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Revolution at Revolution: Is AEW’s Next PPV a Turning Point For Their Women’s Division?

AEW is a company that always goes big with its PPVs. Last year ended on a high, with Full Gear, that from top to bottom was a great PPV. Now Tony Khan and friends look to continue this momentum into 2022 with Revolution. The show is stacked, not just on the men’s side of things, but the women’s too. With three matches on the card, the most in AEW’s short history, perhaps Revolution is a sign that AEW is finally turning the corner towards a well-rounded women’s division.

Okay, I don’t want to overstate this fact. AEW shouldn’t be given massive credit for adding another women’s match to their PPV. However, with that extra match comes a few wrinkles worth acknowledging. These matches have a story, some have been told over a few weeks, others have been brewing for almost a year. But all indicate that the women’s division is going places.

Kris Statlander vs Leyla Hirsch

First up is my girl Kris Statlander, facing off against legit Leyla Hirsch. While this feud hasn’t been front and center, it is an excellent example of a lower-card feud. The story of a friendship falling apart is simple but effective. Until recently, in AEW, storylines have been reserved for the main event of the women’s division.

Statlander and Hirsch’s feud is a step away from that and another layer to what will be a great match. Hirsch doesn’t get the credit she deserves and is usually dismissed because of her size. Statlander and I refuse to stop beating this drum, is the future of AEW. She always shows up for PPVs, wrestling a great match against Britt Baker at All Out in September. Hopefully, this match will be another great one.

Tay Conti vs Jade Cargill

Next is the TBS Title match. While the feud between Tay and Jade has had the least time dedicated to it. It is the basic ‘I want the title’ sort of motivation. Still, sometimes that is all you need. Jade is a beast. Like a champion, she takes on all comers and crushes all of them. So it stands to reason that Jade would take a match at a moment’s notice. Although I do think there is space for another added layer to the story. Tay pushed Britt Baker to the limit at Full Gear. Why not have her say that at Revolution, she will do the exact same to Jade, except win this time.

Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa

Then there is, of course, the women’s title. It is one of the longest feuds in AEW and is possibly one of their most nuanced. It extends beyond just the two women that will face each other on March 6th. This includes Mercedes Martinez and her storied relationship with Thunder Rosa. Even has sown the seeds of a break-up between Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker. The story has been building ever since the incredible Lights Out match Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker had on Dynamite almost a year ago. Since then, the feud has been bubbling over. Now we get the rematch we’ve all been clambering for, with Thunder Rosa having a legitimate reason for doing so.

Now is the time to pull the trigger on Thunder Rosa. Britt is an incredible talent on the mic and perfectly fits the cocky heel persona. It is a note that she has hit on repeatedly for the whole of her 280+ day reign. If this trend continues, I think Britt risks outstaying her welcome as a champion. This doesn’t mean a complete 180. Britt could be better served elsewhere with a tweak in her character. The only thing better than a cocky Britt Baker is a pissed-off Britt Baker chasing her title. Some of Britt’s best moments that got her over during the pandemic were her complaining about conspiracies. With the championship of her, Baker could feud with the rest of the roster and potentially shoot Jamie Hayter up the card with a potential babyface turn.

Sadly I don’t think AEW shares my vision. Britt is their golden girl, and with Thunder Rosa and Mercedes Martinez winning on the go-home Dynamite. If wrestling booking 101 tells me anything, Thunder Rosa will not be crowned the 5th AEW Women’s Champion.

Overall, Revolution is shaping into a great PPV and potentially a turning point for the women’s division. While I don’t want lavish praise on AEW for basically running a women’s division competently, we are getting closer to what we originally promised, even if it is almost three years late. Hopefully, there will be a revolution at Revolution.

Are you watching Revolution? What match are you looking forward to most? Let us know what you think. We love hearing from you.

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