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Owen Hart Cup: Skye Blue Advances to Semi-Final

It’s Friday night, and you know what that means? Time for another episode of AEW Rampage and another Rampage Recap. This week is the start of the second Owen Hart Cup. Kicking off the first bracket, Anna Jay.A.S. goes head-to-head against Chicago’s own Skye Blue.

The Match

Anna Jay takes control early on, thanks to the antics of her J.A.S. teammates. Anna maintains her control throughout the match. Outside interference stops any chance Skye Blue has of gaining the upper hand.

Eventually, Skye creates some space, and seeing her chance, she launches into a comeback. Climbing the top rope, Skye hits a crossbody but only gets a near fall. Skye thinks she may finally have the match in control when Jay locks in the Queenslayer. Escaping the sleeper hold by running her opponent into the bottom turnbuckle, Skye hits the Code Blue to earn the victory—your winner of the match and advancing in the Owen Hart Cup, Skye Blue. But Skye has a challenge ahead of her, facing the winner of Ruby Soho vs. Dr. Britt Baker DMD.

Final Thoughts

A decent match. There were a few rough moments in the early going, with both women being out of position. But everything seemed to settle into a more comfortable rhythm as the match progressed. While it was not the strongest match in-ring-wise, this was a match filled with playful antics showing the more fun side of wrestling.

As a relatively new face in AEW, it’s excellent to see Skye Blue get the win. With the rest of the brackets containing the likes of Billie Starkz and Willow Nightingale amongst more established talent, perhaps this year’s Own Hart Cup can highlight the newer talent in AEW.

Those are my thoughts. What did you think about this week’s Rampage? Whom do you want to see with the Owen Hart Cup? Share your thoughts. We always love hearing what our followers have to say.


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