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Rampage Recap: Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker Are Back In Action!

It’s Friday night, and you know what that means. Another episode of AEW Rampage. Fresh from the fallout of Fyter Fest, this week’s Rampage saw Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter in tag team action against Skye Blue and Ashley D’Amboise. Can Hayter and Britt snag their first win as a tag team? Or will they be foiled by the up-and-coming team of Blue and D’Amboise? Let’s find out. 

The Build 

The build for this match is not surrounding the match itself. Instead, this match focuses on the ongoing feud between Britt, Hayter and the recently formed supergroup ThunderStorm

Picking up where they left off last week, Britt and Hayter, who make their entrance throwing up mocking devil horns, are not just accompanied by Rebel but by a sandbag. Cradled in Rebel’s arms like a newborn infant, Tony Schiavone drives home the point with the line, “As they say, a sandbag is what can stop a Thunderstorm.”  

The Match 

This was a quick squash match, with little in the way of moves or spots. There were plenty of kicks and elbow shivers, but not much else. Britt and Hayter looked dominant throughout, with Blue and D’Amboise getting little offence against the more established team. 

There were attempts at interweaving a story into the match. The commentary team repeatedly pointed to Hayter and Britt’s zero wins as a sign that maybe the group was a little incohesive. But it felt tenuous at best, especially considering that Britt and Hayter have worked together for over a year and that Britt herself is a former Women’s Champion. 

After toying around with their opponents for long enough, Britt eventually snaps on the Lock-Jaw to D’Amboise to get the submission victory, throwing up another mocking devil’s horn for good measure. 

The D.M.D. team rack up their first victory as a tag team and build momentum toward their eventual match against Toni Storm and Thunder Rosa. 

The Verdict

Overall, there is not much to talk about. There was very little in the way of high spots or even wrestling moves. This was a squash match built to get over Britt and build to the looming match against ThunderStorm. While there were a few attempts to add a little more intrigue to the match, they all fell flat. 

Both Skye Blue and D’Amboise shone in their brief hope spots. Still relatively new to the business, there were a few rough moments, but nothing that couldn’t be buffed out with more TV time and practice. 

What did you think of this week’s Ramage? Are you excited to see Britt and Jamie Hayter take on ThunderStorm? Let us know your thoughts. We here at Women’s Wrestling Talk love hearing from you. 

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