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Ricky J’s Wrasslin Road Report: AEW Dark

Welcome to the Third Edition of Ricky J’s Wrasslin Road Report! Today’s edition is AEW Dark which was filmed before RAMPAGE on Friday, October 7th at the DC Sports and Entertainment Arena.

“Superbad Girl” Penelope Ford, “The Professor” Serena Deeb, & Jamie Hayter V. Jordan Blade, Trish Adora, & Brittany Blake

Penelope Ford, Serena Deeb, and Jamie Hayter face Jordan Blade from Richmond, Virginia, Trish Adora from Washington, D.C., and Brittany Blake from Baltimore, Maryland. Serena Deeb and Brittany Blake start their teams with a tie-up. Serena backs Brittany into a corner and delivers five knife-edge chops.

Brittany Blake tags “The Submission Sniper” Jordan Blade after Serena clotheslines her. Serena says D.C. is her town, but the crowd wants Hayter in the ring. Hayter hits the ring and shoulders Jordan Blade, drawing cheers. Jamie Irish whips Jordan into the ropes, swings at him, and misses, but shoulders him again. Jamie suplexes Jordan to her corner and then hits her with an elbow after knocking Brittany Blake and Trish Adora down. Penelope and Jordan trade forearm shots, then Penelope Irish whips Jordan to the ropes, but Jordan Blade reverses and attempts a scoop slam, but Penelope counters, raking Jordan Blade’s eyes as Serena and Jamie distract Referee Mike Posey.

Penelope Ford pulls a Trish Stratus with a matrix move and puts Trish Adora in a corner with an uppercut and back handspring elbow. After biting The Afro-head, Punk’s Jamie Hayter tags Serena Deeb, who hits a back to Trish Adora and then a neck breaker. Brittany Blake kicks Serena’s head to break the submission hold.

Hayter chokes Brittany Blake, and when Jordan Blade charges, Hayter moves out of the way. Penelope Ford high-kicks Jordan, who rolls out. Trish Adora loses to Serena Deeb’s serenity lock.

Rating: ***** (5 Stars)

“The Problem” Marina Shafir V. Hikaru Shida

Second AEW Dark women’s match, Marina Shafir and Hikaru Shida fought a classic. Hikaru’s technical skills clashed with Marina’s MMA. Two tied-up fighters face off ringside. Marina grabs Shida’s leg and pushes Shafir off, causing another staredown. Shafir pats International Ribbon Tag Team and Wave Singles Champion Shida. Shida goes behind Shafir’s right hand. Shida blocks Shafir’s Irish whip. Hikaru knocks Marina to the apron with a backhand. Hikaru knees Vickie, Marina. Nyla uses Hikaru’s kendo stick. Hikaru is outnumbered by Vickie and Nyla, so Marina can release Shida before the count of five. Shida is judo-flipped by Marina. Shafir hits two hip thrusts and a german suplex on Shida. Shida’s supporters in DC.

“The Shining Samurai” elbows block Marina’s back body drop. “The Problem” survives Shida’s shoulder tackle. Hikaru and Marina fight. Hikaru tackles Shafir after five headshots. Shida drops Marina Shafir with a top-rope dropkick and ten-count corner punch. Marina knocks Hikaru to the apron with a crescent kick and tries to drag her back into the ring. Hikaru up-kicks Marina, who dodges it with a cartwheel, and slaps Shafir. Marina catches Hikaru’s jumping knee. Marina blocks Hikaru’s falcon arrow with a leg and elbow. Hikaru counters Marina’s gredi submission, then Marina chokes Shida. Shida blocks, rolls, and knees Shafir. Hikaru and Marina fell. Both get up at five when Bryce counts to ten. Hikaru avoids Shafir’s boot and forearms Marina. Hikaru’s falcon arrow is pinned twice. The Katana kick won. Rating: ***** (5 stars)

“The Fallen Goddess” Athena V. Gia Scott

Up next on AEW Dark, Athena who’s fresh out of her victory with Toni Storm and Willow Nightingale in their trios match from Dynamite’s 3rd-year anniversary show is in action against MCW Pro Wrestling’s Gia Scott. Athena starts off the match with a side headlock on Gia Scott Scott attempts to escape from it but Athena sinches it in tightly. Scott uses her height advantage for another attempt to escape but Athena with her quickness connects a snapmare side headlock. Gia Scott finally escapes the side headlock then Athena connects head scissors leading into another side headlock on Scott. Athena springs off the middle rope and takes Gia Scott down with a side headlock takeover then Scott whips Athena into the corner and grabs her by the hair, tossing the fallen goddess down. Athena swings and misses as Gia counters into a spike downward spiral for one count.

