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Rumor Dismiss On 2 More WWE NXT Name Changes

Name changes in WWE may make or destroy a superstar, but recently several female superstars have changed names. On April 16th, 2022, WWE changed Kacy Catanzaro’s name to Katana Chance and Kay Lee Ray’s name to Albia Fyre.

There are two other names floating around on social media. Those names are, Clarice Riverz and Indiana Hallow. The concern is that these names are for NXT’s Dakota Kai and Indi Hartwell respectively. However, according to confirmation by Fightful Select, these name changes are not taking place. WWE has had and will have name changes in the future, but only under certain conditions.

WWE has almost solely employed manufactured identities rather than actual or established names used by independent performers. Dakota Kai, who formerly went by the name Evie, is trademarked and created by WWE already. Indi Hartwell did use her name on the indies but there is no confirmation that her name will be changed as of yet. Only time will tell if more name changes will come to WWE and what role will those names play in the superstars’ careers.


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