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Ricky J’s Wrasslin’ Road Report: AEW Dark: Elevation

Welcome to the Second edition of Ricky J’s Wrasslin Road Report on Women’s Wrestling Talk. In today’s edition, I’ll be reviewing AEW Dark: Elevation which was taped before the 3rd year anniversary of Dynamite on Wednesday, October 5th.

Hikaru Shida V. Erica Leigh

Hikaru Shida vs. Erica Leigh opened AEW Dark: Elevation. Starting the match with a tie-up between the two competitors and the crowd in the nation’s capital chanting “Let’s go Shida” Erica Leigh wants Hikaru Shida to hit her, so she does with a forearm smash. Erica and Hikaru then trade forearm shots, and Hikaru finishes with her own. Hikaru Shida does a classic ten punch on Erica Leigh in the corner and misses a middle rope missile dropkick, giving Erica the upper hand. It was short-lived after an attempted backdrop, but Erica came back with a big boot on Hikaru Shida. Hikaru counters Erica’s shining wizard and forearms her. Hikaru gets a two-count with a springboard Meteora. Shida won with a Katana kick. Rating: **** ½ (4 ½ stars)

Trish Adora V. Emi Sakura

Trish Adora, a DC native, and U.S. veteran fights Emi Sakura. A test of strength between the two to start the match, and Trish seems to have the upper hand after the shoulder tackle, but the Queen pulls Trish’s hair and connects a shoulder tackle. Trish’s home crowd has an advantage. Trish fires a forearm, Emi responds with a knife-edge chop, Trish absorbs it and fires another forearm, Emi responds with a Mongolian chop. Emi hits Trish with three chops after she lands another forearm shot. A judo throw, senton splash, and northern lights suplex give Trish a two-count. Emi counters a suplex with a rolling cutter, chop, and crossbody. Emi beats Trish with a double underhook backbreaker twice. Rating: **** (4 stars)

Jordan Blade V. “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero & “The Problem” Marina Shafir

The Battle of the DMV pitted Richmond’s “The Submission Sniper” Jordan Blade against Washington’s “Native Beast” Nyla Rose. Nyla hits a front suplex, but Jordan avoids a senton splash. Jordan strikes the native beast down. Nyla Rose Irish whips Jordan Blade into the corner and connects a splash, but when she Irish whips Blade into another corner and attempts a hip attack, Blade moves out of the way and tries a clothesline, which doesn’t work. Blade goes off the ropes and tries another clothesline, which doesn’t work, and just as Blade runs to the ropes again, Vickie Guerrero trips her, leading to a confrontation, but “The Problem” Marina Shafir becomes the problem solver. Jordan counters Nyla’s chokeslam, and Nyla hits Blade with a back elbow and Samoan driver. Vickie instructs Nyla to kill Jordan Blade. Nyla defeats Jordan Blade with a diving knee drop.

Rating: ***** (5 stars)

Average star Rating of AEW Dark: Elevation: 4.66 stars

That’s my Wrasslin Road report here on Women’s Wrestling talk. I’ll See you on Tuesday for my review of AEW: Dark.

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