’s Champion was decided in this episode? The Final Boss, Meiko Satomura, was the biggest rival Roxanne Perez, the champion, had to face.

The women were the focus of the broadcast throughout the match, which took place as the main event. Despite everything Satomura threw at her, Perez remained standing the entire fight, and it was a final counter after one of many kicks that ultimately ended Satomura’s match. In order to win and keep her title, Perez dove under the last kick and rolled back into a pin.

UPDATE: Roxanne Perez will be kept overnight in the hospital for observation and continued testing.#WWENXT — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) March 8, 2023

However, it left the audience speechless after the match. As Satomura was congratulating Perez and presenting the title belt to her, Perez fell to the mat with her face first. Everyone in the building was extremely worried about this. To help Perez, there were referees, medical personnel, Booker T, and Shawn Michaels. She was carried off the stage on a stretcher. Perez was kept in the hospital overnight for observation and additional testing, according to a social media post by NXT.

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, who were partners on Toxic Attraction, engaged in a contentious match on Roadblock as well. The pair split up over the past month and made clear how hostile they were toward one another. Although Dolin prevailed, Jayne continued to attack after the game. Before leaving the ring to retrieve the steel chair she had brought out earlier in the contest, she continued to beat Dolin. She positioned the chair around Dolin’s neck before ascending to the topmost corner. To stop her and take the chair away from Dolin, the officials emerged from the back. The fact that Jayne was held back suggests that the feud is far from over.

It was the highest of highs for @theahail_wwe and #ChaseU …but then @JoeGacy beat @AndreChaseWWE and it wasn't so great anymore 😕#WWENXT | #NXTRoadblock — WWE (@WWE) March 8, 2023

Thea Hail overcame her fear and confronted Ava outside the ring, but inside the ring, Andre Chase lost to Joe Gacy once more.

Regardless of whether Perez would win or retain the title, two women appeared in vignettes on the program saying they were moving toward the NXT Women’s Championship. Tiffany Stratton opened the show, followed by Lyra Valkyria in a later segment.

After a Full Moon ritual, Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn are excited to release a new promo video the following week. They still focus on the tag team category.

In reference to the tag team division. Fallon Henley is still hesitant to face off against Kiana James, the champion and member of their tag team. James was apparently concealing the message card when he received some roses. Briggs thought Jensen gave her the flowers, but Jensen didn’t seem to know who gave her the flowers, despite his continued excitement about their later-in-the-evening date with James.


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