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Rhea Ripley Gets Her New Women’s World Championship

Rhea Ripley swapped her SmackDown Women’s Title for a new belt, much like Asuka did on SmackDown with the Raw Women’s Championship. While Ripley currently holds the title of Women’s World Champion, Asuka is the current WWE Women’s Champion. The history of the belts they replaced appears to be carried on by both titles.

Rhea Ripley received the new belt from Adam Pearce at the start of Raw. The title is identical to Seth Rollins’s current grip on the men’s world heavyweight championship. That is, unless you count the white belt.

In contrast to Asuka, Dominik Mysterio headed to the ring to wrap the gold around Ripley’s waist instead of Pearce. The focus then shifted to Cody Rhodes emerging from the door. However, he asked Dominik to take on him at Money in the Bank while still showing gratitude to Ripley.

Becky Lynch def. Chelsea Green

Prior to Money in the Bank, Zoey Stark began to firmly establish her place on the main roster.

After a brief promo, Becky Lynch entered the ring to face Chelsea Green, but Stark cut her off. Lynch claimed in her promotional material that Trish Stratus purchased an insurance policy from Stark after becoming so terrified at Night of Champions. They insulted each other back and forth, with Lynch telling Stark that she lacks personality and Stark telling Lynch to look in the mirror. Lynch will never defeat Stratus, further states Stark.

Then, as Green prepared to face Lynch, Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green would join the fray. Stark sat on the top of a ladder on the stage and watched the contest. In the end, Lynch would triumph after an enjoyable transition.

Lynch flipped Green’s Unprettier into a ManHandle Slam after he attempted the Unprettier. Green responded by countering into a roll-up, but Lynch kicked out at two and used the DisArmHer to win by submission.

Byron Saxton conducted a brief interview with Natalya backstage. Saxton comments on Natalya’s lack of self-confidence following her abrupt Night of Champions loss to Ripley. Natalya says that she hasn’t been the same and that perhaps she shouldn’t be the same person she once was.

According to a Digital Exclusive, Kayden Carter and Katana Chance were spotted talking about Money in the Bank as they made their way through the backstage area in an effort to win the tag team championship. Deville and Green laughed at them as they passed and referred to them as “walking highlighters” because of their attire. Green and Deville will always be first in line for a tag title opportunity, according to Deville. The KCs claimed that because they are constantly grumbling, they never have fun. They are welcome to attend the after party once their pity party is over.

Shayna Baszler def. Raquel Rodriguez

Shayna Baszler and Raquel Rodriguez squared off in the second women’s match of the evening. At first, Rodriguez was aggressive offensively, but all it took for Rousey to interfere was for her to lose. Rousey uses her foot to hold the pin while Baszler rolls her up close to the rope as Rodriguez tries to attack her on the apron. Baszler won the contest.

Rhea Ripley Video Package

Rhea Ripley’s advertisement ran on television. The SmackDown Women’s Title was replaced by a new belt bearing the name Women’s World Champion. From one belt to the next, the lineage continues. To learn more about that, click here and look at the advertisement below.

Finally, Maxxine Dupri and Valhalla engaged in physical contact. Chad Gable defeated Erik during a match in which Valhalla attempted to attack Dupri. However, Gable’s arm drag caused Erik to become sidetracked, allowing Gable to win. Gable and Otis have been training Dupri.

Check out or Monday Night Raw Post-Show below.


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