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Rampage Recap: Britt and Shida Defeat Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir

The weekend is almost here, and with it comes your weekly Rampage Recap. Live from Las Vegas, the stakes are high heading into the Double or Nothing. Let’s see what’s in store as Britt Baker and Hikaru Shida take on Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir.  

The Match

As the match begins, we get a brief moment of acknowledgement of the lineage of AEW’s Women’s division. With three of the four women in the ring being former AEW Women’s Champion, the commentary team lean into the rich, shared history of Nyla, Britt and Shida. Britt and Shida’s partnership is a particular highlight considering their heated rivalry. Seeing AEW playing into that continuity and recognizing their own history is excellent. If there is one thing that wrestling needs more of, it is continuity. 

The match sees Britt take most of the heat for her team, with Nyla and Marina effectively isolating Britt from her partner. Eventually, Britt scores the hot tag to Shida, who runs wild and cleans the ring, throwing forearms and punches left and right.

Making the tag back to Britt, Sida saves Britt from Nyla’s top-rope knee drop, hitting the Native Beast with a Meteora to the outside.

After reversing a Lockjaw attempt, Marina gets flattened with the Katana roundhouse kick from Shida, allowing Britt to put on the Lockjaw. Your winner of the match is Britt Baker and Hikaru Shida. 

The Outcasts strike again… what does this mean for #AEWDoN?#AEWRampage — AEW on TV (@AEWonTV) May 27, 2023

The Aftermath

Before Shida and Britt can celebrate, we go backstage to see a beaten down Jamie Hayter lying on the floor, the aftermath of a beating courtesy of Toni Storm and the rest of The Outcasts. It appears Toni Storm may have the advantage heading into Double or Nothing?

Final Thoughts

This was a decent tag match that played into the legacy and future of AEW. However, whenever I see Nyla Rose in this position, it always makes me feel she’s been done dirty. As pointed out in this match, Nyla is a former AEW Women’s Champion. As someone who has shown they have great charisma as well as in-ring talent, Nyla could easily hold a position higher on the roster. Nevertheless, a higher position on the card, ultimately for wrestlers, a place at the top doesn’t always equal job satisfaction.

So that wraps up another Rampage recap. What did you think of this week’s episode of Rampage? What are your predictions for Double or Nothing? Please share your thoughts. We always want to know what our readers think. 

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