Gia Scott strongly whips Athena into the corner, taking her down. Gia Scott talking smack to the fallen goddess and the two competitors connect forearm shots at each other into exchanging forearm shots. Athena has the upper hand with a range of strikes until Gia fights back and then Athena rolls Gia Scott up for a two-count. Gia Scott connects a sky-high spine buster for a two count which angers Gia Scott so much she punches Athena. Gia kicks Athena in the back not once but twice and just as Gia is about to kick Athena’s chest, Athena ducks and kips right back up.

Athena lands a forearm shot and then kicks Gia Scott after a swing and a miss from Scott. The Fallen Goddess connects a big boot to Gia Scott which causes Athena to regain the advantage in this contest. Athena connects a powerbomb into a pele kick that knocks Gia Scott down to the outside. She follows Gia Scott to the floor outside of the ring and connects a shotgun dropkick to Gia Scott who lands in the guard rail. Athena tosses Gia Scott back in the ring and connects the O-Face and the win. Rating: **** ½ (4 ½ stars)

AEW Interim Women’s World Champion Toni Storm V. Emi Sakura

Next on AEW Dark, if Emi Sakura beats Toni Storm, she’ll fight for the women’s title at Rampage. Emi Sakura rejects Toni Storm’s Code of Honor, dragging her across the ropes and tossing her by the hair. After putting down Toni Storm, Emi Sakura has some tea. Emi’s mind games didn’t affect Toni Storm, who took down Sakura, mocked Emi, and dumped tea on her head. Toni gets a one-count with a drop-toe hold and snap-suplex. Toni sidelocks Emi. Emi grabs Toni’s hair escaping the headlock and Irish whips him, but Toni hits two shoulder tackles and a dropkick, sending Emi Sakura outside. Toni drop-kicks Emi outside the ring. Toni Storm is rammed to the apron by Emi’s Mongolian chop. Emi tries a double underhook backbreaker but stops when Toni’s feet are on the apron. She then connects the backbreaker, dropping Toni from the apron.

Emi kicks Toni’s leg and chokes her until the five-count. Sakura tosses Toni into the corner and connects her knife edge chops and trademark “We Will Rock You” chops, but Toni Storm avoids it with chops of her own Irish whips Emi to the ropes, which Emi counters, and Storm connects a sunset flip for a two count. Emi Sakura bites Toni’s Achilles before releasing the ankle lock. Emi connects a surfboard-like Romero special. The D.C. crowd chants “Let’s go Toni” as Toni fights back. Toni counters Emi’s backdrop with a cross body, then does Emi Sakura’s “We Will Rock You” chop until Emi gouges Storm’s eyes. Sakura kicks Toni Storm. Emi and Toni trade blows until Emi Sakura brutally attacks Toni. Emi rakes across Storm’s chest and connects a clothesline. Toni counters Emi’s suplex with a corner uppercut.

Sakura kicks out at two after Toni hits her with a big boot. Emi blocks Toni’s snap suplex with a rolling cutter. Toni blocks Emi Sakura’s backdrop with elbows. Emi Sakura caught Toni off the ropes with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Emi hits the AEW Interim Women’s World Champion with a crossbody and Vader bomb. Emi’s stalling double underhook backbreaker gets a two. Toni dodges Emi’s charge and delivers a Tornado DDT and hip attack. Emi Sakura loses to Toni Storm’s “Storm Zero” piledriver. Rating: ***** (5 stars) Average Star Rating: 5.00 stars That’s it for my Wrasslin’ Road Report on AEW: Dark in Washington D.C. here on Women’s Wrestling Talk. Thank you for Reading!


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