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Poison Pixie Makes A Surprise Debut On RAW

This past week’s episode of “Monday Night RAW” featured the return of the “Poison Pixie” Candice Lerae. The Former NXT Women’s Tag team champion returned to RAW after time off for maternity leave as she just had her first child, Quill Gargano with her husband Johnny Gargano who made his return weeks ago.

Candice Defeated Nikki A.S.H with a swinging neck breaker from the middle rope. Afterward, Nikki teased a character change by taking off her mask while crying in the corner of the ring. Doudrop wasn’t even at ringside with Her tag team partner.

Later that night in a backstage segment, LeRae ran into Bianca BelAir, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss. The trio congratulated Candice on her return and RAW debut before Bayley’s faction “Damage CTRL” showed up. The interaction between them leads to a match between Candice LeRae and Dakota Kai on the next week’s edition of RAW.

the universe is hell bent on officially killing me. candice lerae vs dakota kai is already the match of the century — ✧・゚slater (@poisonouspixies) September 27, 2022

Will Candice be 2-0 on her return or will Damage CTRL have an ace up their sleeve?

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