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Reby Hardy Talks Gothic Baby And Content Creation

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Our very own Nickie Booshie sits down with Reby Hardy. They discuss many topics such as Dixie Carter, content creation, and being a mother of four.

As we start the interview, Reby drops a gem.

“You know, this is the first wrestling podcast I’ve ever done. That’s not a friend of mine.”

The Creation of Gothic Baby

“I mean, how Gothic baby had even started in the first place was like a troll response to people, you know, exaggerating the fact that she had like a neutral, darker-colored nursery. So I just took that and sort of threw it back in everybody’s face and ran with it. So that’s how that whole series even started. So the fact that my troll response to people trying to troll me is now like super viral worldwide.”

She goes on to discuss searching Gothic Baby on Google for a future Tik-Tok and seeing all the articles. In addition, she mentions well-known sites such as Daily Mail and New York Post. Shockingly, she states, “I’m forever the least popular person in this family.”

The Early Days of Content Creation

“My whole life, I’ve sort of been like a content creator, I guess before that was even a thing just constantly vlogging. And when I was, you know, little with my big ass VHS camera sort of thing. So I’m just so used to documenting my life and doing little skits and stuff. And I feel like Matt has kind of always done that, too. He was sort of ahead of his time before that was sort of popular on the internet, doing those kinds of things. So it really works out like that just sort of constant content creation.”

Behind The Scenes: Gothic Baby

The Gothic baby series is really just me following her around, you know, she’s literally a baby, so I can’t like direct her. So it’s really just footage that I have heard that I’m already shooting as you know, crazy mom. And I’m just cutting it together and adding my own voiceovers, we do a lot of batch content days because you know, I’ve got four kids, we homeschool, I’ve got a shoot job I’m doing, you know, rest of my content creation and a whole bunch of other stuff that I’ve got going on. So I’ve got to kind of do it all. In one day.”

She continues, “It feels a bit like, like a fashion show or a dance recital where you’re constantly changing clothes. Okay, we’ll do this, and then we’re on to the next number. Okay, jazz hands, you know, very, very much like that, so that I can get that kind of stuff out of the way and go back to just being like, regular boring schedule, Mom.”

To hear what Reby Hardy says about Dixie Carter and Eric Bischoff, watch the full interview available now.


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