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Pollo Del Mar Talks Anti-Drag Bill

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

As we know, conversations around anti-drag bills continue to circulate across all media outlets. Being a part of the community, I understand the influence drag shows have on a city like Nashville. In addition, the world of drag and the world of wrestling has many similarities.

I got a chance to speak with Pollo Del Mar as I wanted to get their thoughts on the anti-drag bill happening in my state of Tennessee.

The Effects Of Anti-Drag Bills

“The proliferation of bills specifically targeting those who perform in drag and/or identify as transgender is undoubtedly alarming and, quite obviously, concerns me on many levels. First of all, it capitalizes on sometimes willing ignorance of facts as I understand them as an entertainer and performer.”

Understanding Drag Culture

“Not all drag styles or performances even meet the standards this particular bill addresses. Given its fairly vague wording and the rather overt refusal of some backing it to better define the bill’s meaning and intent, the door is open for a great many problematic opportunities for interpretation.”

One-Sided Law Making

“Most laws are rather cut and dry in their intent, but this is much more lax — a purposeful move to allow its selective or across-the-board application in instances best suiting those promoting it. Likewise, the very people proposing this bill would likely be among the first to claim a parent’s rights to individually determine what their children are exposed to in terms of education, etc. However, this bill appears to remove judicious parental decision-making, such as whether or not a supervising adult allows their child or children into certain environments, as one might a PG-13 or Rated R movie.”

Reading The Room

“As a performer, I tailor my performances to the audiences. That means things I might do in front of a crowd of rowdy adults isn’t what I would do for an all-ages audience. More recently as a professional wrestling personality, I play a character which is no more racy or sexualized than any other female colleague I have. Given the history of pro wrestling’s sexualization of women, that gives me a great deal of leeway — specifically in relation to the historic contributions of one key Tennessee lawmaker.”

“I never do this to be ‘an example.’ I do it because it’s my dream. That following my dream might inspire others is just the icing on a very rich cake!”

I want to thank Pollo Del Mar for their thoughts and for living out their dreams that inspire so many like myself.


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