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Red Velvet Dreams AEW Women’s Tag Titles, Names Underrated Star On Roster

A recent virtual signing with Captain’s Corner featured AEW’s Red Velvet talking about TBS champion Jade Cargill and how the two always bring out the best in each other. Adding women’s tag team championships to the promotion is another something Velvet brings up.

She expresses her desire for the introduction of women’s tag titles in AEW so that more women might be included. “My goal and hope are that T.K. puts together a women’s tag division. Absolutely there are enough women on the roster, so that’s something I’m gonna manifest so, I’m manifesting it now. I would love to be a part of that. Everyone wants to be a singles champion winner but being a tag winner… a tag champion with someone just also means more women get to be showcased every night, you know, in these matches. So, and I have fun doing tag matches or even three-on-three matches and stuff like that so I’m hoping that’s what we lean into so, or more tournaments, I’m down for the tournaments. I love competition so, let’s keep it coming.”

The Queen of stirring it up spoke about Jade Cargill having a way of bringing out the best in her and expressed that Cargill is very underrated.

“Jade as an opponent; we’d square off in the ring. To me, I am a very respectful person and I respect her. I respect her hard work, I respect her grind. I am not a person who’s jealous. If it’s her time to hold the title, she earned it. She’s not gonna hold it forever, but I do respect her. She is very dedicated, she wants to prove people wrong. I think a lot of people have a lot to say because she did come up and just started but she busted her ass so I have to give credit where it’s due and she brings out the best in me. She gets me really, really angry. She brings out a side of me that I haven’t brought out in a long time so I have to thank her for that. We will always share the first — her first match was against me and I hope we’re rivals forever because yeah, she always… she’s tough competition so she always makes me have to level up my game. So, defeat means nothing to me. It’s a lesson learned so, it’s only a matter of time before I keep getting knocked down and gonna keep getting up and I’m always gonna keep getting up so hold that belt tight honey because I’m coming for it.”

“I think fanwise, I think Jade is very underrated. I think, yes, she was brought up quickly and she started really quickly but I have to say people underestimate her drive and her passion and her love for the business and she might be new but it’s growing and she’s one of the hardest workers in the room. Jade is at every practice, every practice. I don’t think she’s missed one since we started. So I’ll go with that for right now underrated talents in AEW unless I think of something else. But, I gotta give credit where it’s due, I’m not a hater.”

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