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ROH Final Battle Media Call Recap

Ring Of Honor Head and AEW President Tony Khan spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon for an hour. He detailed the situation with William Regal, confirming that Regal didn’t want to renew his AEW contract. Khan began the media call with an 18-minute account of his mother’s two strokes this fall, one between All Out and Grand Slam and the other between Tony Khan’s 40th birthday and AEW’s homecoming event.

Khan said Regal requesting his release from All Elite Wrestling and not picking up his option to return to WWE to coach his son NXT star Charlie Dempsey and spend time with his longtime friends in his golden years helped him understand the importance of family. The Request initially came to Khan’s VP Megha Parekh prior to AEW’s debut in Toronto in October of this year. Tony and Regal had a 90-minute discussion after AEW Rampage in Jacksonville in late October. He believed the terms were that William Regal cannot appear on WWE Television next year and can only coach.

Given AEW’s cooperation with Regal, he was surprised to see Paul “Triple H” Levesque’s Regal montage in Survivor Series: War Games.

Tony Khan predicted a great match between ROH Women’s Champion Mercedes Martinez and Athena. He said that “Fallen Goddess” is “compelling for television” and has reached another level in the past few weeks. Tony said that Athena is a great talent and doing her best work in AEW right now.

Mercedes Martinez is one of All Elite Wrestling’s most respected veterans, according to Tony Khan. Athena hasn’t shown respect to the locker room’s wrestlers, so Mercedes is back to fight a locker room bully. Tony said Athena is great and doing well for the company.

Also hear more from the Media call in the link above.


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